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Welcome to the first edition of our monthly e-newsletter, The Eagles Nest.   We will be showcasing some the previous events that have occurred at the club to keep you informed in case you could not there when an event happened.

Ernie Takes It All Off!!

If you were not around to witness it, here's the scoop.  Ernie made a challenge that if the ladies auxiliary could come up with $75 (to go to the auxiliary), he would let them shave off his mustache.  Well score another win for the ladies.  With $75 dollars in hand and a shaving kit conveniently setup in the middle of the social room, the ladies collected on Ernie's challenge.

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a visit by State madam president sarah vaughn

The Ladies Auxiliary would like to thank everyone who came out to welcome State Madam President Sarah Vaughn to the aerie.  The party was a success and everyone had a good time.

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Photos from Lester's birthday party & benefit

A big thanks goes out to everyone for banding together and making Lester's benefit a giant success!!

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