Welcome to the art page!  If it ain't fancy enough fer ya, GO TO CALIFORNIA, YA BUM!


Okay, folks -- lissen up!  This here's yer ever lovin' blue-eyed art connoisseur, and I'm about to show ya some o' the greatest works of art this side o' the graffiti unner the Brooklyn Bridge.  So keep yer eyes open an' your mouths shut and ya might learn to appreciate the finer things in life... just like me.
  • Portrait of the Fantastic Four - Scott McCullar
    This here's a nice pitcher by our good buddy Scott.  What he really likes to draw is these guys what shoot bows an' arrows, but that didn't stop 'im from doodlin' my pretty mug.  An' ain't Suzie cute as a button?

  • Ladies of the Four - Eric Wolfe Hanson
    We got this little ditty courtesy o' Eddie Cunningham, who commissioned the piece from the talented Eric Wolfe Hanson.  ...Y'know, I didn't know Suze had one'a them Ab-Masters... wonder if she still has it... I got a friend what could use it... yeah, that's it.  A friend.
  • Jennifer Walters/She Hulk, 1 of 2 - Eric Wolfe Hanson
    Eddie Cunningham's lettin' us borrow a little more of his Hanson art to show you folks, so ya better send 'im a nice card or sumthin'.  This pic features a human Jen Walters, lookin' all dainty an' such in some ol' FF togs.
  • The Fantastic Charge - Eric Wolfe Hanson
    Y'know, I'm runnin' outta ways to knock praise this guy's way... so lemme just leave his innerduction like this: it's more good stuff from Eric, and Aunt Petunia's fav'rit nephew never looked better.
  • Guests in Atlantis - Erik Burnham
    This here is a recreation one way 'r the udder.  It's a take off on the cover o' our first Annual, guest starrin' Fishface, and he's got hisself a nifty lookin' la-z-boy to go with the crummy hat.  So yer homonyms're covered, either way.
  • "He Started It!" - Bill Wiist
    I remember this Kodak moment REAL well.  It involved events that I still can't talk about without my li'l nephew Franklin burstin' inta tears.  And Wiisty here brought it all back.  I can find out where you live, pal.
  • Marvel Monarchs - Eric Wolfe Hanson
    Here's Vic the walkin' tin can with tishall... naw, uh... Tich... er... ferget it.   It's Vic and the Black Panther!  By that Hanson guy.