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Buffalo Resources

File Description
[TXT] bigtreeinn.html Big Tree Inn Location
[TXT] hammerslot.html Hammer's Lot; frequent tailgate place (mapquest)
[IMG] hamptoninn.gif Hampton Inn - New Hotel (Abbott and Ridge)
[TXT] hotels.html My Hotel List
[IMG] hotels_05m.gif Map only of hotels within 5 miles of the Ralph
[IMG] hotels_10m.gif Map only of hotels 5-10 miles of the Ralph
[TXT] map1.html Hotels with 5 miles of the Ralph
[TXT] map2.html Hotels with 10 miles of the Ralph
[IMG] parking.gif Parking at Ralph Wilson Stadium
[TXT] tc.html Training Camp info and maps
[TXT] trainingcamp.html Hotels near Training Camp
[IMG] western_ny.gif Western New York Map (directions)
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