Steve Tasker Tribute Submissions Wanted

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on October 6, 2002
Steve Tasker
tasker photo 89
Wide Receiver
Height: 5-9
Weight: 185
Born: 4/10/62
College: Northwestern
NFL Experience: 13 years

I need Steve Tasker Tributes

I have an area on my website for tributes and memories from other fans (or even other teams fans) on the greatest special teams player of all time - Steve Tasker. Favorite plays, favorite memories, pictures, odes, limericks, scan's of player cards or autographs, whatever but there are three limitations: 

  1. Clean language 
  2. It is a Steve Tasker tribute so Steve Tasker haters (are there any such morons?) need not apply 
  3. I get to edit submission (spelling, format, cropping) although you get right of refusal. 

I am sure there are a LOT of people who know him better than I do although as I long as Steve Tasker has been a Bill, I have been a Steve Tasker fan. 

If you believe as I do that Steve Tasker was the GREATEST special teams player in history, please write!

E-mail submissions or suggestions to me. Submissions will be attributed including links (mail/website) if requested. 

- Glenn