Garbage Gang sets were printed in New Zealand by the Regina Co., and released throughout New Zealand and Australia. A total of four sets, measuring 2 1/8 X 3 inches, that are non-die cut, peeling from the edges, were produced with many back variations for each release. The cards come 3 to a plastic (or cellophane) pack with a slab of gum. The Australia 1st Series is quite different from the New Zealand 1st Series; the 1st NZ set is a direct replication or reproduction of the 1st UK set with a curved header. The cards were released in 1989 after the success of the Garbage Pail Kids in the U.S. and the UK territories. A test set was released prior to the four [The] Garbage Gang sets and was exactly the same as the UK 6th Series set followed by a UK 1st Series test set in 1988. A 5th Series unpublished set was also developed but never printed for both countries. There are no box or wrapper codes on the packaging.