3D - Lenticular Three-D Card : APO - Action Punch Out Card (Activity Card) : A - Alphabet Sticker : AM - ADAM Mania : B - Bonus Sticker : BB - Barf Bag
F - Foil Sticker : G - Gum Sticker : GC - Game Card : GD - Glow In The Dark : JP - Jig-Saw Puzzle Card : LM - Loco Motion (Motion Card)
M - Magnet Card : MDLN - Medallion : M&M - Mix & Match : NYCC - New York Comic Con : P - Promo Card : PA - Pencil Art : PU - Pop-Up Card
- Relic : S or s - Scratch 'n' Stink Sticker : SDCC - San Diego Comic Con : SP - Special Promo : T - Tattoo Card : V - Variant

ANS = All-New Series : FB = Flashback Series : M = Magnet Set : BNS = Brand-New Series : BNSM = BNS Mini : C = Chrome 1 or 2 : 2014S = Yearly 1 or 2

2015S = Yearly 1 or 2 (30th Anniversary : C = Checklist, D = Don't Push My Button, A1 = Artistic Influence, A2 = Artistic Interpretation; F - Foil, CB = Comic Book, CRF = Cutting Room Floor, K = Kids, P1 = Pets, P2 = Presidents, LA = Lost Alternate, Z = Zoom-Out, 80 = 80s Spoof)

2016S = Yearly 1 (Apple Pie In Your Face! : PC - Presidential Candidate; packs + online, O - Olym-Picks, HE - Historical Event, P - America's Pastimes, SUR - Swept Under the Rug, AD - Americana Devolved, I - American Icon, AI - American Inventors, AP - Applie Pie, CP - Classic Patriot, H - Horror, CB - Comic Book, AB - ADAM Bomb/Boom, PP - Patriotic Patches, PCO - Presidental Candidate Online, S - Shammys; online, N - Not-Scars; online, PST - Presidential Super Tuesday; online, PMT - Presidential Mega Tuesday; online, R&R - Rock & Roll Hall of Shame/Lame; online, PAP - Presidential April Primaries; online, PL - Presidential Losers; online, 4th - 4th of July; online, RNC - Republican National Convention; online, DNC - Democratic National Convention; online) or Yearly 2 (Prime Slime Trashy TV : SP = Summer Preview)

AARON barren Aaron (3rd, 104b); iron-jaw Aaron (5th, 186a); pumping Aaron (8th, 320A); up in the Aaron (14th, 542b); scarin' Aaron (New 2nd, 14a); hot Aaron (ANS3, S6b); armless Aaron (ANS5, 15a); barren Aaron (FB, 22b); pumping Aaron (FB3, 37a); pumping Aaron (BNS, LM9); barren Aaron (BNS2, 3D3); accurate Aaron (2016S1, 4th1a)
ABB(E)Y abstract Abby (14th, 546b); flabby Abby (15th, 592b); Abby birthday (ANS1, 2b); scabby Abby (ANS2, 27a); crabby Abby (BNS3, 169a); Abbey road (2014S1, B1b)
ABRAHAM Abraham wrinklin' (6th, 239b); Abraham sinkin' (12th, 470b)(ANS3, F7b); Abraham drinkin' (2015S2, 7aP2)
ABE gator Abe (ANS7, 23a); abominable Abe (BNS3, 137b)
ABEL inflate Abel (2014S2, 94b)
ABIE baby Abie (FB, 66a); baby Abie (C, L2a); baby Abie (2016S1, CP7a); baby Abie (2016S1, PP7)
ABEL irresponse Able (2015S1, 30b)
ADA first Ada (6th, 210b);  Ada bomb (15th, 620a); first Ada (FB2, 36b)
ADAM Adam bomb (1st, 8a); Adam boom (7th, 260a); Adam bomb (ANS1, G1a)(ANS1, F1a); Adam bomb (ANS4, 40a)(ANS4, T9)(ANS4, GC31); Adam bomb (ANS5, A11)(ANS7, APO10); Adam bomb (FB, 3a); Adam bomb (FB, 72a); Adam boom (FB, LM6)(FB2, 44a); Adam bomb (FB2, AM 1 of 10 thru 10 of 10); Adam bomb (FB3, AM 1 of 10); Adam boom (FB3, LM 5 of 5); Adam bomb (M, 1 of 16); Adam bomb (BNS, AM 1 thru 10); Adam bomb (BNS, LM2); Adam bomb (BNS, M&M1); Adam bomb (BNS2, 128a); Adam bomb (BNS2, GD1); Adam bomb (C, 8a)(PA, 8a); Adam bomb (2014S1, 66a); Adam boom (2014S1, B3a); eternal Adam (SDCC, CC6b); alarming Adam (2015S1, 43a); anglin' Adam (2015S1, Mascot6); Adam bomb (2015S2, 1aC); Adam bomb (2015S2, 2aC); Adam bomb (2016S1, CB4a); Adam bomb pop (2016S1, AB1a); Adam boom (2016S1, AB1a); Adam bombed (2016S1, S1a)
ADELINE paddlin' Adeline (13th, 519a)
ADRIAN gator Adrian (New 3rd, B3); unarmed Adrian (ANS5, 15b)
AGGIE shaggy Aggie (4th, 126b); ragged Aggie (9th, 378b); scrambled Aggie (13th, 536a); shaggy Aggie (FB, 25b)
AIDEN kool Aiden (BNS2, 87a)
AL ailin' Al (1st, 15a); Al catraz (9th, 343b); dent Al (9th, 367a); ailin' Al (ANS2, F1a); Al goredita (ANS3, S4a); Al addin' fumes (ANS4, 26b)(ANS4, T7)(ANS5, A14); Al poe (ANS5, 16a); Al entine (ANS5, 22b); Al pocalypse (FB, 67b); Al catraz (FB2, 60b); dent Al (FB2, 64a); Al catraz (FB3, LM 4 of 5); angry Al (BNS, 12a); ailin' Al (C, 15a)(PA, 15a); Al pocalypse (C, L6b); mechanic Al (BNS3, 190b); Al seltzer (2014S1, B5a); gener Al (C2, 73c); urine Al (2015S1, 53a); unatur Al (2015S1, 60c); memori- Al (2016S1, AP15b); post Al (2016S1, AP34b)
ALAN woody Alan (4th, 125b); alien Alan (7th, 283a); alien Alan (ANS6, P2); alien Alan (FB2, 48a)
ALBERT Albert alien (BNS2, B8b); avalanche Albert (BNS3, 153b); attractive Albert (2014S1, 53a)
ALDEN scaldin' Alden (11th, 436a)
ALEC Alec gator (15th, 616a); metallic Alec (ANS1, 34a)(ANS6, APO1)
ALEX Alex terminated (ANS1, 20b)
ALEXANDER Alexander the grate (7th, 289b); Alexander the great (2016S1, 4th3a)
ALEXIS head Alexis (ANS5, 10b)
ALRED fed Alfred (2015S2, 9a80)
ALI Ali gator (3rd, 100a); Ali gator (FB, 21a) ; Ali gator (BNS2, 120a); bowling Ali (2015S1, 5a); Ali gator (2016S1, O1a)
ALICE Alice island (3rd, 113a)(FB3, 16a); aerial Alice (BNS, 27b); alien Alice (C2, 63c); Alice island (2016S1, CP3a); Alice island (2016S1, PP3)
ALICIA Alicia creature (ANS3, 27b); "ascending" Alicia (2016S1, S2b)
ALLEN Allen formation (BNS2, 81a)
ALLIE Allie oops (ANS4, 5a)
ALLISON Allison waterland (12th, 496a)
ALYSSA Alyssa kisser (ANS2, 30b)(ANS5, A15)
AMANDA abandoned Amanda (12th, 499a); amped Amanda (ANS2, 17b)
AMBER glowing Amber (8th, 328A); jammin' Amber (ANS2, 34b)(ANS5, A6); glowing Amber (FB, 64a)
AMELIA Amelia airhead (9th, 350b)(FB3, 40b)
AMY acne Amy (2nd, 77b )(ANS1, G10b)(ANS1, F10b); acne Amy (FB, 15b ); acne Amy (FB2, 72b); acne Amy (C2, 77b)(PA, 77b); acne Amy (C2, R3b); acne Amy (2015S2, 4bZ)
ANDRE n.w. Andre (2016S1, R&R2b)
ANDREA amped Andrea (2014S2, 120a) (2016S1, R&R
ANDREW Andrew spew (New 1st, 39b); Andrew reekin' (2016S1, A2:5a)
ANDY ashcan Andy (1st, 13a); handy Andy (6th, 230b); eye candy Andy (ANS3, S7b); acne Andy (ANS4, 34b); abandoned Andy (ANS7, 32a); sandy Andy (BNS2, 91b); ashcan Andy (C, 13a)(PA, 13a); anglin' Andy (2014S1, 45a); audacious Andy (2014S2, 100a); candy Andy (2015S1, 42b); aweless Andy (2015S2, 13a80); Andy apple (2016S1, AP11a)
ANGEL fallen Angel (ANS4, 13a)(ANS4, T8)(ANS5, A7)
ANGELA glandular Angela (3rd, 118b); glandular Angela (FB, 24b); glandular Angela (FB2, 80b); glandular Angela (2015S2, 1bLA)
ANNA Anna banana (1st, 34b); banana Anna (7th, 276b); little barfin' Anna (ANS1, 14a); Anna innards (ANS3, S9a); Anna cornea (ANS4, 8a)(ANS5, A8); Anna banana (FB2, 6b); Anna banana (C, 34b)(PA, 34b); Anna conda (2016S1, S5b)
ANNE raggy Anne (BNS3, 164b)
ANN(IE) ancient Annie (2nd, 78b); Ann chovie (10th, 392a); angry Annie (12th, 489b); Ann urism (ANS5, 7a); Ann chovie (ANS6, M2); Ann acid (2014S1, B5b); ancient Annie (C2, 78b)(PA, 78b); armpit Annie (2015S1, 41a)
ANTHONY asteroid Anthony (ANS5, 1b)(ANS6, APO12)
ANTON Anton bite (2014S2, 129a)
APPLESEED abducted Appleseed (2016S1, A1:7b)
APRIL April showers (1st, 7b); April showers (FB2, 2b); April showers (FB3, 71b); April showers (C, 7b)(PA, 7b)
ARCHIE starchy Archie (5th, 197b)(FB3, 25b) ; Archie archery (2016S1, 6b)
ARI starry Ari (C, 13c)
ARIEL(LE) aerial Ariel (ANS2, 2a)(ANS3, PU6); airsick Ariel (ANS4, 13b)(ANS4, T8)(ANS5, A7); airy Arielle (2014S1, 10b); Airelle dancer (2014S2, 94a)
ARISTIDE artful Aristide (2015S2, 10bA1)
ARLENE Arlene latrine (11th, 433b)
ARMAND busted Armand (7th, 290a); eight Armand (2014S2, 132a; var.)
ARMIN swarmin' Armin (14th, 566a)
ARN(IE) u.s. Arnie (3rd, 110b); under Arnie (15th, 597b); v.c. Arnie (15th, 619a); armed Arnie (ANS2, 28a); u.s. Arnie (ANS2, F12b); u.s. Arnie (FB3, 15b); swiss Arnie (2014S2, 122a; var.); armed Arn (2015S2, 21b80); Arnie airport (2016S1, SUR8a); u.s. Arnie (2016S1, AP5a); u.s. Arnie (2016S1, CP1b)
ART(IE) Art apart (1st, 6a); Art gallery (2nd, 80b); modern Art (7th, 263b);  abstract Art (11th, 439b); Artie party (14th, 545a); bad Art (16th, 642b - unpublished)(FB2, 67b); modern Art (FB3, 33b); Art apart (C, 6a)(PA, 6b); bad Art (C, L11b); fine Art (BNS3, 180b); rotten Art (2014S1, 27a); Art gallery (C2, 80b)(PA, 80b); original Art (2014S2, 111a); Art apart (2016S1, AP7a)
ASA Asa rule (14th, 564b)
ASH(ER) slasher Asher (15th, 617b)(FB3, 66b); must Ash (2014S2, 71a)
ASHLEY ghastly Ashley (2nd, 77a); Ashley can (4th, 141a); Ashley tray (6th, 231a); Ashley to ashes (8th, 334A); ghastly Ashley (ANS1, G10a)(ANS1, F10a); trashy Ashley (ANS3, S1a); nasty Ashley (ANS4, 39a); ghastly Ashley (FB, 15a); ghastly Ashley (FB2, 72a); Ashley can (FB3, 19a); ghastly Ashley (M, 3 of 16); ghastly Ashley (C2, 77a)(PA, 77a); ghastly Ashley (C2, R3a); ghastly Ashley (2015S2, 4aZ)
ASHTON ashy Ashton (ANS3, S12a); multi-taskin' Ashton (ANS5, 2b)
ATLAS splAtlas (2014S1, 44a)
AUGIE audio Augie (6th, 206b)(FB2, 35b); foggy Augie (2014S2, 84b)
AUGUSTE audacious Auguste (2015S2, 5bA1)
AUSTIN lost in Austin (ANS2, 5a)(ANS3, PU7)(ANS4, GC20)
AVA Ava shaver (14th, 570a)

BABS bubbly Babs (9th, 353b)(FB3, 41b)
BAIL(E)Y Bailey button (ANS2, 31b)(ANS5, A3); hay Bailey (ANS5, 27a); bottled Bailey (ANS6, 37b); dung beetle Baily (ANS7, 18b)
BALE un-christian Bale (2016S1, N9b)
BARACK booger Barack (BNS2, 96a); bye bye Barack (2016S1, DNC3a)
BARB(ARA) barfin' Barbara (7th, 251a); Barb wire (10th, 394a); barfin' Barbara (ANS2, F19a); barfin Barbra (FB2, 78a); barfin' Barbara (FB3, 31a); thorny Barb (FB3, 67b); thorny Barb (C, L3b); brawling Barb (2016S1, AP14a)
BARBIE(S) Barbie q. (6th, 245b); barfy Barbies (12th, 465b)(ANS3, F4b); barfy Barbies (2015S2, 5BB)
BARNEY batty Barney (5th, 180b); barnyard Barney (10th, 413a)(FB3, 45a); barnyard Barney (2016S1, CP9a); barnyard Barney (2016S1, PP9)
BARRY bullseye Barry (3rd, 111b); wheel Barry (7th, 275a); bare Barry (11th, 442b); Barry bomber (13th, 508a); dairy Barry (ANS5, 26b); pills Barry (ANS7, 55b); brutal Barry (BNS, 33b); straw Barry (BNS2, 94a); Barry barber (2014S1, 52b); bare bones Barry (2014S2, 123b); blasted Barry (2015S2, 2bC); beat cop Barry (2016S1, SUR4a)
BART barfin' Bart (4th, 162b)(ANS2, F15b)(FB2, 27b); balloony Bart (BNS, 2b); bongo Bart (BNS2, 95b); bailed Bart (2014S1, 59b); barfy Bart (2014S2, 81a) ; bad Bart (2015S1, B3a)
BASIL Basil base (2015S1, 57b)
BEA Bea sting (6th, 227a); busy Bea (16th, 645a - unpublished); Bea sting (FB, 45a); busy Bea (Abrams Book, 3 of 4); Bea hive (BNS3, 163a); Bea u. t. contest (2016S1, SUR7b)
BEATRICE Beatrice and the beast (2016S2, SP3a)
BEAU peek-a-Beau (12th, 488b); Beau constricted (15th, 610a)
BECKY beaky Becky (3rd, 99a); yecchie Becky (ANS1, 37a); beaky Becky (FB2, 18a)
BELLA wedding Bella (8th, 323B); phone Bella (14th, 578b)(FB3, 61b); bellowing Bella (BNS3, 140a)
BELLE stinker Belle (15th, 608b)(ANS4, GC34)
BEN(NY) bent Ben (2nd, 71b); Ben bolt (5th, 191a); barf band Ben (12th, 476a); BMX Ben (ANS1, 22b); barf band Ben (ANS3, F12a); BMX Ben (ANS4, GC4); bunk Ben (ANS6, 24a); Benny bag (2014S1, 24a); Ben stalk (2014S1, 26b); bent Ben (C2, 71b)(PA, 71b); Ben really? (2014S2, 132c); big Ben (2015S1, B6a); Ben 'onion' beagle (2015S2, 3aP1); brainy Ben (2016S1; 5a + online); Ben bolt (2016S1, CP5a); Ben bolt (2016S1, PP5); brutal Ben (2016S1, PCO5a); brainwashed Ben (2016S1, PL3a)
BENEDICT ecch Benedict (15th, 589a)(ANS7, LM5)
BENJY bungee Benjy (ANS2, 12a)
BERNICE bushy Bernice (4th, 150b)(FB2, 25b)
BERN(IE) Bernie burns (6th, 231b); Bern-out (15th, 599a); Bern-out (FB3, 80a); sun Bernie (M, 11 of 16); third degree Bernie (BNS3, 189b); rope Bernie (2014S2, 78a); berserk Bernie (2016S1, 2a + online); batty Bernie (2016S1, PCO9a); basket Bernie (2016S1, PST5a); burnin' Bernie (2016S1, PMT7a); one beat Bernie (2016S1, PMT8a); birdbrain Bernie (2016S1, PAP5a); bullied Bernie (2016S1, DNC4a)
BERT bugged Bert (1st, 11b); early Bert (9th, 337a); Bert squirt (11th, 440a); Bert food (11th, 449a); early Bert (FB2, 58a); bouncing Bert (BNS, 17b); bugged Bert (C, 11b)(PA, 11b); excali Bert (2014S1, 31a); hurt Bert (2015S2, 3bK)
BERTHA Bertha day (BNS3, 165a); basket Bertha (2016S1, AP3b)
BERYL gun Beryl (9th, 360b)
BESS(IE) messy Bessie (8th, 315A); Bess mess (16th, 656b - unpublished); messy Bessie (FB2, 53a)
BETH Beth death (3rd, 95b); Beth death (BNS2, 108c); bulky Beth (BNS3, 188b); booth Beth (2015S2, 2bA2), booth Beth (2015S2, 4bCB)
BETSY busy Betsy (2016S1, A1:2a)
BETTY buggy Betty (1st, 39a); half-baked Betty (9th, 340a); blasted Betty (15th, 620b); sweaty Betty (ANS3, 4a); buggy Betty (FB3, 5a); breezy Betty (M, 9 of 16); buggy Betty (BNS2, 102a); buggy Betty (C, 39a)(PA, 39a); Betty bug (BNS3, 154a); booger Betty (C2, 45c); buggy Betty (2015S2, 5MDLN)
BEULAH Beulah ghoul (15th, 585b)(FB3, 65b)
BIEBER booted Bieber (2016S1, S8b)
BIFF 8-Biff (BNS2, 68a); sheriff Biff (2014S2, 93b)
BILLARY dollar Billary (2016S1, DNC1a)
BILL(Y) electric Bill (1st, 4b); blasted Billy (1st, 8b), dollar Bill (2nd, 73b); Bill ding (5th, 176b); blasted Billy II (7th, 260b); barnacle Bill (9th, 349b); Billy ache (13th, 515b); post no Bill (14th, 562a); foul Bill (15th, 603b); twin Bill (16th, 643a - unpublished); Bill board (ANS1, 15a); blasted Billy (ANS1, G1b)(ANS1, F1b); hill Billy (ANS3, B4); blasted Billy (ANS4, 40b)(ANS4, T9)(ANS5, A11); tether Bill (ASN5, 33a); Billy bling (ANS7, 51a); blasted Billy (FB, 3b); blasted Billy (FB, 72b); blasted Billy II (FB2, 44b); electric Bill (FB3, 2b); dollar Bill (FB3, 12b); blasted Billy II (FB3, LM 5 of 5); canon Bill (BNS, 48a); blasted Billy (BNS2, 128c); electric Bill (C, 4b)(PA, 4b); blasted Billy (C, 8b)(PA, 8b); dodge Bill (BNS3, 129a); boxed Bill (2014S1, 17a); blasted Billy (2014S1, 66c); dollar Bill (C2, 73b)(PA, 73b); skee Bill (2014S2, 73a); bunny Billy (2015S1, 13b); base Bill (2015S1, 62b); wrecking Bill (2015S1, B9a); foul Bill (2015S1, Baseball1); spit Bill (2015S1, Mascot3); blasted Billy III (2015S2, 1bC); beatle Bill (2015S2, 1aCRF); Bill slick-ton (2015S2, 10aP2); dollar Bill (2015S2, 2bZ); brutal Bill (2015S2, 15b80); bunker Bill (2016S1, SUR6b); bold Billy (2016S1, A1:5a); Bill grill (2016S1, AP3a); u.s. Bill ding (2016S1, AP13b); Bill rider (2016S1, AP18b); golden Bill (2016S1, AP21b); dollar Bill (2016S1, CP6b); blasted Billy V (2016S1, CB4b); blasted Billy VI (2016S1, AB1b); blasted Billy VII (2016S1, AB1b)
BING thanksgiving Bing (2016S1, HE2b)
BIRDIE dirty Birdie (7th, 271b)(ANS2, F20b)
BLAINE drained Blaine (11th, 447b)
BLAIR bloated Blair (4th, 136b); blurry Blair (9th, 357b); bloated Blair (FB, 28b); blurry Blair (FB2, 63b); banjo Blair (BNS, B6a); bloated Blair (2015S2, 7bZ); bad Blair (2015S2, 10a80)
BLAKE Blake flake (3rd, 91a); blockhead Blake (7th, 277b); blazin' Blake (9th, 359b); blinkin' Blake (16th, 622b - unpublished)(ANS1, 15b); Blake quake (ANS5, B13); blizzard Blake (BNS, 52b); Blake rake (BNS2, 86a)
BO toilet Bo (13th, 527a); undercover Bo (2016S2, SP5a)
BOBBI(E) Bobbi booger (7th, 261b)(FB3, 32b); bony Bobbie (2015S2, 5aK)
BOB(BY) busted Bob (1st, 6b); bye bye Bobby (2nd, 59b); shish k. Bob (6th, 245a); clobbered Bob (10th, 396b); dim-bulb Bob (15th, 599b); bobble Bob (ANS2, 11a); Bob gnarly (ANS3, 14a); grunge Bob (ANS4, 11a); dim-bulb Bob (ANS6, M8); Bobby q (ANS6, 34a); bye bey Bobby (FB3, 10b); bim-bulb Bob (FB3, 80b); Bob sled (BNS, 8a); busted Bob (C, 6b)(PA, 6b); beasty Bob (BNSM, 197b); bye bye Bobby (C2, 59b)(PA, 59b); bubble Bobby (2014S2, 89a); barnacle Bob (2015S1, B7a); broken Bob (2016S1, A1:4a); cotton Bob (2016S1, A2:8b); atomic Bob (2016S1, A2:9b); bobbin' Bob (2016S1, H4b); blasted Bob (2016S1, CB1b); bossy Bobby (2016S2, SP5b)
BONNIE Bonnie bunny (2nd, 76a); sis boom Bonnie (14th, 551b); easter Bonnie (14th, 565a); chocolate Bonnie (BNS2, 57a); Bonnie bunny (C2, 76a)(PA, 76a); easter Bonnie (2015S2, 6aLA)
BOOKER composition Booker (11th, 441b)
BOOMER Boomer stick (2014S2, B12a)
BOOTH photo Booth (16th, 621a - unpublished)
BORIS bulletin Boris (14th, 562b)
BOWEN Bowen arrow (8th, 309B)(ANS2, F22b); Bowen arrow (FB, 58b); Bowen arrow (2016S1, O6a)
BOYD beasty Boyd (9th, 355a); destroyed Boyd (14th, 541b); dog bites Boyd (15th, 591b); bugged Boyd (16th, 657b - unpublished); beasty Boyd (ANS4, GC6); dough Boyd (ANS7, P1); dough Boyd (ANS7, 55a); beasty Boyd (FB2, 62a); destroyed Boyd (FB3, 59b); beasty Boyd (M, 4 of 16); fan Boyd (NYCC, CC7a); fan Boyd (2014S2, P2); fan Boyd (2015S2, 1bCB); cow Boyd (2016S1, AP2b)
BRAD bad Brad (1st, 18b); brutal Brad (2nd, 55b); battered Brad (4th, 164b); sliced Brad (11th, 437a); rad Brad (ANS1, 21b)(ANS1, P3of3); bad Brad (ANS2, F3b); Brad pit (ANS3, S5a); barf bag Brad (ANS4, s6b); batty Brad (ANS5, 4b)(ANS5, P0); sliced Brad (ANS7, LM1); bad Brad (FB, 75b); bad Brad (FB2, 4b); Brad apple (BNS2, 66a); bad Brad (C, 18b)(PA, 18b); bad Brad (BNS3, 174c); breaking Brad (2014S1, B4a); brutal Brad (C2, 55b)(PA, 55b); breaking Brad (NYCC, CC8a); mad Brad (2014S2, 108b); branch Brad (2015S1, 44a); bad Brad (2015S2, 3MDLN)
BRADLEY boo Bradley (BNS, 50b)
BRADY breezy Brady (ANS4, 21b); Brady back ribs (ANS6, 20a)(ANS7, APO2)
BRAND waist Brand (2015S1, 32b)
BRANDON butt-bit Brandon (13th, 527b); buggin' Brandon (ANS1, 4b); backwoods Brandon (ANS3, 8b); breakin' Brandon (ANS7, 44a)
BRANDY braided Brandy (7th, 267b)
BRENDA Brenda blender (5th, 189a); brushed-off Brenda (6th, 214b); buck toothed Brenda (ANS6, 36b); booger Brenda (BNS3, 143b); bugged Brenda (2015S1, 49a); brushed-off Brenda (2015S2, 3bLA)
BRENDAN vendin' Brendan (16th, 632a - unpublished)(ANS1, 29a); blendin' Brendan (BNS2, 63b)
BRENT bent Brent (7th, 282b); deodor Brent (ANS7, 9a); bearded Brent (BNS, 36b); bratty Brent (BNS3, 177b)
BRETT Brett sweat (2nd, 51b); Brett vet (4th, 156b); burnt-out Brett (14th, 580a); wet Brett (ANS2, 37b); brainwash Brett (ANS4, 12a); burnt-out Brett (ANS7, LM4); Brett sweat (FB, 12b); Brett vet (FB2, 26b); burnt-out Brett (FB3, 62a); bubble Brett (BNS, B7b); Brett towel (BNS2, 107b); Brett sweat (C2, 51b)(PA, 51b)
BRIAN fryin' Brian (1st, 4a); brainy Brian (2nd, 72b); brain drain Brian (14th, 575a); booger Brian (ANS1, 35b); birdbrain Brian (ANS3, 20a)(ANS5, A14); booger Brian (ANS5, A11); birdbrain Brian (ANS7, PU7); fryin' Brian (FB3, 2a); barbarian Brian (BNS, B4b); bitten Brian (BNS2, B12a); fryin' Brian (C, 4a)(PA, 4a); brainy Brian (BNS3, 182c); brainy Brian (C2, 72b)(PA, 72b); brainy Brian (C2, R11b); bright Brian (2014S2, 119b); Brian drain (2015S1, 1a)
BRIANNA bubbly Brianna (ANS2, 2b); bedazzled Brianna (BNS3, 156a)
BRIE buggy Brie (2015S1, 38a)
BRICE diced Brice (9th, 361a); Brice lice (BNS, 29a); head Brice (2014S2, 98a)
BRIDGET(TE) frigid Bridget (1st, 32a); brutal Bridget (2nd, 56b); Bridget digit (6th, 218b); london Bridget (11th, 435a); Bridget digit (FB2, 37b); Bridget bride (BNS2, B7a); brutal Bridget (BNS2, 3D2); frigid Bridget (C, 32a)(PA, 32a); frigid Bridget (2014S1, 64a); brutal Bridget (C2, 56b)(PA, 56b); brutal Bridgette (2015S2, 5bCB)
BRIN twin Brin (2015S1, 8a)
BRITT(ANY) armpit Britt (4th, 126a); knittin' Brittany (8th, 327B); bigfoot Brittany (ANS3, 27a)(ANS7, PU9); armpit Britt (FB, 25a); hit Britt (2015S1, 49b)
BRIT(T)NEY Brittney spews (ANS1, 14b); Britney shears (ANS7, 25a); braided Britney (2014S1, 22b)
BROCK socked Brock (ANS6, 25a); Brock poster (2014S1, B7a)
BRODY bouncy Brody (BNS3, 142a)
BROOK(E) babbling Brooke (3rd, 120a); hooked Brooke (ANS2, 10a); scrapped Brooke (ANS6, b19); braided Brook (ANS7, 42a); babbling Brooke (FB, 79a); babbling Brooke (FB2, 20a)
BROOKLYN baited Brooklyn (BNS3, 136b)
BRUCE boozin' Bruce (1st, 9a); Bruce moose (4th, 142a); juicy Bruce (9th, 341a); Bruce noose (11th, 454b); Bruce brush (ANS5, B10); boozin' Bruce (FB, 73a); boozin' Bruce (FB3, 3a); birdbrain Bruce (BNS, 12b); blown-up BRUCE (BNS2, 70a); boozin' Bruce (C, 9a)(PA, 9a); Bruce pain (2014S2, 131b); bad Bruce (2014S2, B12b); bruised Bruce (2015S2, 17b80)
BRUNO brewin' Bruno (7th, 270b)
BRYAN brainless Bryan (7th, 262a); hi-flyin' Bryan (13th, 508b); dryin' Bryan (ANS7, 46b); cryin' Bryan (2015S2, 3bP1); batty Bryan (2016S1, N4a)
BRYCE twice Bryce (ANS1, 28b); Bryce-sickle (ANS3, S11a); sliced Bryce (ANS6, 18b); Bryce iced (ANS7, 21a); dice Bryce (2015S1, 22a)
BUBBA Bubba bumpkin (BNS, B1b)
BUCK Buck puck (8th, 299A); stuck Buck (ANS7, 19b); Buck puck (FB3, 36a); Buck puck (2014S1, 58a); Buck truck (2016S1, SUR3b); belt Buck L. (2016S1, AP2a)
BUD(DY) Bud buggy (5th, 205b); Bud sucker (10th, 411b); Buddy builder (9th, 342b); taste Bud (11th, 430a); muddy Buddy (15th, 606b); ear Bud (BNS, 7a); taste Bud (2014S1, 50a); best Bud (2014S2, 104a); Buddy blues (2016S1, AP36a)
BUFFY puffy Buffy (13th, 511a)
BUNYAN busted Bunyan (2016S1, A1:8b)
BURNE Burne toast (14th, 580b)(FB3, 62b)
BURR bullseye Burr (2016S1, 4th1b)
BURT(ON) Burt cage (6th, 234b); squirtin' Burton (11th, 426b); burstin' Burt (16th, 629b - unpublished)(ANS5, A2); Burt cage (FB, 47b); Burt house (2014S1, 16a); hurt Burt (2016S1, AP25b)
BUSH ballot Bush (2016S1; 4b + online); beat Bush (2016S1, PCO4b); booted Bush (2016S1, PL4b)
BUSTER head Buster (13th, 537b); Buster move (ANS7, 44b); ghost Buster (2015S2, 4b80)
BUTLER head Butler (2014S1, 8a)
BYRON biter Byron (2014S1, 55b)

CAL low Cal (4th, 128b); Cal zoned (ANS6, 17b); low Cal (FB, 26b); opti Cal (BNS3, 139a); duck Cal (2014S2, 87a); Cal cavern (2015S1, 14b); cruel Cal (2015S2, 15a80); capital Cal (2016S1, AP13a); music Cal (2016S1, AP32b)
CALEB clotheslined Caleb (BNS3, 187b)
CALVIN Calvin america (BNS, 5b); capped Calvin (BNS2, 61a); Calvin america (SDCC, CC3a); Calvin catcher (2015S1, 65b)(Baseball10); Calvin stoolidge (2015S2, 1aP2)
CAMERON on camera Cameron (ANS2, B1)
CANDACE sardine Candace (10th, 392b)
CAREN handle with Caren (8th, 325B)
CARI dairy Cari (7th, 252b); dairy Cari (FB, 49b)
CARMEN cut-up Carmen (7th, 257a); cut-up Carmen (FB, 51a)
CARL corroded Carl (1st, 19a); uncool Carl (6th, 228b); coiled Carl (15th, 610b); corroded Carl (ANS1, G5a)(ANS1, F5a); moto Carl (ANS5, 21b); canned Carl (ANS6, 5a); Carl wreck (ANS7, B2); corroded Carl (FB, 6a); contact Carl (BNS, 42a); cringing Carl (BNS2, 59b); corroded Carl (C, 19a)(PA, 19a); bumper Carl (BNS3, 138a); crumby Carl (2014S2, 71b); clumsy Carl (2015S1, 56b); corroded Carl (2015S2, 5aD); cosplay Carl (2015S2, 1bA2); cosplay Carl (2015S2, 2bCB); Carl crew (2016S1, SUR5b); muscle Carl (2016S1, AP9a); nas Carl (2016S1, AP28a)
CARLA curly Carla (3rd, 103b); comic Carla (2015S2, 1bA1); off-color Carla (2015S2, 3aLA); curly Carla (2016S1, AP6b)
CARLO monte Carlo (7th, 254a)
CARLOS careless Carlos (ANS2, S4a); cheap Carlos (2016S1, R&R6b)
CARLOTTA lotta Carlotta (6th, 249b)(ANS1, G15b)(ANS1, F14b)(FB2, 42b)
CARLY Carly cue (ANS1, 11b); canned Carly (2016S1, PL6a)
CAROL creepy Carol (1st, 25a); cactus Carol (2nd, 60b); Carol-sel (ANS6, 9a)(ANS7, APO4); creepy Carol (FB5, 25a); creepy Carol (C, 25a)(PA, 25a); cactus Carol (C2, 60b)(PA, 60b)
CAROLINE car sick Caroline (ANS2, 33a)(ANS5, A3)(ANS7, JP3)
CARRIE scary Carrie (1st, 25b); hairy Carrie (2nd, 56a); intensive Carrie (15th, 595b); scary Carrie (FB2, 5b); hairy Carrie (BNS2, 3D2); scary Carrie (C, 25b)(PA, 25b); hairy Carrie (C2, 56a)(PA, 56a); hairy Carrie (2015S2, 5aCB); Carrie canyon (2016S1, AP16b)
CARSON coral Carson (ANS7, 14a); clueless Carson (2016S1; 5b + online); cruel Carson (2016S1, PCO5b); conditioned Carson (2016S1, PL3b)
CARTER shopping Carter (10th, 406a); Carter farter (ANS6, 6a); cut-the-cheese Carter (2015S2, 4bP2); crashed Carter (2015S2, 5b80)
CASEY basket Casey (4th, 154a); stair Casey (7th, 289a); cassette Casey (15th, 619b); crazy Casey (ANS1, 5a); basket Casey (ANS2, F14a)(ANS4, GC3); crazy Casey (ANS7, PU1); casket Casey (BNS3, B17b)
CASPER Casper gasper (6th, 228a)
CASTOR spell Castor (BNS2, 79b)
CAT Cat litter (15th, 604b); Cat sup (ANS6, 37a); Cat lady (BNS3, 172a)
CATE let them eat Cate (2015S2, B1b)
CATHERINE catty Catherine (2016S2, SP3b)
CATHY cat-cradle Cathy (13th, 538a)(ANS3, F24a)
CATIE Catie cut-up (15th, 618b)
CECIL seasick Cecil (12th, 466a)(ANS3, F5a); k.f. Cecil (2015S1, 29b)
CELIA seafood Celia (16th, 627a - unpublished)
CESAR Cesar salad (New 3rd, 34b)
CHAD charred Chad (2nd, 54b); chiseler Chad (12th, 486a); cheap Chad (ANS1, 29b); chopper Chad (ANS3, 30a); charred Chad (FB3, 8b); chiseler Chadd (FB3, 53a); chopped Chad (BNS, 9b); chimney Chad (BNS3, 189a); charred Chad (C2, 54b)(PA, 54b); charred Chad (C2, R12b); chiseled Chad (2014S2, 83b); chomping Chad (2015S1, 64c)
CHANCE fat Chance (ANS2, 5b); slim Chance (2014S2, 130c)
CHANDLER chin-up Chandler (ANS4, 3b)(ANS4, T10)
CHANDRA cheesy Chandra (9th, 374b)
CHARLIE Charlie horse (8th, 295A); chuckin' Charlie (10th, 385b); cheesy Charlie (New 1st, 9a); charming Charlie (ANS4, 22b)(ANS4, T1)(ANS5, A4); choo-choo Charlie (ANS5, 38b); cheesy Charlie (ANS5, A1); chum Charlie (ANS7, 24b); Charlie down (BNS2, 65a)
CHARLES cheeky Charles (2nd, 65b); cheeky Charles (FB, 14b); cheeky Charles (C2, 65b)(PA, 65b); cheeky Charles (2015S2, 1aZ)
CHARLOTTE Charlotte web (3rd, 98a); Charlotte web (2016S1, AP3a)
CHASE outerspace Chase (4th, 138b); pizza face Chase (ANS1, 9b); green cheese Chase (ANS4, 1a); rabbit Chase (ANS5, 12b); pizza face Chase (ANS5, A1); poker face Chase (ANS6, 23a); space Chase (ANS7, 5a); outerspace Chase (FB, 30b); outerspace Chase (FB3, 75b); deface Chase (BNS2, 94b); Chase cadet (BNS3, B20b); outerspace Chase (SDCC, CC5b); outerspace Chase (2016S1, CB2b)
CHE Che goo vara (2014S1, 41a); chewing Che (2015S1, 64b)
CHELSEA Cheesy Chelsea (ANS3, 16a)(ANS5, A6)
CHERRY Cherry bomb (6th, 238b); Cherry bomb (FB, 48b); Cherry bomb (2016S1, CP4b)
CHERYL Cheryl peril (9th, 351a)
CHESSIE charming Chessie (BNS2, 109a)
CHESTER Chester drawers (13th, 517a); bustin' Chester (16th, 629a - unpublished)(ANS5, A2); chalky Chester (BNS2, 59a)
CHET chopped Chet (9th, 361b); checked-out Chet (12th, 462b)(ANS3, F2b)
CHICAGO Chicago Away (2016S1, R&R5a)
CHICO tongue in Chico (12th, 467a)
CHIP potato Chip (14th, 563a)
CHLOE doughy Chloe (10th, 412b)
CHRIS crater Chris (1st, 19b); Chris hiss (2nd, 62b); Chris mess (7th, 254a); crater Chris (ANS1, G5b)(ANS1, F5b); crusty Chris (ANS2, 27b); cuckoo Chris (ANS3, 20b); cut up Chris (ANS4, 32b); chopper-chopped Chris (ANS5, 40a); cuckoo Chris (ANS5, A14); crater Chris (FB, 6b); Chris hiss (FB2, 74b); Chris hiss (FB3, 11b); Chris mess (FB3, 78a); cracked Chris (BNS2, 67b); crater Chris (C, 19b)(PA, 19b); Chris hiss (C2, 62b)(PA, 62b); Chris hiss (C2, R5b); crater Chris (2015S2, 5bD); crater Chris (2015S2, 4MDLN); crass Chris (2016S1, PCO6a); confused Chris (2016S1, N7a); conquered Chris (2016S1, PL2a); compliant Chris (2016S1, RNC2a)
CHRISTIAN crude Christian (2016S1, N9a)
CHRISTIE extra Christie (ANS7, 37a); crude Christie (2016S1, PCO6b); Christie creamed (2016S1, PL2b; craving Christie (2016S1, RNC2b)
CHRISTINA Christina ugliera (ANS3, 1a)(ANS3, P1); Christina barfarina (ANS5, 36a)(ASN6, APO10)
CHRISTINE Christine vaccine (7th, 287a)
CHUCK up Chuck (1st, 3a); stuck Chuck (3rd, 85a); ground Chuck (10th, 381a); sucked Chuck (13th, 505a); up Chuck (ANS1, G28a)(ANS1, F23a)(ANS4, GC25); up Chuck (FB, LM1); up Chuck (FB3, 1a); ground Chuck (FB3, 43a); surf's up Chuck (BNS2, 58a)(BNS2, 3D6); up Chuck (C, 3a)(PA, 3a); lovestruck Chuck (BNS3, 161a); bad luck Chuck (2014S1, 4b); up Chuck (2015S2, 1BB); monster Chuck (2016S1, SUR3a); cover up Chuck (2016S1, AP42b)
CINDY Cindy lopper (1st, 37b); Cindy lopper (BNS2, 113c); Cindy lopper (C, 37b)(PA, 37b); Cindy smella (2014S1, 6a)
CLAIRE Claire stare (6th, 229a); Claire snare (ANS5, 23a); Claire cut (ANS7, 25b); Claire stare (FB, 46a); clipper Claire (BNS, 53a); armpit Claire (2014S1, 22a)
CLARA off-color Clara (6th, 214a)
CLARK Clark can't (5th, 172b); Clark shark (9th, 354a); cuckoo Clark (14th, 547a); Clark can't (ANS2, F17b); Clark can't (FB, 34b); Clark can't (FB, 80b); Clark shark (FB2, 61a); alarm Clark (BNS3, 132a); Clark work orange (2014S2, B10a); Clark can't (2015S2, 3bCB)
CLAUDE clipped Claude (7th, 292b); clawed Claude (10th, 410b); Claude burst (13th, 531b); Claude flesh (15th, 617a); gnawed Claude (ANS5, 16b); clawed Claude (ANS6, 30a); Claude flesh (FB3, 66a)
CLAY gaseous Clay (ANS3, S6a); Clay achin' (ANS4, 9a); Clay dreidel (BNS3, 141a)
CLEM cleansed Clem (2015S1, 40b)
CLIFF Cliff hanger (5th, 181a); ski Cliff (ANS7, 13b); fiscal Cliff (BNS3, B19a)
CLIFTON upliftin' Clifton (6th, 212a); driftin' Clifton (14th, 545b); upliftin' Clifton (FB, 43a); liftin' Clifton (2016S1, O5b)
CLINT(ON) cleaned up Clint (10th, 397a); cleaned up Clint (FB2, B4); slick Clinton (2015S2, 10bP2); cyber Clinton (2016S1, 1b + online); coattails Clinton (2016S1, PCO); crony Clinton (2016S1, PST4b); shrillary Clinton (2016S1, PMT5b); repilca rodham Clinton (2016S1, PMT6a); copycat Clinton (2016S1, PMT6b); cagey Clinton (2016S1, PAP4b); Clint wood chair (2016S1, RNC5a); cash Clinton (2016S1, DNC1b); corrupt Clinton (2016S1, DNC2b)
CLIVE alive Clive (BNS3, B17a); high dive Clive (2016S1, O1b)
CLOYD clocked Cloyd (2014S2, 121b)
CLYDE closet Clyde (9th, 377a); slidin' Clyde (11th, 453b); mummified Clyde (12th, 468a); clownin' Clyde (2014S1, 46a); inside Clyde (2014S2, 85a); Clyde slide (2015S1, 61a)
CODY kayo'd Cody (3rd, 102b); cootie Cody (ANS1, 4a); corny Cody (ANS2, 14b); coated Cody (ANS3, 6b); courtin' Cody (ANS5, 22a); cosplay Cody (SDCC, CC1b); cosplay Cody (2014S2, P3); kayo'd Cody (2015S2, 5bZ); Cody cook (2016S1, AP3b)
COLE Cole cut (6th, 229a); charred Cole (11th, 455a); colossal Cole (ANS1, 17b); Cole gate (ANS3, B5); Cole slawed (ANS4, 16a); coca-Cole (ANS5, 18b); colossal Cole (ANS5, A5); Cole cut (ANS6, 14b); ice Cole (ANS7, 19a); Cole cuts (2015S1, 55a)
COLETTE Colette coldcut (11th, 445a); cold Colette (2014S2, 114b)
COLIN croakin' Colin (3rd, 109b); semi Colin (9th, 355b); Colin 911 (ANS1, 39a)(ANS3, PU3); Colin bowel (ANS4, 10a); semi Colin (FB2, 62b); semi Colin (2015S1, R3 + AllStar3); croakin' Colin (2015S2, 7bCB); Colin collector (2016S1, SUR9b)
COLLEEN Colleen screen (BNS2, 60b); colorless Colleen (2014S1, 18b)
COLTON boltin' Colton (ANS5, 24b)
CONAN cruel Conan (C, 33c)
CONNER piranha Conner (ANS2, 26a); creature Conner (BNS3, 160b); comic Conner (2014S2, P1); comic Conner (SDCC, CC1a); comic Conner (2015S2, 1aCB)
CONNIE Connie sewer (5th, 198b); pop Connie (13th, 524a); ice cream Connie (15th, 588b); Connie sewer (ANS1, G11b)(ANS1, F11b); complex Connie (2014S1, 29b); Connie science (2014S2, 105b)
CONNOR deli Connor (ANS6, 14a); Connor stellation (2014S1, 5a)
COOKIE misfortune Cookie (13th, 509a)(ANS3, F14a)
COOPER Cooper scooper (13th, 504a); Cooper pooper (ANS7, 18a)
CORA Cora corset (10th, 387b); Cora reef (ANS7, 14b)
CORD split Cord (11th, 456a)(ANS7, LM2)
COREY umbilical Corey (ANS2, 4a); Corey cola (ANS5, 18a); umbilical Corey (ANS7, PU3)
CORINNE hot buttered Corinne (12th, 492b)
CORNELIA Cornelia flake (15th, 587a)
CORRINA Corrina corona (8th, 300A)
CORY apple Cory (3rd, 121a); Cory on the cob (12th, 492a); apple Cory (FB2, 21a)
COURTNEY umbilical Courtney (10th, 414a); warty Courtney (ANS2, 21b); supreme Courtney (2015S1, 23b)
CRAIG cracked Craig (5th, 193b); crashed Craig (BNS, 8b); crude Craig (2016S1, AP33b)
CRANSTON commic Cranston (2016S1, N4b)
CRISSIE cryptid Crissie (BNS3, 157b)
CROZ Croz nut (2016S1, AD6a)
CRUZ canadian Cruz (2016S1, PCO2b); kitty Cruz (2016S1, PST2b); chews Cruz (2016S1, PMT3b); capricorn Cruz (2016S1, PMT4b); creepy Cruz (2016S1, PAP2b); caring Cruz (2016S1, RNC3b)
CRYSTAL Crystal gale (4th, 158b); cracked Crystal (6th, 221a); broken Crystal (ANS3, 17a)(ANS7, PU6); Crystal ball (BNS, 43a)
CUBE cold Cube (2016S1, R&R3b)
CURT(IS) hurt Curt (3rd, 89a); cut Curt (14th, 569a); hurt Curt (ANS2, F9a); Curtis blow (ANS6, 6b)(ANS7, APO7); hurt Curt (FB2, 15a); Curt the rope (BNS2, 126a); hurt Curt (2014S1, 59a); Curt squirt (2015S1, 17a); hurt Curt (2016S1, HE1a)
CY eye Cy (2014S2, 106b)
CYRIL Cyril bowl (9th, 345a); 3-ring Cyril (13th, 503b)(ANS3, F9b); Cyril bowl (FB3, 39a)

DAISY(S) plucked Daisy (8th, 296A); upsy Daisys (12th, 465a)(AN3, F4a)
DAG barf Dag (2016S1, A2:2b)
DAKOTA Dakota odor (ANS3, S5b)
DALE Dale snail (4th, 145a); fairy tale Dale (11th, 444a); cocktail Dale (13th, 525a); croco- Dale (15th, 616b); impaled Dale (ANS4, 6b)(ANS4, T5); Dale snail (FB3, 20a); u.s. Dale (2016S1, AP34a)
DALLAS bowling for Dallas (ANS6, 26b)
DALTON dartin' Dalton (ANS3, 145b)
DAMIAN divin' Damian (BNS3, 15a)
DAMON flamin' Damon (10th, 363b); flamin' Damon (ANS7, 46a); demon Damon (C2, 64c); demolished Damon (2015S1, B9b); disgusting Damon (2016S1, N1b)
DAN(IEL) drippy Dan (1st, 23a); diaper Dan (5th, 183a); dental Daniel (5th, 200b); dam Dan (9th, 347a); Daniel prune (13th, 528a); drippy Dan (ANS1, G8a)(ANS1, F8a); dandruff Dan (ANS2, 16a); high man Dan (ANS4, 25b); dental Daniel (FB, 39b); drippy Dan (FB, LM3); diaper Dan (FB2, 31a); drippy Dan (BNS2, 104a); drippy Dan (C, 23a)(PA, 23a); Dan d. lion (2014S1, 47a); duplicative Dan (2016S1, R&R10a)
DANIELLE Danielle smell (ANS3, S3b); demonic Danielle (ANS5, 3b); blind date Danielle (BNS3, 176b)
DANA Dana druff (4th, 165a)
DANNY DANNY catch up (2014S2, 126c)
DAPHNE dustbin Daphne (BNS, 44b)
DARIA double-decibel Daria (2015S2, 2bK)
DARREN starin' Darren (3rd, 114a)(ANS1, G24a); starin' Darren (FB, 23a); starin' Darren (BNS, M&M8); dunked Darren (BNS3, 170a)
DAVE(Y) new wave Dave (1st, 30a); dizzy Dave (2nd, 68b); have a nice Dave (7th, 278a); paved Dave (10th, 395a); toilet wave Dave (16th, 661b - unpublished); Davey croquet (ANS3, 39a); shave Dave (ANS7, 30b); new wave Dave (FB, 8a); have a nice Dave (FB, 53a); new wave Dave (FB2, 76a); dizzy Dave (BNS2, 107c); new wave Dave (BNS2, GD5); new wave Dave (C, 30a)(PA, 30a); new wave Dave (BNS3, 180c); dizzy Dave (2014S1, 60a); dizzy Dave (C2, 68b)(PA, 68b); dizzy Dave (C2, R9b); new wave Dave (2015S2, 6MDLN); declaration DAVE (2016S1, HE3b)
DAVID duped David (ANS1, 28a); deflated David (ANS2, 39a); David choppin' squeal (ANS7, 22a); dead David (BNS, B3b); dominated David (BNS2, 83a)
DAVY crocked Davy (BNS2, B12b)
DAWN Dawn pour (M, 12 of 16); drawn Dawn (2014S2, 72b)
DAYNA Dayna the dead (BNS2, B15a)
DEAN green Dean (3rd, 105b); Dean list (15th, 586b); green Dean (FB3, 13b); crime scene Dean (BNS, 13b); green Dean (BNS2, 117a)
DEB(BIE) drippy Debbie (9th, 339b); dead letter Debbie (12th, 487a)(ANS3, F21a); drippy Debbie (ANS4, GC7); decorating Deb (ANS5, 19b); drippy Debbie (FB2, 59b); dead letter Debbie (FB3, 54a); roller Debbie (BNS2, 106a); dropped Deb (BNS3, 152b); roller Debbie (2014S1, 56c); Debbie dismember (2015S2, 4bA2); deaf Deb (2015S2, 2aK)
DEBRA dutch Debra (2015S2, 2bA1)
DEE Dee faced (5th, 169a); 3-Dee (9th, 357a); Dee odorant (13th, 521a); ty Dee knot (ANS7, 1b); Dee faced (FB2, 29a); 3-Dee (FB2, 63a); Dee j. (BNS, 1b); Dee seeded (BNS2, 99a); Dee N A (2014S2, 108a); greed Dee (2014S2, 127a var.); Dee party (2016S1, AP20b)
DEEP dunked Deep (2016S1, R&R4a)
DEEPAK six feet Deepak (2015S1, 39b); Deepak man (2015S2, 3a80)
DEL Del icious (ANS7, 48a)
DEMONA speed Demona (2014S1, 56b)
DENNIS menaced Dennis (5th, 173a); dashboard Dennis (16th, 630b - unpublished)(ANS1, 30b); Dennis shoe (ANS7, 43b); doggy Dennis (BNS, 39b); drummed Dennis (BNS2, 95a); menacing Dennis (BNS3, 177a); nintendon't 3 Dennis (2014S2, 110b)
DENNY Denny saur (11th, 425a)
DEREK dribblin' Derek (4th, 154b); derailed Derek (ANS1, 8a); dribblin' Derek (ANS2, F14b)
DERRICK discarded Derrick (BNS3, 151b)
DESI Desi island (9th, 373a)
DESIREE Desiree disarray (ANS7, 50a)
DESTINY despicable Destiny (ANS3, S8a)
DEVIN digital Devin (ANS2, 23b); divin' Devin (ANS3, 29a)(ANS5, A12); dizzy Devin (BNS3, 141b)
DEWEY screwey Dewey (7th, 282a); dewy Dewey (15th, 609a); mountain Dewey (BNS, B1a); mountain Dewey (2016S1, HE5a)
DEXTER extra Dexter (15th, 592a)
DI tied Di (15th, 594a); Di sect (ANS7, 6b)
DIANA Diana diva (ANS3, 1b); dental Diana (2014S2, 125b)
DICAPRIO desperate Dicaprio (2016S1, N2b)
DICK(Y) Dick hick (10th, 413b); Dick tater (14th, 563b); skin-pic Dick (16th, 623b - unpublished)(ANS5, A13); picky Dicky (ANS5, 25b); Dick hick (FB3, 45b); Dick hick (2016S1, CP9b)
DIDI Didi t. (3rd, 98b)
DIEGO doomed Diego (BNS3, 175b)
DINAH Dinah saur (3rd, 88a); dyin' Dinah (4th, 151b); all night Dinah (11th, 422b); take-out Dinah (15th, 582a); Dinah saur (FB, 19a); dyin' Dinah (FB, 32b); take-out Dinah (FB3, 63a)
DINO Dino attacks (16th, 655b - unpublished)(ANS5, A5)
DIRK Dirk dynasty (2014S2, 87b)
DOLLY dangling Dolly (5th, 196a); paper Dolly (15th, 618a); dangling Dolly (FB, 38a)(FB2, 33a)
DOLPH dunked Dolph (2016S1, A2:3a)
DOM(INIC) doomsday Dom (14th, 567a); Dom E. nose (ANS2, S5b); dancin' Dominic (ANS4, b9); doomsday Dom (FB3, 60a)
DONALD upside down Donald (5th, 184a); Donald dump (ANS3, 7a); Donald dump (2016S1, 2b + online); delightful Donald (2016S1, AP8b); Donald dumpty (2016S1, PCO1a); distressed Donald (2016S1, PST1a); dinky Donald (2016S1, PMT1a); dodgy Donald (2016S1, PMT2a); dirty Donald (2016S1, PAP1a); Donald dictator (2016S1, RNC1a)
DONATELLO disordered Donatello (BNS2, 90b)
DONNIE Donnie dump (2015S2, 10bP1)
DON(NY) damaged Don (1st, 40b); well Don (7th, 259b); ortho Donny (8th, 333A); dorky Don (ANS2, 36b); diver Don (ANS7, 39b); ortho Donny (FB2, 56a); damaged Don (C, 40b)(PA, 40b); Don nut (BNS3, 170b); show Don (2014S1, 14a); Don key (2015S2, 12b80)
DONNA mad Donna (2nd, 50a); Donna donor (8th, 298B); upside Donna (15th, 602a); mad Donna (FB2, 11a); Donna donor (FB3, 35b); da-da Donna (2014S1, 20b); mad Donna (C2, 50a)(PA 50a); dental Donna (2014S2, 125c); Donna donor (2015S2, 8bD)
DORA trap Dora (9th, 375a)(ANS1, G27a)(ANS1, F22a)(FB3, 42a)
DORIAN locked Dorian (10th, 379a)(FB2, B1)
DOROTHY duster Dorothy (BNS2, 115a); dull Dorothy (2014S1, 18a)
DOT(TY) distorted Dot (3rd, 96a); Dotty dribble (5th, 195b); snotty Dotty (10th, 386a); hot Dot (12th, 494b)(ANS3, F22b); Dotty dribble (FB2, 32b); connect the Dot (2014S2, 72a); ink blot Dot (2015S1, 50a)
DOTS connecting Dots (10th, 390a); connecting Dots (FB, B2)
DOUG Doug plug (2nd, 43b); hot Doug (5th, 185b); Doug food (9th, 362a); Doug slug (15th, 600b); Doug sledding (ANS4, b6); dogged Doug (ANS6, 5b); hot Doug (FB, 37b); Doug plug (FB2, 9b); Doug plug (BNS2, 110a); watch Doug (2014S1, 40b); Doug plug (C2, 43b)(PA, 43b); Doug plug (C2, R8b)
DOYLE gargoyle Doyle (BNS2, 124a)
DRE ear doctor Dre (2016S1, R&R2a)
DREW Drew blood (3rd, 93a); corkscrewed Drew (13th, 529a); tattoo Drew (16th, 623a - unpublished); Drew tattoo (ANS1, 25a); Drew blood (ANS2, F10a); tattoo Drew - Drew tattoo (ANS5, A13); Drew drool (ANS7, 7a); Drew blood (FB2, 16a); Drew slowly (2014S1, 14b); Drew droog (2014S2, B10b)
DRU drip-dry Dru (11th, 429b)
DUANE clogged Duane (2nd, 59a); clogged Duane (FB3, 10a); clogged Duane (BNS, LM3); clogged Duane (C2, 59a)(PA, 59a)
DUDLEY deadly Dudley (4th, 137b); deadly Dudley (FB, 29b)
DUKE Duke ranch (BNS, 6b); doomed Duke (2015S2, 11a80)
DUNCAN Duncan pumpkin (4th, 153b); dunkin' Duncan (16th, 651a - unpublished)(FB3, 70a); Duncan pumpkin (FB3, 76b); dunkin' Duncan (C, L14a)
DUSTIN bustin' Dustin (3rd, 93b); Dustin to dust (8th, 334B); disgustin' Dustin (ANS1, 24b)(ANS1, P2of3); bustin' Dustin (ANS2, F10b); combustin' Dustin (ANS3, S12b); bustin' Dustin (FB2, 16b)
DUSTY busty Dusty (13th, 511b)
DWAYNE champ-pain Dwayne (13th, 529b); Dwayne stain (14th, 559a); freight Dwayne (16th, 635a - unpublished); doomed Dwayne (ASN5, 39a); snakes in Dwayne (ANS6, 11a)(ANS7, APO9)
DWIGHT Dwight bite (3rd, 121b); bright Dwight (8th, 328B); midnight Dwight (12th, 485b); bright Dwight (FB, 64b); Dwight bite (FB2, 21b); Dwight out (BNS2, 89b); satellite Dwight (2014S1, 42b); guiding Dwight (2014S2, 84a); Dwight d. eyes-enhower (2015S2, 8aP2)
DYLAN drillin' Dylan (8th, 293B); fillin' Dylan (15th, 614a); drillin' Dylan (ANS1, G9b)(ANS1, F9b); slam-dunk Dylan (ANS5, 11a); drillin' Dylan (FB2, 50b); drillin' Dylan (2015S2, 8bZ); dentures Dylan (2016S1, A1:4b)
DYNA tie Dyna (BNS2, 71b)

EARL Earl painting (5th, 178a); explosive Earl (BNS, 38b); extracted Earl (BNSM, 196a); surf Earl (2014S2, 98b); streak Earl (2015S1, 58a); hum Earl (2016S1, AD4a)
EASTWOOD empty Eaton (2016S1, RNC5b)
EATON sweater Eaton (2014S1, B9b)
EAZY Eazy does it (2016S1, R&R1a)
EDA Eda mouthful (13th, 534b)
ED(DIE) evil Eddie (1st, 1b); shrunken Ed (2nd, 65a); newly-dead Ed (6th, 250a); disect Ed (10th, 401b); alien Ed (14th, 555a); bone head Ed (16th, 631a - unpublished)(ANS1, 1a); dread Ed (ANS3, 14b) Ed n. shoulders (ANS4, 12b); evil Eddie (FB, 1b); shrunken Ed (FB, 14a); evil Eddie (FB, 71b); newly-dead Ed (FB3, 30a); evil Eddie (BNS2, 101c); newly-dead Ed (BNS2, 3D4); evil Eddie (C, 1b)(PA, 1b); yeti Eddie (BNS3, 137a); shrunken Ed (C2, 65a)(PA, 65a); bombed Ed (2014S2, 92a); big Ed (2015S1, 2a); shrunken Ed (2015S2, 1bZ); evil Eddie (2016S1, HE7a); motor Ed (2016S1, AP9b)
EDDY spaghetti Eddy (ANS6, 29b)
EDISON ideation Edison (2016S1, A1:3b)
EDGAR bald Edgar (2016S1, AP5b)
EDWARD Edward hopper (12th, 497b); evil Edward (BNS3, 148b)
EGBERT deviled Egbert (11th, 455b)
EGON scrambled Egon (2015S2, 5aLA)
ELAINE bowling Elaine (8th, 301A); Elaine vein (10th, 400b)(ANS1, G29b)(ANS1, F24b); bowling Elaine (FB, 57a); Elaine vein (2015S2, 9bZ)
ELIZABETH ecological Elizabeth (2016S1, DNC5a)
ELLA Ella p. record (8th, 308B); raisin' Ella (16th, 637a - unpublished); raisin' Ella (FB, 69a); Ella p. record (FB2, 52b); raisin' Ella (C, L9a)
ELLIE Ellie deli (11th, 445b)
ELLIS Ellis vator (2014S1, 23a)
ELLIOT Elliot mess (6th, 213b); Elliot nest (ANS6, 10b); Elliot mess (FB3, 28b)
ELTON meltin' Elton (4th, 158a)
ELVIRA evil Elvira (2015S2, 2bCRF)
ELWOOD elastic Elwood (7th, 272a)(FB2, 46a); ejected Elwood (2015S2, 19a80)
EMILY emptied Emily (ANS3, S9b)
EMMA empty Emma (9th, 378a); egotistical Emma (2016S1, AD1b)
ERIC eerie Eric (3rd, 116a); eruptin' Eric (ANS2, S2b); Eric the wreck (ANS5, 21a); eerie Eric (FB2, 19a); etched Eric (BNS2, 74b); eerie Eric (BNS3, 186a); itchy Eric (2014S2, 129c); enema Eric (2015S1, 40a); errant Eric (2016S1, R&R1b)
ERICA erased Erica (10th, 415a)
ERIN tearin' Erin (ANS2, 38b); eerie Erin (BNS2, 122b)
ERNESTO nested Ernesto (ANS6, 10a)
ERNIE edible Ernie (5th, 187b)
ERROL eggy Errol (C2, 58c)
ESTHER Esther basket (ANS5, 7b); Esther bunny (BNS2, 57b)
ETAN over Etan (13th, 518b)(FB3, 56b); over Etan (2015S2, 10BB); competitive Etan (2016S1, AP10a)
ETHAN over eatin' Ethan (12th, 479b); lethal Ethan (ANS1, 38a); eaten Ethan (ANS2, 3a); over eatin' Ethan (ANS3, F15b); lethal Ethan (ANS3, PU1)(ANS4, GC22); over eatin' Ethan (ANS5, M4)(ANS6, APO8); eaten Ethan (BNS3, 179b); equine Ethan (BNS3, 184b); eerie Ethan (2014S2, 112a)
EVA Eva lution (2014S2, 102a)
EVAN revvin' Evan (ANS1, 31b); eyeball Evan (2015S1, 51a)
EVE Eve droppin' (6th, 240b); new year's Eve (BNS3, 152a)
EVEL ended Evel (2016S1, A1:6a)
EVIN see no Evin (2014S1, 39b)
EYAL pop Eyal (2014S2, B11a)
EYTAN dinner at Eytan (12th, 466b)(ANS3, F5b)

FABE scar FABE (C2, 57c)
FAITH losing Faith (4th, 151a); losing Faith (FB, 32a); duck Faith (2015S1, 46b)
FANNY electric Fanny (14th, 569b); little barfin' Fanny (16th, 656a - unpublished)
FARRAH Farrah Fossil (3rd, 88b); Farrah faucet (ANS5, 37a); Farrah Fossil (FB, 20b); feline Farrah (BNS3, 172b); furry Farrah (2014S2, 75a)
FASSBENDER flipped out Fassbender (2016S1, N3b)
FAY flakey Fay (4th, 165b)
FAYE Faye tall (BNS2, B11b)(BNS2, 3D10)
FELICIA Felicia fantasy (IDW, SP3); Felicia fantasy (2015S2, 3aA2); Felicia fantasy (2015S2, 6aCB)
FELIPE fishy Felipe (2014S2, B18a)
FELIX folded Felix (2014S1, 21b)
FERN fetid Fern (16th, 650b - unpublished)(FB2, 69b); fetid Fern (C, L13b)
FERNANDO foul Fernando (ANS3, 36b)(ANS6, APO4)
FERRIS county Ferris (2015S1, 15a)
FIFI finger-paintin' Fifi (16th, 640a - unpublished); finger-paintin' Fifi (FB, 70a); finger-paintin' Fifi (C, L10a); self Fifi (2016S1, AD1a)
FINN piranha Finn (BNS2, 80a)(BNS2, 3D7); failin' Finn (2014S1, 2b)
FIONA Fiona fairy (BNS, 10b); foxy Fiona (2014S2, 75b); Fiona fashionista (2016S1, AD7b)
FIORINA fired Fiorina (2016S1, PL6b)
FLETCH(ER) Fletcher stretcher (7th, 272b); ripped Fletch (11th, 427a); Fletcher stretcher (FB2, 46b); ripped Fletch (FB3, 47a)
FLINT found Flint (2014S2, 97b); flushed Flint (2015S1, 53b)
FLO over Flo (6th, 207a); frozen Flo (10th, 386b); flushed Flo (16th, 625a - unpublished); over Flo (ANS1, G17a)(ANS4, GC24); over Flo (FB, 41a); Flo sing (2014S2, 125a); over Flo (2015S2, 7aD); fishy Flo (2015S2, 8bK)
FLORA dirty Flora (10th, 399a); dead Flora (16th, 650a - unpublished)(FB2, 69a); dead Flora (C, L13a); fishy Flora (2014S1, 45b)
FLORENCE fishy Florence (BNS, 54b)
FLOSSIE dental Flossie (5th, 203b)(ANS1, G26b)(ANS1, F21b); dental Flossie (FB, 40b); dental Flossie (FB3, 77b)
FLOYD fluoride Floyd (5th, 200a); flushing Floyd (6th, 246b); flushed Floyd (16th, 625a - unpublished)(ANS5, A10); fluoride Floyd (FB, 39a); pink Floyd (BNS3, B18b); fanatic Floyd (2015S1, 58c)
FLYNN found Flynn (BNS3, 158b)
FORREST haunted Forrest (7th, 273a); Forrest sump (ANS4, s4a); haunted Forrest (BNS2, 114a)
FRAN(CES) furry Fran (1st, 12a); schizo Fran (2nd, 49b); Fran Fran (2nd, 49b); Fran Furter (5th, 185a); schizo Fran (ANS1, G7b)(ANS1, F7b); ceiling Fran (ANS7, 16a); Fran Fran (FB, 11b); Fran Furter (FB, 37a); furry Fran (C, 12a)(PA, 12a); Frances frosting (BNS3, 165b); Fran Fran (C2, 49b)(PA, 49b)
FRANCINE flushed Francine (2015S2, 4bP1)
FRANCIS foxy Francis (4th, 133b); fractured Francis (10th, 403b); firey Francis (BNS2, 98a); flushed Francis (BNS3, 178b); fecal Francis (2014S1, 51b); friendly Fancis (2014S2, 104b)
FRANCISCO fizzy Francisco (ANS2, 29b)
FRANK(IE) cranky Frankie (1st, 18a); Frank n. stein (3rd, 112a); fractured Frank (14th, 574b); Frank footer (15th, 591a); dank Frank (15th, 609b); freewheelin' Frank (ANS1, 30a); cranky Frankie (ANS2, F3a); Frank n. wiener (ANS4, s1a); cranky Frankie (FB, 75a); cranky Frankie (FB2, 4a); flatfoot Frank (BNS, 39a); Frank fruit (BNS2, 73b); cranky Frankie (C, 18a)(PA, 18a); cranky Frankie (BNS3, 174a); fleet-footed Frank (2014S1, 13b); flushed Frank (C2, 59c); frozen Frank (2014S2, 69a); froggy Frank (2015S1, 3a); athlete's foot Frank (2015S1, Mascot1)
FRANKLIN fried Franklin (5th, 191b); crankin' Franklin (13th, 506b); Franklin stein (2015S1, 60a); Franklin pierced (2015S2, 2aP2); fried Franklin (2016S1, CP5b)
FRASIER taser Frasier (BNS2, B14a)
FRED(DY) dead Fred (2nd, 57b); Fred thread (5th, 174a); bone-head Fred (9th, 369b); footloose Fred (15th, 593a); bone-head Fred (ANS2, F25b); fired Fred (ANS6, 39b); formaldehyde Fred (FB, 65b); bone-head Fred (FB2, 65b); dead Fred (FB3, 9b); bone-head Fred (FB3, 79b); Fred case (BNS2, 72a); formaldehyde Fred (C, L1b); fresh Fred (BNS3, 162a); Freddy the 13th (2014S1, 4a); dead Fred (C2, 57b)(PA, 57b); frightening Freddy (2014S2, B13a); fresh Freddy (2015S1, 27b); Fred thread (2015S2, 2aLA)
FREDA freaky Freda (2014S2, 68b); Freda fence (2016S1, AP1b)
FREIDA fried Freida (BNS, 54a)
FREY peaceful easy Frey (2016S1, 9b)
FRIDA Frida spirit (BNS2, 71a); freaky Frida (2015S2, 3aA1)
FRITZ(IE) Fritz spritz (8th, 308A); Fritzie zits (11th, 440b); Fritz spritz (FB2, 52a); feeding Fritz (2014S1, 3b)
FURLER fallin' Furler (2016S1, S6b)

GABE glooey Gabe (3rd, 123a); gulpin' Gabe (12th, 479a)(ANS3, F15a); gamblin' Gabe (ANS5, 32a)
GABRIEL gutsy Gabriel (New 1st, 24a)(ANS3, PU2)
GAGA goofy Gaga (2016S1, S4b)
GAGE gauged Gage (2014S2, 74a)
GAIL lunchpail Gail (10th, 402a); impaled Gail (11th, 452a); off the rails Gail (ANS6, 32b); Gail force wind (ANS7, 11b); impaled Gail (FB3, 49a)
GARFIELD gushing Garfield (11th, 447a)
GARRET gassy Garret (ANS2, 29a)
GARY geeky Gary (1st, 10b); hairy Gary (2nd, 55a); game over Gary (ANS2, 7a); geeky Gary (FB, 4b); geeky Gary (FB, 74b); Gary goyle (M, 6 of 16); gummy Gary (BNS, B7a - unpublished); grating Gary (BNS2, 88a); gummy Gary (Abrams Calendar, 2 of 4); geeky Gary (C, 10b)(PA, 10b); hairy Gary (C2, 55a)(PA, 55a); Gary gang (2016S1, SUR4b)
GAVIN thanks Gavin (ANS4, 19b)
GENE mean Gene (1st, 41a); hy Gene (4th, 147a); creamed Gene (10th, 396a); dental hy Gene (11th, 458a); mean Gene (FB3, 6a); hy Gene (FB3, 22b); clean Gene (BNS, 14b); Gene e. (BNS2, 103a); mean Gene (C, 41a)(PA, 41a); obscene Gene (BNS3, B23a); mean Gene (2014S1, 62a); obscene Gene (NYCC, CC12a); green Gene (2015S2, 3aCRF); g-rated Gene (2015S2, 5aCRF)
GEOFF deaf Geoff (5th, 206a)(FB2, 35a)
GEORGE gorgeous George (2nd, 73a); blue-boy George (5th, 178b); George washingdone (6th, 219a); forged George (16th, 652a - unpublished)(ANS1, 7a); furious George (ANS5, 9a); George clowny (ANS7, B6); gorgeous George (FB3, 12a); gorgeous George (C2, 73a)(PA, 73a); George wood teeth (2015S2, 6aP2); George w. mush (2015S2, 9aP2); gorgeous George (2015S2, 2aZ); gorgeous George (2016S1, CP6a); gorgeous George (2016S1, PP6); gorey George (2016S1, 4th2a)
GERALD Gerald goldfish (2015S2, 4aP1); Gerald fork (2015S2, 5aP2)
GERRY Gerry rigged (2014S2, 116a)
GERT yo! Gert (15th, 588a)
GIL Gil grill (5th, 190b); grilled Gil (7th, 259a); spilled Gil (14th, 559b); Gil grill (ANS7, 51b)
GILBERT garbage mouth Gilbert (11th, 428b)
GILES giant Giles (C2, 44c); projectile Giles (2014S2, 81b)
GILLIAN giant Gillian (BNS2, B11a)(BNS2, 3D10)
GILMORE Gilmore fill more (2016S1, A2:2a)
GINA Gina cleaner (10th, 399b); orange Gina (BNS2, 78b); orange Gina (2016S2, SP1a)
GINGER Ginger snapped (5th, 187b)
GINO casino Gino (2016S1, AP38a)
GLADDIS Gladdis slipper (2014S1, 6b)
GLEN(N) galloping Glen (3rd, 86b); gloppy Glen (12th, 495a)(ANS3, F23a); galloping Glen (BNS3, 184c); takin' it easy Glenn (2016S1, S9a)
GLORIA old Gloria (6th, 241a); old Gloria (2016S1, CP2a); old Gloria (2016S1, PP2)
GLOVER boxing Glover (2015S1, 45a)
GODIVA scuba Godiva (2014S1, 36b)
GOLDIE Goldie locks (BNS2, 75a)
GORDON gored Gordon (4th, 166a)(FB2, 28a)(FB3, LM 2 of 5); gorged Gordon (2015S2, 9b80)
GRACE amazin' Grace (4th, 147a); dish Grace (ANS2, 17a); amazin' Grace (FB2, 24a); Grace vine (BNS2, 99b)
GRAHAM Graham bell (8th, 313A); insta Graham (2014S2, 76a); dia Graham (2015S1, 36b); grenade Graham (2016S1, PL9b)
GRANT Grant ant (7th, 288a); gassin' Grant (ANS4, 28b); Grant ant (FB, 56a); Grant wishes (BNS2, 103b); Grant slam (2015S1, 62a); Grant grid (2015S2, 9bA1); frand Grant (2016S1, AP16a)
GREG greaser Greg (2nd, 62a); groovy Greg (11th, 421a); gross Greg (ANS1, 22a); peg leg Greg (ANS2, 1a); greaser Greg (FB2, 74a); greaser Greg (FB3, 11a); grillin' Greg (BNS, 47a); greaser Greg (C2, 62a)(PA, 62a); greaser Greg (C2, R5a)
GRETA Greta garbage (4th, 141b); griddled Greta (8th, 324B); griddled Greta (FB, 62b); Greta garbage (FB3, 19b)
GRETCHEN retchin' Gretchen (9th, 376a); retchin' Gretchen (BNS2, 125c); retchin' Gretchen (2015S2, 4BB)
GREY Grey matter (2015S1, 1b)
GRIFFIN grippin' Griffin (9th, 371a)
GROVER leftover Grover (8th, 306B); run-over Grover (10th, 395b); grave Grover (2015S1, 39a)
GUNTHER staple Gunther (7th, 292a); Gunther guns (2015S1, 11b)
GUS gassy Gus (5th, 199b); gutsy Gus (11th, 449b); fun Gus (13th, 530a); spillin' Gus (16th, 660b - unpublished); fun Gus (ANS6, M6)(FB3, 57a); cir Gus (BNS2, 121b); gutty Gus (C, 40c); gloomy Gus (BNS3, 133a); cerber Gus (2014S1, 40a); mucus Gus (2014S2, 110a); gaseous Gus (2015S1, 54b); bug Gus (2016S1, SUR1a)
GUY dry Guy (4th, 146b); guzzlin' Guy (14th, 560b); vise Guy (15th, 598a); Guy pie (16th, 639a - unpublished)(ANS5, A1); pink-eye Guy (ANS5, 17b); dry Guy (FB, 31b); geeky Guy (NYCC, CC7b), geeky Guy (2014S, P4); ah guh Guy (2014S2, B11b); hey u. Guy (2015S2, 20a80)
GWEN gooey Gwen (13th, 538b)(ANS3, F24b)

HADLEY Hadley hand (2015S2, 9aK)
HAL horny Hal (4th, 144a); heartless Hal (8th, 309A)(ANS2, F22a); hollow Hal (ANS7, 40a); heartless Hal (FB, 58a); heady Hal (BNS3, 193b); Hal itosis (C2, 70c); heinous Hal (2014S2, 127b); hamster Hal (2015S1, 16b); hipster Hal (2016S1, AD2a)
HA(I)LEY Haley comet (7th, 286a); Haley's vomit (8th, 318A); Haley's vomit (FB, 60a); Haley comet (FB2, 49a); honey Haley (BNS3, 163b); horsey Hailey (2015S2, 8aK)
HALLIE Hallie ween (11th, 438a)
HAM Ham actor (15th, 607b)
HANK Hank e. panky (4th, 130b); hung up Hank (8th, 303A); spanked Hank (11th, 420a); anchored Hank (12th, 491b); Hank bank (BNS, 21a); hangman Hank (BNS3, 168a); hurt Hank (2014S2, 129b); heady Hank (2015S1, 2b); halved Hank (2015S1, 63c)
HANNA(H) Hanna grenade (9th, 365b); handy Hannah (ANS2, 22a); hackin' Hannah (ANS3, 28b); hairy Hannah (BNS3, B22a); heartless Hannah (2015S2, 3bA1)
HANS ugly Hans (6th, 235a); minus Hans (9th, 370b); Hans off (13th, 514b); Hans off (14th, 558a); sleight of Hans (15th, 615b); Hans soap (ANS7, 33b); ugly Hans (FB2, 39a); scissor Hans (2014S1, B8a); Hans picked (2014S2, 100b)
HARDY blow Hardy (13th, 507b)(ANS3, F13b)(ANS4, GC5); die Hardy (2015S2, 17a80); hot rod Hardy (2016S1, N8b)
HARLAN hoodie Harlan (BNS3, 131a)
HARLEY hurlin' Harley (ANS3, 30b)
HARPER headless Harper (2015S2, 9bK)
HARRIET hairy Harriet (4th, 150a); hangin' Harriet (10th, 417a); hairy Harriet (FB2, 25a); headless Harriet (BNS2, 113b); long Harriet (2015S1, 41b); hair ball Harriet (2015S2, 1bP1)
HARRIS hot dog Harris (BNS, 47b)
HARRY dirty Harry (2nd, 52a); Harry canary (6th, 234a); combin' Harry (11th, 421b); Harry glyph (15th, 583b); Harry armpits (15th, 597a); Harry potty (ANS1, 40a)(ANS3, PU5); Harry who didn't (ANS4, 18a)(ANS4, T2)(ANS5, A7); Harry canary (FB, 47a); facial Harry (BNS, 36a); halfed Harry (BNS2, 126b); heartthrob Harry (BNS3, 186b); dirty Harry (C2, 52a)(PA, 52a); back Harry (2014S2, 109a); heavyweight Harry (2015S1, 45b); heaving Harry (2015S2, 6bA1); Harry mullet (2016S1, SUR2a)
HARVEY hot head Harvey (3rd, 87a); hot head Harvey (FB, 18a); hot head Harvey (FB, 78a); hot head Harvey (BNS3, 190c); hurrying Harvey (2016S1, A2:4a)
HAYDEN Hayden go seek (ANS2, 35a); hangin' Hayden (ANS6, 7a)
HAZEL nasal Hazel (6th, 225a)
HEATH scrap Heath (ANS7, 36b)
HEATHER stormy Heather (1st, 7a); double Heather (2nd, 49a); leather Heather (8th, 326A); heavin' Heather (13th, 516b); Heather shredder (ANS3, 24b); double Heather (ANS1, G7a)(ANS1, F7a); headless Heather (ANS5, 10a); stormy Heather (ANS7, 11a); double Heather (FB, 11a); leather Heather (FB, 63a); stormy Heather (FB2, 2a); stormy Heather (FB3, 71a); stormy Heather (BNS; LM1); double Heather (BNS, M&M3); stormy Heather (C, 7a)(PA, 7a); double Heather (C2, 49a)(PA, 49a); double Heather (2015S1, R1 + AllStar1); helicopter Heather (2016S1, AD9a)
HECTOR Hector collector (6th, 248a); hecklin' Hector (ANS2, 32a); spectre Hector (ANS7, 35b); Hector collector (FB2, 41a); Hector collector (BNS2, 123a); heady Hector (2014S2, 115b); Hector collector (2015S2, 4aLA)
HEDDA Hedda spreader (14th, 573b)
HEDY decapitated Hedy (4th, 160a)
HEIDI formalde Heidi (4th, 160b); gezundt Heidi (8th, 329B); hidden Heidi (13th, 501b); gezundt Heidi (ANS2, F23b); hidden Heidi (ANS3, F6b); gezundt Heidi (FB2, 54b)
HELEN smellin' Helen (8th, 310B); mount st. Helen (ANS4, s2a)
HELENE unclean Helene (8th, 315B)(FB2, 53b)
HENRI helpless Henri (2015S2, 10aA1)
HENRIETTA hungry Henrietta (16th, 634a - unpublished)
HENRY horsey Henry (3rd, 86a); hairy Henry (ANS2, 24a); hammered Henry (ANS3, 19b); halved Henry (BNS3, 148a); horsey Henry (BNS3, 184a)
HERB(ERT) hanging Herb (2014S2, 113a); Herbert hermit crab (2015S2, 6aP1)
HERMAN Herman hormone (9th, 352a); vermin' Herman (10th, 380a); vermin' Herman (FB2, B2); hidden Herman (BNS2, 72b)
HILLARY hounded Hillary (2016S1, 1a + online); billary Hillary (2016S1, PCO8a); hand puppet Hillary (2016S1, PST4a); hollering Hillary (2016S1, PMT5a); hoodwinking Hillary (2016S1, PAP4a)
HOGAN hacked Hogan (ANS6, 16a)(ANS7, APO1)
HOLDEN hairy Holden (2014S2, 112b)
HOLLIS haunted Hollis (5th, 180a)
HOLLY Holly wood (4th, 125a); Holly daze (11th, 434a); Holly hormone (14th, 570b); barfs of Holly (ANS6, b15); haulin' Holly (BNS, B2b)
HOMER Homer runt (7th, 291a); please give me a Homer (12th, 499b); phone Homer (14th, 555b); Homer runt (BNS, LM8); Homer plate (2015S1, 57a); Homer runt (2015S1, Baseball3)
HOPE snot rope Hope (9th, 339a)(FB2, 59a); periscope Hope (BNS3, 166a); sock Hope (2016S1, AP22b)
HORACE Horace manure (13th, 532b)
HORATIO Horatio hornblower (13th, 540b)(ANS3, F25b)(ANS4, GC16)
HOWARD soured Howard (7th, 281a); Howard burned (ANS3, S2a); showerin' Howard (ANS6, 2a); soured Howard (FB, 54a); devoured Howard (BNS2, 80b)(BNS2, 3D7); howlin' Howard (2016S1, H3a)
HOWIE hooked Howie (9th, 377b); Howie hanging (13th, 535a); Howie yowie (16th, 628b - unpublished); Howie hanging (FB3, 58a); haunted Howie (2014S2, 79a)
HUBERT hairy Hubert (2014S2, 88a)
HUCKABEE heinous Huckabee (2016S1, PL8b)
HUEY gooey Huey (7th, 261a); gooey Huey (FB, LM7)(FB3, 32a)
HUGH(IE) Hugh mungous (3rd, 124a); Hugh turn (5th, 184b); phooey to Hugh (12th, 463a); Hugh fix-it (15th, 598b); stuck-on Hugh (16th, 630a - unpublished); phooey to Hugh (ANS3, F3a); Hugh mungous (FB3, 18a); gooey Hughie (BNS, 49b); Hugh hoarder (2016S1, SUR9a); s. Hugh vee (2016S1, AD4b)
HUNTER hunted Hunter (4th, 142b); Hunter punter (10th, 403a); harpoonin' Hunter (ANS4, 29b)(ANS5, A15); heavin' Hunter (ANS5, 12a); hung Hunter (ANS6, 7b); deer Hunter (ANS7, 12b)
HUSSEIN handy Hussein (BNS2, 96b)
HY(MIE) Hy rye (4th, 143b); Good-bye Hy (10th, 382a); 12 o'clock Hy (12th, 485a); slimy Hymie (15th, 584a); Hy cholesterol (15th, 601b); slimy Hymie (ANS1, G22a)(ANS1, F19a)(ANS5, M7)(FB3, 64a); Hy dra (2014S1, 49a)