3D - Lenticular Three-D Card : APO - Action Punch Out Card (Activity Card) : A - Alphabet Sticker : AM - ADAM Mania : B - Bonus Sticker : BB - Barf Bag
F - Foil Sticker : G - Gum Sticker : GC - Game Card : GD - Glow In The Dark : JP - Jig-Saw Puzzle Card : LM - Loco Motion (Motion Card)
M - Magnet Card : MDLN - Medallion : M&M - Mix & Match : NYCC - New York Comic Con : P - Promo Card : PA - Pencil Art : PU - Pop-Up Card
- Relic : S or s - Scratch 'n' Stink Sticker : SDCC - San Diego Comic Con : SP - Special Promo : T - Tattoo Card : V - Variant

ANS = All-New Series : FB = Flashback Series : M = Magnet Set : BNS = Brand-New Series : BNSM = BNS Mini : C = Chrome 1 or 2 : 2014S = Yearly 1 or 2

2015S = Yearly 1 or 2 (30th Anniversary : C = Checklist, D = Don't Push My Button, A1 = Artistic Influence, A2 = Artistic Interpretation; F - Foil, CB = Comic Book, CRF = Cutting Room Floor, K = Kids, P1 = Pets, P2 = Presidents, LA = Lost Alternate, Z = Zoom-Out, 80 = 80s Spoof)

2016S = Yearly 1 (Apple Pie In Your Face! : PC - Presidential Candidate; packs + online, O - Olym-Picks, HE - Historical Event, P - America's Pastimes, SUR - Swept Under the Rug, AD - Americana Devolved, I - American Icon, AI - American Inventors, AP - Applie Pie, CP - Classic Patriot, H - Horror, CB - Comic Book, AB - ADAM Bomb/Boom, PP - Patriotic Patches, PCO - Presidental Candidate Online, S - Shammys; online, N - Not-Scars; online, PST - Presidential Super Tuesday; online, PMT - Presidential Mega Tuesday; online, R&R - Rock & Roll Hall of Shame/Lame; online, PAP - Presidential April Primaries; online, PL - Presidential Losers; online, 4th - 4th of July; online, RNC - Republican National Convention; online, DNC - Democratic National Convention; online) or Yearly 2 (Prime Slime Trashy TV : SP = Summer Preview)

IAN alien Ian (4th, 138a); skiin' Ian (10th, 398a); Peein' Ian (ANS1, 26a); vegan Ian (ANS3, 34a); wolver-Ian (ANS4, 27a); sim Ian (ANS7, 15b); alien Ian (FB, 30a); alien Ian (FB3, 75a); infested Ian (BNS, 29b); icy Ian (BNS2, B13b); inflated Ian (BNS3, 142b); skiin' Ian (2014S1, 57a); alian Ian (SDCC, CC5a); magic Ian (2015S1, 7a); alien Ian (2016S1, CB2a)
ICE Ice'd cube (2016S1, R&R3a)
IDA 4-eyed Ida (4th, 139b); fluoride Ida (9th, 367b)(FB2, 64b)
IKE Ike spike (11th, 450a)(FB3, 48a); Ike berg (BNS2, B13a); Ike hockey (2014S1, 58b); insect Ike (2015S1, 4b)
IMOGENE mirror Imogene (3rd, 96b)
INGRID Ingrid inc. (12th, 477a); icy Ingrid (C, 32c)
IRA bull's Ira (7th, 255b); waffle Ira (8th, 324B); irate Ira (12th, 489a); idol Ira (16th, 659a - unpublished); bull's Ira (FB, 50b); waffle Ira (FB, 62a); idol Ira (FB2, 70a); injured Ira (C, 15c); Ira booger (2014S1, 19a); eyecicle Ira (2014S2, 106a); bull's Ira (2015S1, R4 + AllStar4)
IRANIA vamp Irania (2015S2, 2aCRF)
IRENE serene Irine (2014S2, 86b)
IRIS virus Iris (1st, 21a); double Iris (4th, 139a); false Iris (10th, 391b); virus Iris (C, 21a)(PA, 21a); icy Iris (2014S2, 114a)
ISAAC glass Isaac (10th, 391a); icy Isaac (ANS3, S11b)
ISABEL infested Isabel (BNS3, 154b)
IVAN divin' Ivan (8th, 307A); hungry Ivan (11th, 423a); eyeball Ivan (ANS3, S7a); idol Ivan (ANS4, 9b); hungry Ivan (ANS6, M9); knifin' Ivan (ANS7, 4a); divin' Ivan (FB2, 51a); popped Ivan (BNS3, 185b); eyed Ivan (2014S1, 46b); one Ivan (2014S2, 130a); all-seeing Ivan (2015S1, 6a)
IVY iv Ivy (M, 15 of 16)

JACE Jace bass (2015S1, 28a); beetle Jace (2015S2, 2a80)
JACK one-eyed Jack (2nd, 44b); cracked Jack (2nd, 58a); Jack o. lantern (4th, 153a); Jack pot (7th, 256a); Jack frost (9th, 372a); Jack splat (11th, 439a); tire Jack (13th, 506a); Jack tracks (14th, 544b); one-eyed Jack (ANS1, G25b)(ANS1, F20b); wolfman Jack (ANS2, 24b); Jack hammer (ANS3, 19a); nin Jack (ANS4, 7a, T4); car Jack (ANS7, 36a); one-eyed Jack (FB, 9b); cracked Jack (FB, LM4); Jack o. lantern (FB3, 76a); Jack o. lantern (FB3, B2); one-eyed Jack (FB3, LM 1 of 5); Jack snack (BNS, 35a); stalked Jack (2014S1, 26a); one-eyed Jack (C2, 44b)(PA, 44b); cracked Jack (C2, 58a)(PA, 58a); back Jack (2014S2, 90a); Jack in the box (2015S1, 21a); backward Jack (2015S2, 22b80); halfback Jack (2016S1, AP6b); party in the Jack (2016S1, SUR2b); whack Jack (2016S1, AP27b)
JACKIE wacky Jackie (1st, 17a); wacky Jackie (FB, LM2); wacky Jackie (FB2, 79a); wacky Jackie (FB3, 4a); wacky Jackie (BNS2, GD2); wacky Jackie (C, 17a)(PA, 17b)
JACKSON axe in Jackson (ANS6, 15a)(ANS7, APO5); jilted Jackson (2016S1, 4th3b)
JACKY wacky Jacky (ANS2, F2a)
JACOB Jacob's bladder (ANS1, 26b)
JACQUELINE Jacqueline lantern (ANS4, 33b)
JACQUES shock Jacques (ANS3, S2b)
JADE arcade Jade (2014S2, 73b); ice capade Jade (2016S1, AP29a)
JAE jumpin' Jae (2014S1, 15b)
JAKE baked Jake (4th, 146a); raked Jake (10th, 383b); fake Jake (14th, 572a); Jake flake (ANS2, 16b); Jake quake (ANS3, 13a); snakey Jake (ANS4, 22a)(ANS4, T1)(ANS5, A4); scraped Jake (ANS7, 21b); baked Jake (FB, 31a); Jake mistake (BNS2, 89a); toothache Jake (C, 2c); Jake charmer (2014S1, 34a); jazzy Jake (2015S2, 19b80); urinal cake Jake (2016S1, A2:5b)
JAMES James flames (8th, 317A); howlin' James (2014S2, 122c)
JAMIE gamey Jamie (BNSM, 195a); gamey Jamie (SDCC, CC2a)
JAN Jan hand (6th, 235b)(FB2, 39b); sports Jan (2016S1, AP40a)
JANE(Y) grainy Janey (8th, 314B); plane Jane (9th, 348a); brainy Janey (ANS1, G4a)(ANS1, F4a); calamity Jane (ANS3, 25b); hungry Jane (2014S1, 35b)
JANIE brainy Janie (1st, 27a); brainy Janie (BNS2, GD4); brainy Janie (C, 27a)(PA, 27a); brainy Janie (2015S2, 9aD)
JANET Janet planet (2nd, 63b); Janet jackass (ANS3, 40a); Janet planet (FB, 13b); Janet planet (C2, 63b)(PA, 63b)
JARED jarred Jared (16th, 646a - unpublished)(ANS1, 11a)
JASMINE has-been Jasmine (ANS3, 40b); digestin' Jasmine (ANS6, 35b)
JASON Jason basin (1st, 14b)(ANS1, G19b)(ANS1, F17b); wastin' Jason (ANS4, s4b); dee-jay Jason (ANS5, 31b); Jason basin (FB, 5b); Jason basin (FB2, 71b); Jason basin (C, 14b)(PA, 14b); Jason basin (BNS3, 178c); disjointed Jason (BNS3, 183a)
JAX relaxed Jax (2014S1, 24b)
JAY Jay decay (1st, 5b); Jay prey (7th, 274b); Jay spray (13th, 520b); Jay decay (ANS1, G6b)(ANS1, F6b); flayed Jay (ANS3, 2b); cast away Jay (ANS7, 32b); Jay decay (FB, 2b); d. Jay (BNS, 1a); Jay decay (BNS2, 116c); Jay decay (C, 5b)(PA, 5b); Jay decay (NYCC, CC9b); broadway Jay (2016S1, AP32a)
JAYDEN juiced Jayden (ANS7, 17b)
JAYNE Jayne drain (13th, 534a)
JEAN green Jean (1st, 39b); Jean machine (5th, 186b); lean Jean (10th, 381b); green Jean (FB3, 5b); lean Jean (FB3, 43b); green Jean (BNS2, 102c); green Jean (C, 39b)(PA, 39b); ripped Jean (2016S1, AD7a)
JEB web Jeb (FB3, 68b); web Jeb (C, L4b); joyless Jeb (2016S1, 4a + online); dead Jeb (2016S1, PCO4a); jobless Jeb (2016S1, PL4a)
JED undead Jed (3rd, 112b); air-head Jed (6th, 212b); empty head Jed (11th, 431b); air-head Jed (FB, 43b); abduct Jed (BNS2, 100a)(BNS2, 3D8); brain-dead Jed (BNS3, 182b); shed Jed (2014S2, 85b); Jed bed (2015S1, 10b); air-head Jed (2016S1, HE6a)
JEFF junky Jeff (1st, 22a)(ANS2, F4a); jersey Jeff (BNS, 28a); junky Jeff (C, 22a)(PA, 22a); jugular Jeff (2014S2, 117a); junky Jeff (2015S2, 1aD)
JEFFERSON jobless Jefferson (2016S1, 4th4a)
JENNIFER jiggley Jennifer (13th, 533a); joyful Jennifer (2016S1, N5a)
JEN(NY) Jenny genius (1st, 27b); Jenny jelly (2nd, 69a); Jenny genius (ANS1, G4b)(ANS1, F4b); Jenny jelly (ANS1, G12a)(ANS1, F12a); jumpin' Jen (ASN4, 15a)(ANS4, T6)(ANS5, A10); Jenny jelly (BNS, 16b); Jenny genius (C, 27b)(PA, 27b); Jenny fish sandwich (2014S1, 54a); Jenny jelly (C2, 69a)(PA, 69a); Jen ga (2014S2, 80a); Jenny genius (2015S2, 9bD)
JEREMY germy Jeremy (ANS2, 7b)
JERRY Jerry atric (6th, 239a); Jerry rigged (ANS3, 38a)
JESS Jess express (10th, 393a); Jess desserts (13th, 504b); juicy Jess (ANS1, 32b)(ANS1, P1of3); Jess married (ASN6, 4a); jumpin' Jess (2014S2, 95b)
JESSE dressy Jesse (1st, 20b); messy Jesse (ASN1, 36a); jet ski Jesse (ANS3, 2a)(ANS7, JP5); dressy Jesse (C, 20b)(PA, 20b)
JESSICA juicy Jessica (3rd, 105a); Jessica simpleton (ANS4, 31b); congested Jessica (ANS6, 21b); juicy Jessica (FB3, 13a); juicy Jessica (BNS2, 117c)
JEWEL cheap Jewel (6th, 226b); precious Jewel (BNS3, 144b)
JEZ Jez dispenser (BNS, 41a)
JILL still Jill (3rd, 118b); shrill Jill (6th, 221b); ill Jill (9th, 376b); winter Jill (ANS7, 52a); ill Jill (BNS2, 125a)
JIM(MY) grim Jim (3rd, 95a); Jim nauseum (7th, 290b); Jim equipment (9th, 342a); trim Jim (16th, 658a - unpublished); jumbled Jim (ANS3, 9b); Jimmy dean (ASN4, 4a)(ANS5, A9); skinned Jim (ANS5, 6b); jumbled Jim (ANS5, A8); trim Jim (Abrams Book, 4 of 4); grim Jim (BNS2, 108a); Jim class (BNS3, 129b); pacific Jim (SDCC, CC4a); gym Jim (2014S2, 78b); Jimmy farter (2015S2, 4aP2)
JOAN(IE) bony Joanie (1st, 29a); Joan clone (6th, 220a); blown Joan (7th, 265b); bony Joanie (ASN1, G2a)(ANS1, F2a)(ANS4, GC9); bony Joanie (FB, 7a); blown Joan (FB, 52b); bony Joanie (FB, 76a); Joan clone (FB2, 38a); bony Joanie (C, 29a)(PA, 29a); bony Joanie (BNS3, 176a); bony Joanie (2014S1, 65a)
JOANNE bazooka Joanne (9th, 353a)(FB3, 41a)
JOBE Jobe globe (2014S1, 44b)
JODY punchin' Jody (16th, 649b - unpublished); joking Jody (2014S1, B6a), joking Jody (NYCC, CC11b)
JOE(Y) joltin' Joe (1st, 41b); Joe blow (3rd, 84a); doughy Joey (5th, 197a); smoky Joe (8th, 300B); overflow Joe (10th, 389b); Joe blow (ANS1, G13a); gotta go Joe (ANS2, S6a); cup o' Joe (ANS3, 22a)(ANS5, A5); yo-yo Joe (ANS5, 29a); glass blow Joe (ANS7, 28a); Joe blow (FB, 14a); joltin' Joe (FB3, 6b); doughy Joey (FB3, 25a); doughy Joey (BNS, LM6); snowy Joey (BNS, 52a); dow Joe (BNS3, B19b); tic-tac-Joe (2014S1, 1a); Joe blow (2015S1, R2 + AllStar7); jokester Joey (2015S2, 4aCRF); jointed Joe (2015S2, 11b80); halftime Joe (2016S1, AP8b); say it ain't so Joe (2016S1, A2:6a)
JOEL jolted Joel (2nd, 53a); Joel hole (6th, 208a); field goal Joel (ANS3, 37a)(ANS7, JP8); Joel hole (FB, 42a); jolted Joel (FB2, 12a); jolted Joel (FB3, 72a); Joel hole (BNS2, 119a)(BNS2, 3D9); jolted Joel (BNS2, GD6); joltin' Joel (C, 41b)(PA, 41b); joltin' Joel (2014S1, 62c); jolted Joel (C2, 53a)(PA, 53a); jolted Joel (C2, R6a); rolled Joel (2015S1, 22b); Joe blow (2015S2, 10aD); Joel vault (2016S1, O8b); dust bowl Joel (2016S1, HE6b); jolted Joel (2016S1, AP8a)
JOHN(NY) junkfood John (1st, 2a); Johnny one-note (5th, 175b); John john (6th, 246a); john John (13th, 539a); Johnny one-note (ANS1, G30b)(ANS1, F25b)(ANS4, GC18); junkfood John (FB2, 1a); John john (FB2, 40a); parma John (BNS2, 88b); junkfood John (C, 2a)(PA, 2a); brawny Johnny (C2, 51c); Johnny junior (2014S2, 126b); jerky John (2015S2, 23b80); jinxed Johnny (2016S1, A1:7a); portable John (2016S1, A2:4b); jumped-ship John (2016S1, PCO7a); con-John (2016S1, PAP3a)
JON Jon pond (12th, 496b)
JONAS bonus Jonas (NYCC, CC10b)
JONI phoney Joni (11th, 448b)
JORDAN Jordan nuts (5th, 168b); boardin' Jordan (ANS1, 21a); Jordan nuts (ANS2, F16b); flossin' Jordan (ANS3, 16b)(ANS5, A6); boardin' Jordan (ANS7, PU2); Jordan nuts (FB, 33b); hoardin' Jordan (BNS2, 123b); jumpin' Jordan (2015S2, 7b80)
JORY in- Jory (2016S1, AP30b)
JOSÉ no way José (4th, 166b); José can you see (6th, 241b); sprinkling José (13th, 520a); José soufflé (ANS2, 3b); hosed José (ANS3, 12b); o.j. José (ANS7, 17a); no way Jose (FB2, 28b); no way José (FB3, LM 2 of 5); José hoax (BNS2, 81b); Jose can you see (2016S1, CP2b)
JOSH sloshed Josh (4th, 128a); squashed Josh (8th, 321A); joustin' Josh (ANS2, 6b); jumpshot Josh (ANS5, 11b); wash Josh (ANS7, 33a); sloshed Josh (FB, 26a); squashed Josh (FB, LM10)(FB3, 38a)
JOYCE moist Joyce (6th, 207b)(ANS1, G17b); moist Joyce (FB, 41b); moist Joyce (2015S2, 7bD)
JUAN Juan for the road (13th, 522b); two-fer Juan (15th, 602b); cutting Juan (15th, 614b); number Juan (ANS2, 20a); bubble Juan (ANS3, 23b); hole in Juan (Abrams Book, 1 of 4); Juan percent (BNS, 55b); one of Juan (2014S2, 111b); gone Juan (2015S1, 20b); t. Juan thousand (2015S1, B4b); area 50 Juan (2016S1, AP42a)
JUD(D) jugglin' Jud (9th, 368b); Judd cud (14th, 579a); Judd flood (16th, 633b - unpublished)
JULES Jules drools (5th, 204a); juicy Jules (11th, 459b); Jules drools (ANS2, F18a); juicy Jules (ANS4, GC35); Jules drools (BNS2, GD9); Jules drools (2015S2, 6aD)
JULIA jeweled Julia (BNS2, 109b)
JULIAN jugglin' Julian (14th, 542a); fuelin' Julian (ANS4, 28a)
JULIE jammin' Julie (BNS, 16a); jawin' Julie (2014S1, 20a)
JULIUS Julius sneezer (12th, 486b); orange Julius (ANS6, 1a); Julius sneezer (FB3, 53b)
JUNE June moon (7th, 286b); spooned June (13th, 533b); June moon (FB2, 49b); costumed June (2014S2, B14a)
JUSTIN disgustin' Justin (2nd, 47a); rustin' Justin (6th, 247b); bustin' Justin (ANS1, 3a); Justin timber leg (ANS2, 1b); bustin' Justin (ANS5, A2); disgustin' Justin (FB3, 7a); digustin' Justin (C2, 47a)(PA, 47a); disgustin' Justin (C2, R1a); jilted Justin (2016S1, S8a)
JUSTINE Lady Justine (2015S1, 23a)

KAL Kal r. competition (2016S2, SP4b)
KANYE cut Kanye (BNS3, 181a); Kanye pest (2016S1, S7a)
KAREEM vanilla Kareem (2014S1, 11a)
KAREN Karen bear (2015S2, 10b80)
KARL k.o.'d Karl (8th, 322A); k.o.'d Karl (FB, 61a)
KARLA car-stick Karla (12th, 481a)(ANS3, F17a)
KASICH cash Kasich (2016S1, PCO7b); klepto Kasich (2016S1, PAP3b)
KAT Kat miss (2014S1, 35a); cut Kat (2014S2, B15b); Kat hat (2015S1, 30a); can-can Kat (2015S1, B5b); fat Kat (2015S2, 5bK)
KATE karate Kate (3rd, 94b); medi Kate (7th, 287b); birthday Kate (15th, 605b); Kate bait (ASN2, 10b); karate Kate (FB2, 17b); curious Kate (M, 16 of 16); Kate skate (BNS2, 106b); Kate skate (2014S1, 56a) ; figures Kate (2016S1, AP29b); Kate -bit (2016S1, N6a)
KATHLEEN obscene Kathleen (16th, 647b - unpublished)
KATHY catty Kathy (4th, 159a)
KATIE kangaroo Katie (BNS3, 191a); Katie did it (2015S2, 4aA2)
KATSUO thunder Katsuo (2015S2, 6a80)
KAY(E) oak Kay (4th, 125b); g.p. Kay (6th, 248b); croaked Kaye (14th, 576a); g.p. Kay (FB2, 41b); g.p. Kay (BNS2, 123c); g.p. Kay (2015S2, 4bLA)
KAYLA canned Kayla (ANS1, 6b); crushed Kayla (New 6, 28b)
KEITH creamed Keith (3rd, 97b); Keith out (16th, 636b - unpublished)(FB2, 66b); Keith out (C, L8b); keyed Keith (BNSM, 198a); callous Keith (2015S2, 6aA1); creamed Keith (2016S1, AP4a)
KEIR G.P. Keir (2014S2, 119a)
KELLY smelly Kelly (2nd, 43a); jelly Kelly (3rd, 120b); peanut butter 'n Kelly (12th, 493a); jelly Kelly (FB, 79b); smelly Kelly (FB2, 9a); jelly Kelly (FB2, 20b); smelly Kelly (BNS2, 110c); smelly Kelly (C2, 43a)(PA, 43a); smelly Kelly (C2, R8a)
KENDRICK can't lose Kendrick (2016S1, S3a); kudos Kendrick (2016S1, R&R8a)
KEN(NY) drunk Ken (1st, 9b); kennel Kenny (2nd, 74b); trash-can Ken (6th, 233b); empty Ken (14th, 557b); Ken tiki (16th, 659b - unpublished); Ken not hold it (ASN2, S6b); bro Ken (ANS3, 9a)(ANS5, A8); booger Ken (ANS6, 31a); chick Ken (ANS7, 37b); booger Ken (ANS7, APO8); drunk Ken (FB, 73b); Ken tiki (FB2, 70b); drunk Ken (FB3, 3b); take Ken (BNS2, 100b)(BNS2, 3D8); drunk Ken (C, 9b)(PA, 9b); kennel Kenny (C2, 74b)(PA, 74b); krak Ken (2014S2, 96a); Ken tucky (2015S1, 29a); broken Ken (2015S1, 59c); Kenny krampus (2016S1, H1b)
KENT Kent stand it (13th, 512b)(ANS3, F20b)(FB3, 55b); crossover Kent (2014S2, 131c)
KERRY kerosene Kerry (9th, 359a)
KEVIN king-size Kevin (3rd, 124b); klutzy Kevin (ANS2, S4b); king-size Kevin (FB3, 18b); cuckoo Kevin (2014S2, 121a); krampin' Kevin (2016S1, H1a)
KID(D) crass Kidd (2016S1, A1:5b); crazy Kid (2016S1, R&R9a)
KILLIAN dressed to Killian (12th, 464b); reptillian Killian (BNS2, 98b); over Killian (IDW, SP4); over Killian (2016S1, CB1a)
KIM(BERLY) Kim kong (1st, 34a); grim Kim (13th, 510a); krummy Kim (ANS2, 25b); garbage pail Kim (ANS3, S1b); krummy Kim (ANS5, A9); Kim kong (FB2, 6a); Kim kong (C, 34a)(PA, 34a); garbage pail Kim (2016S1, A2:1b); contagious Kimberly (2016S1, A2:7a)
KIP hip Kip (4th, 134a); ripped Kip (13th, 526a); zipped Kip (14th, 544a)
KIRK berserk Kirk (3rd, 116b); berserk Kirk (FB2, 19b); berserk Kirk (BNS3, 186c); firework Kirk (2016S1, AP30a)
KIT split Kit (2nd, 81a); Kit spit (5th, 204b); dupli- Kit (8th, 330B); dead end Kit (11th, 453a); Kit video (15th, 607a); split Kit (ANS1, G23a); Kit spit (ANS2, F18b); drum Kit (ANS7, 38a)(ANS7, P2); split Kit (FB, 16a); split Kit (FB, 77a); split Kit (BNS, M&M7); Kit zit (C, 19c); split Kit (C2, 81a)(PA, 81a); split Kit (C2, R2a); kicked Kit (2015S1, 28b); Kit spit (2015S2, 6bD); Kit spit (2016S1, AP1a); hit Kit (2016S1, AP2b)
KITTY Kitty litter (4th, 159b); garbage pail Kitty (12th, 480b)(ANS3, F16b); coughed up Kitty (BNS3, 130a); Kitty kitty (2015S2, 1aP1)
KLAUS sani Klaus (15th, 596a)
KNEIVEL crashed Kneivel (2016S1, A1:6b)
KNOX door Knox (2014S2, 91a); fort Knox (2015S1, 12b)
KONNER ing of Konner (2015S2, 12a80)
KRIS(TINE) swiss Kris (9th, 374a); kinky Kristine (12th, 490a)
KRISTIN cranky Kristin (7th, 269b)
KRIT split Krit (2014S2, 105a)
KYLE vile Kyle (2nd, 47b); freestyle Kyle (12th, 471a); Kyle tile (16th, 654a - unpublished)(ANS1, 12a); freestyle Kyle (ANS3, F8a); king Kyle (ANS5, 9b); karate Kyle (ANS5, 28a); vile Kyle (FB3, 7b); senile Kyle (C, 35c); kissed Kyle (BNS3, B23b); gangnam Kyle (2014S1, 15a); vile Kyle (C2, 47b)(PA, 47b); vile Kyle (C2, R1b); criminal Kyle (2014S2, 127c); collector Kyle (2015S1, 66b); pile up Kile (2016S1, AP28b)

LACEY racy Lacey (12th, 461b); shoe Lacey (15th, 612a); leakin' Lacey (ANS5, 37b)
LADY loony Lady (2016S1, S4a)
LAMAR bizarre Lamar (12th, 178a); leapin' Lamar (2016S1, S3b); lauded Lamar (2016S1, R&R8b)
LAMM on the Lamm (2016S1, R&R5b)
LANCE out-to-lunch Lance (12th, 493b); little Lance (BNS2, 83b); launched Lance (BNS3, 175a); neck Lance (2014S1, B2b)
LANDON Landon scaping (ANS7, 45b)
LARA Lara crackers (2014S1, 38b); larval Lara (2015S1, 37b)
LARRY Larry lips (4th, 157a); lappin' Larry (14th, 560a); Larry lo mein (BNS, 25a); leafy Larry (BNS2, 112a); Larry letters (BNS3, 168b); scary Larry (2014S2, 79b)
LARS tub 'o Lars (12th, 469b)(FB3, 52b); muscu Lars (2015S2, 7bK)
LAURA lippy Laura (ANS2, 30a)(ANS5, A15); Laura cough (ANS3, 28a); looming Laura (2015S1, 25b)
LAUREL oral Laurel (7th, 258b)(FB2, 43b)
LAUREN pourin' Lauren (2nd, 76b); leggy Lauren (ANS1, 13a); fishing Lauren (BNS3, 136a); pourin' Lauren (C2, 76b)(PA, 76b)
LAURIE gory Laurie (13th, 502a); Laurie logs (BNS3, 146b)
LAWRENCE low rinse Lawrence (2016S1, N5b)
LEE ugh Lee (2nd, 83a); bruised Lee (3rd, 94a); Lee tree (6th, 243a); dead Lee (11th, 437b); off key Lee (12th, 476b); undersea Lee (14th, 543a); leakin' Lee (ANS2, 6a); off key Lee (ANS3, F12b)(ANS4, GC12); eye scream Lee (ANS7, 29a); bruised Lee (FB2, 17a); bruised Lee (BNS, LM4); lone Lee (2014S1, 42a); ugh Lee (C2, 83a)(PA, 83a); quick Lee (2014S2, 123a); tree Lee (2015S1, 44b); laughin' Lee (2015S1, B1b); swirl Lee (2016S1, A2:3b); har Lee (2016S1, AP31b)
LEIF loose Leif (11th, 441a); still Leif (2014S1, 27b); turned Leif (2014S2, 77b)
LEM Lem phlegm (8th, 329A); lame Lem (12th, 482a); Lem phlegm (ANS2, F23a)(FB2, 54a)
LEN(NY) loony Lenny (1st, 17b); many Lenny (6th, 249a); dang Len (8th, 312B); lappin' Lenny (12th, 482b); little leak Len (15th, 590a); many Lenny (ASN1, G15a)(ANS1, F14a); loony Lenny (ANS2, F2b); lappin' Lenny (ANS3, F18b); little leak Len (ANS5, M8); dang Len (FB, 59b); many Lenny (FB2, 42a); loony Lenny (FB2, 79b); loony Lenny (FB3, 4b); last leg Lenny (BNS2, 108b); loony Lenny (C, 17b)(PA, 17b); let go Lenny (BNS3, 149b)
LENORE cold sore Lenore (14th, 553a)
LEO lickin' Leo (12th, 482a)(ANS3, F18a); Leo tamer (BNS2, 121a); lanced Leo (2016S1, A2:8a); loud Leo (2016S1, A2:9a)
LEON lickin' Leon (10th, 408a); neon Leon (16th, 622a - unpublished); pee-on Leon (ANS7, 13a); chamel Leon (BNS2, 63a); dandy Leon (2014S1, 47b); neon Leon (2016S1, AP38b)
LEONARD Leonard nimrod (ANS6, 40a); loony Leonard (2015S2, 5aA2)(2015S2, 1A1F)
LEONARDO limber Leonardo (BNS, 46b); last chance Leonardo (2016S1, N2a)
LEROY cheap-toy Leroy (16th, 632b - unpublished)
LESLIE headless Leslie (New 4th, 14a)(ANS5, A13); leaky Leslie (ANS7, B1)
LES(TER) Les vegas (3rd, 117b); tooth Les (4th, 140b); skin Les (9th, 346b); sight Les (12th, 500b); infested Lester (14th, 566b); brain Les (15th, 589b); head Les (ANS7, 16b); lightning Les (BNS, 38b); sleep Les (BNS2, 64a); face Les (C2, 65c); layered Lester (2015S1, 31a); care Les (2015S1, 56a)(Baseball6); heart Les (2015S2, 14b80)
LEVI lava Levi (ANS3, 18a); levee Levi (ANS4, 35b); levitating Levi (ANS6, b17); lava Levi (ANS7, JP6)
LEVINE loser Levine (2016S1, S1b)
LEVON leavin' Levon (2015S1, 20a); leather Levon (2015S1, 65c)
LEW(IS) screwball Lew (7th, 291b); lucky Lew (15th, 593b); lost Lewis (BNS3, 158a)
LIAM leggy Liam (BNS3, 139b)
LIBBY liberty Libby (3rd, 113b); Libby stick (16th, 640b - unpublished); Libby stick (FB, 70b); liberty Libby (FB3, 16b); Libby stick (C, L10b); Libby bell (2016S1, HE4b); Libby surgery (2016S1, AD5a); liberty Libby (2016S1, CP3b)
LILLIAN reptilian Lillian (7th, 274a)
LILY Lily popped (6th, 223b)
LIN Lin berger (BNS2, 93b)
LINC missing Linc (C, L2b)
LINCOLN Lincoln park (FB, 66b); leakin' Lincoln (2015S2, 7bP2); legendary Lincoln (2015S2, 14a80); stinkin' Lincoln (2016S1, AP15a); log droppin' Lincoln (2016S1, AP41a); Lincoln park (2016S1, CP7b)
LINDA lightning Linda (11th, 424b); lifted Linda (BNS, 4a)
LINDSAY leaky Lindsay (2nd, 45a)(ANS1, G14a)(ANS1, F13a); Lindsay lo-life (ANS7, 2a); leaky Lindsay (FB2, 10a); leaky Lindsay (C2, 45a)(PA, 45a); leaky Lindsay (2015S2, 3aD)
LINDSEY linty Lindsey (ANS2, 31a)(ANS5, A3); lunchtime Lindsey (ANS5, 23b); loves war Lindsey (2016S1, PL9a)
LINK missing Link (16th, 631b - unpublished)
LINUS chalk Linus (BNS, 13a); fe Linus (BNS3, B21b)
LIONEL dotted Lionel (7th, 257b); dotted Lionel (FB, 51b)
LISA phony Lisa (2nd, 67a); piece o' Lisa (8th, 323A); Lisa loser (ANS2, 40a); phony Lisa (FB3, 73a); phony Lisa (FB3, B1); Lisa miserables (BNS3, 164a); phony Lisa (C2, 67a)(PA, 67a); phony Lisa (C2, R7a); phony Lisa (C2, R10a), phony Lisa (C2, R13a)
LIZ lizard Liz (1st, 38b); lizard Liz (C, 38b)(PA, 38b)
LIZA fertile Liza (13th, 532a)
LIZZY dizzy Lizzy (ANS1, 37b)
LLOYD destroyed Lloyd (11th, 451a)
LOCKE bicycle Locke (2015S1, 19a)
LOGAN downloadin' Logan (ANS2, 23a)(ANS3, PU10); pokin' Logan (ANS4, 27b); loaded Logan (2014S2, 122b); Logan long jump (2016S1, O2b); Logan cabin (2016S1, AP41b)
LOIS limbo Lois (2015S1, 34a)
LOLA low-life Lola (9th, 366a)
LON biath Lon (2014S1, 62b); Lon chimey (C2, 71c)
LOREN warrin' Loren (BNS3, 187a)
LORNE locked Lorne (2015S1, 19b); unicorn Lorne (2015S1, Mascot10)
LOTNEY lethargic Lotney (2015S2, 20b80)
LOTTA lotta Lotta (8th, 330A);Lotta litter (11th, 428a)
LOTTIE snotty Lottie (6th, 225b); knotty Lottie (15th, 594b)
LOU leaky Lou (1st, 23b); tattoo Lou (2nd, 80a); ig Lou (4th, 158b); Lou cue (16th, 646b - unpublished); leaky Lou (ANS1, G8b)(ANS1, F8b)(ANS4, GC17); scuba doo Lou (ANS4, 29a)(ANS5, A15); me too Lou (ANS6, 3a); tattoo Lou (BNS, M&M6); water Lou (BNS, 30b); leaky Lou (BNS2, 104c); leaky Lou (C, 23b)(PA, 23b); Cthu Lou (2014S1, 12b); tattoo Lou (C2, 80a)(PA, 80a); corkscrew Lou (2015S1, 18a); lizard Lou (2015S2, 10bK); leaky Lou (2016S1, O7a); tattoo Lou (2016S1, AD3a)
LOUIE lazy Louie (5th, 177b); gooey Louie (9th, 364b); Louie kablooey (unpublished 10th, 408b); lazy Louie (FB, 35b)
LOUIS Louis lane (2015S1, 5b); leaky Louis (2015S2, 1aK)
LOUISE Louise squeeze (7th, 253b); Louise trapeze (13th, 503a)(ANS3, F9a); cheese Louise (BNS2, 93a); lost Louise (BNS3, B16b)
LOWELL Lowell goal (8th, 299B)(FB3, 36b); Lowell goal (2014S1, 58c)
LUANN luau Luann (BNS2, 97a)
LUCAS Lucas mucus (5th, 195a)(FB2, 32a)
LUCY Juicy Lucy (5th, 189b); Lucy lock-it (11th, 418a); Lucy lock-it (2015S2, 10aZ)
LUGE Luge luz (2014S1, 61b)
LUIGI lewd Luigi (BNS, 45b); limber Luigi (2015S2, 18a80)
LUIS cheese Luis (ANS2, S2a); Luis vegas (ANS5, 32b); locked Luis (2014S1, 17b)
LUKE Luke warm (2nd, 64b); Luke puke (5th, 170b); Luke at me (8th, 294B); Luke puke (ANS1, G20b)(ANS1, F18b); Luke warm (ANS2, F7b)(ANS5, A7); last-leg Luke (ANS5, 13b); Luke puke (FB3, 23b); lasso Luke (BNS, 6a); lucky Luke (BNS3, 134a); Luke lutz (2014S1, 60b); Luke warm (C2, 64b)(PA, 64b); loopy Luke (2014S2, 74b); look out Luke (2015S1, 56c); Luke puke (2015S2, 2bD)
LYLE bile Lyle (14th, 547b); Lyle tile (15th, 583a)
LYNCH lying Lynch (2016S1, DNC2a)
LYNDON lynched Lyndon (11th, 454a)
LYNN(E) thin Lynn (1st, 29b); pinned Lynn (3rd, 85b); porcelain Lynn (11th, 433a); bubblin' Lynn (13th, 516a); thin Lynne (ANS1, G2b)(ANS1, F2b); kindle Lynne (ANS7, 52b); thin Lynn (FB, 7b); thin Lynn (FB, 76b); thin Lynn (C, 29b)(PA, 29b); thin Lynn (BNS3, 176c); thin Lynn (2014S1, 65c); grem Lynn (2015S2, 8b80); trash bin Lynn (2016S1, A2:1a)

MAC Mac the knife (9th, 358a); packed Mac (11th, 432a)
MACK Mack quack (3rd, 106b); cracked Mack (2014S2, 82b); maggot Mack (2015S1, Mascot7); big Mack (2016S1, AP4a)
MADDIE fatty Maddie (10th, 387a); Maddie longlegs (2014S2, B17a)
MADDY bratty Maddy (7th, 271a)(ANS2, F20a)(ANS4, GC11)
MADELINE paddlin' Madeline (6th, 209b)
MADISON Madison halved (ANS4, 14b)(ANS5, A13)
MAGGIE haggy Maggie (1st, 16b); haggy Maggie (FB2, 3b); haggy Maggie (BNS2, 105c); haggy Maggie (BNS2, 3D1); haggy Maggie (C, 16b)(PA, 16b); Maggie maggot (2015S1, 37a); shaggy Maggie (2015S2, 4bK)
MAHMUD Mahmud flap (2014S1, 37a)
MAL Mal practice (15th, 595a)
MALA Mala nutrition (15th, 587b)
MALMOLM MaLMolm middle (ANS3, 35a)(ANS7, PU10)
MAME chow Mame (15th, 582b)(FB3, 63b)
MAMIE maimed Mamie (12th, 487b)(ANS3, F21b)(FB3, 54b)
MANDY handy Mandy (16th, 645b - unpublished); eye-candy Mandy (NAS5, 34a); garbage Mandy (BNS, B2a)
MANNY Manny heads (7th, 284a); Manny eater (9th, 354b); spider Manny (ANS2, 19a); fisher Manny (ANS6, 8b); spider Manny (ANS7, JP1); Manny heads (FB, 55a); Manny eater (FB2, 61b); he-Manny (BNS, B4a); super Manny (BNS, 23a); son of Manny (BNS2, B9a); Manny heads (BNS3, 193c); moth Manny (2014S1, B9a); cave Manny (C2, 55c); he-Manny (SDCC, CC6a); horse Manny (2014S2, 115a); muscle Manny (2015S1, 11a); marshmallow Manny (2015S2, 4a80); mega Manny (2015S2, 16a80)
MANUEL Manuel labor (6th, 230a); Manuel labor (ANS7, 45a); invisible Manuel (BNS2, GD10); space Manuel (BNS3, B20a); bogey Manuel (2014S1, 33a); rock Manuel (2015S2, 16b80)
MARA Mara thon (12th, 461a)
MARC Marc spark (6th, 238a); Marc spark (FB, 48a); Marc spark (2016S1, CP4a); Marc spark (2016S1, PP4)
MARCEL Marcel parcel (8th, 325A); Marcel masterpiece (2015S2, 8aA1)
MARCIA martian Marcia (7th, 283b); missing Marcia (13th, 501a)(ANS3, F6a); martian Marcia (FB2, 48b)
MARCO Marco polo (ANS3, 31b); misspent Marco (2016S1, PCO3a); mecha Marco (2016S1, PST3a); little Marco (2016S1, PL1a)
MARCUS mugged Marcus (3rd, 102a); Marcus mucus (9th, 360a); super Marcus (10th, 406b); mugged Marcus (2015S2, 5aZ)
MARGARET target Margaret (3rd, 111a); manicure Margaret (BNS, 31b)
MARGE large Marge (3rd, 122b); charged Marge (11th, 419b); large Marge (FB3, 17b); large Marge (BNS3, 188a)
MARIAH on fire Mariah (ANS1, 2a)
MARIE Marie baguette (2015S2, B1a)
MARIO messy Mario (BNS, 45a); messed-up Mario (2015S2, 18b80)
MARIS Maris wiltin' (ANS4, 2b)
MARISSA marooned Marissa (ANS2, 40b)
MARLOW marsh Marlow (BNS2, 56b)(BNS2, 3D5)
MARK Mark bark (2nd, 74a); on the Mark (7th, 255a); marked Mark (ANS1, 25b); skid Mark (ANS2, 15a); high-water Mark (ANS4, 36b); meteor Mark (ANS5, 1a); marked Mark (ANS5, A13); meteor Mark (ANS6, APO12); card shark Mark (ANS6, 23b); on the Mark (ANS7, 47a); on the Mark (FB, 50a); Mark bark (C2, 74a)(PA, 74a); monstrous Mark (2014S2, 96b)
MARLENE mean Marlene (11th, 446a)
MARLISE modern Marlise (14th, 546a)
MARSH Marsh room (14th, 561a)
MARSHA mushy Marsha (3rd, 101a)
MARSHALL marshy Marshall (3rd, 100b); Marshall artless (ANS4, 7b, T4); marshy Marshall (FB, 21b); marshy Marshall (BNS2, 120c)
MARTHA mothy Martha (14th, 556a)(ANS6, M7); mothy Martha (BNS2, 125b)
MARTIN fartin' Martin (ANS1, 31a)(ANS4, GC10); spartan Martin (ANS7, 10a); mini Martin (BNS3, 192b)
MARTY Marty mouthful (2nd, 48b); Marty gras (4th, 135b); Marty mucous (ANS5, 5a)(ANS6, APO3); Marty mouthful (C2, 48b)(PA, 48b); tardy Marty (2015S2, 1a80); sunday party Marty (2016S1, AP9b); party Marty (2016S1, AP7a)
MARVIN Marvin gardens (3rd, 92a); barfin' Marvin (13th, 518a)(ANS4, GC1)(ANS6, M5)(FB3, 56a)
MARY hairy Mary (1st, 12b); bloody Mary (8th, 298A); airy Mary (10th, 404a); fairy Mary (15th, 608a); Mary mucous (ANS2, 22b); Mary nara (ANS3, 3b); Mary go round (ANS6, 9b); bloody Mary (FB3, 35a); tooth Mary (BNS, 10a); just Mary (BNS2, B7b); hairy Mary (C, 12b)(PA, 12b); Mary shelly (BNS3, B22b); bloody Mary (2015S2, 8aD)
MARY-KATE Mary-Kate ate (ANS4, 39b)
MASON amazing Mason (10th, 409b); Mason mace (11th, 450b)(ANS5, M2)(FB3, 48b)
MATT fat Matt (1st, 26b); Matt ratt (2nd, 66a); weLMome Matt (6th, 244a); laundry Matt (11th, 429a); vendo- Matt (15th, 600a); photo Matt (ANS1, 16a); fat Matt (ANS2, F5b); Matt mobile (ANS5, 4a); laundro Matt (BNS, 14a); Matt hatter (BNS2, 118a); fat Matt (C, 26b)(PA, 26b); Matt ratt (C2, 66a)(PA, 66a); monstrous Matt (2015S1, 10a); mad Matt (2015S1, B3b); fat Matt (2015S1, R9 + AllStar9); frat Matt (2016S1, AP39a); splat Matt (2016S1, N1a)
MAUD(E) broad Maud (3rd, 122a); muddy Maude (6th, 244b); broad Maud (FB3, 17a); broad Maud (BNS3, 188c)
MAUREEN clean Maureen (6th, 242a); marooned Maureen (9th, 373b); sub Maureen (ANS7, 39a)
MAX mad Max (2nd, 72a); Max axe (4th, 137a); Max stacks (7th, 284b); magic Max (ANS1, 40b); Max wax (ANS2, 9b); mirror Max (ANS6, 3b); Max axe (FB, 29a); Max stacks (FB, 55b); mad Max (BNS3, 182a); Max stacks (BNS3, 193a); mustache Max (2014S1, 52a); mad Max (C2, 72a)(PA, 72a); mad Max (C2, R11a); masked Max (2014S2, B16b); Max axe (2015S1, R2 + AllStar2); Max no room (2015S2, 5a80); methane Max (2016S1, CB3a)
MAXINE anti-vaccine Maxine (2016S1, AD8a)
MAXWELL Maxwell louse (ANS3, 22b)(ANS5, A5)
MAY gore May (5th, 198a)(ANS1, G11b)(ANS1, F11b)
MAYNARD chow Maynard (13th, 509b)(ANS3, F14b)
MEA Mea measles (2016S1, AD8b)
MEDINA menacing Medina (2014S2, 103b)
MEG Meg -a-volt (11th, 419a); hard boiled Meg (14th, 565b); daddy long Meg (2014S2, B17b); hard-boiled Meg (2015S2, 6bLA)
MEGAN muggin' Megan (2nd, 42b); pagan Megan (6th, 224b); muggin' Megan (ANS1, G18b)(ANS1, F16b); Megan trouble (ANS4, 15b(ANS4, T6)(ANS5, A10); muggin' Megan (FB2, 8b); pagan Megan (FB3, 29b); muggin' Megan (2014S1, 61c); muggin' Megan (C2, 42b)(PA, 42b)
MEL swell Mel (1st, 20a); Mel meal (5th, 188a); farewell Mel (10th, 382b); Mel smell (ANS5, 30b); marshy Mel (BNS, 49a); Mel tin (BNS2, 56a)(BNS2, 3D5); swell Mel (C, 20a)(PA, 20a); smell Mel (2015S1, B8a); happy Mel (2016S1, AP8a)
MELANIE over-ripe Melanie (10th, 405a)
MELBA Melba toast (4th, 143a)
MELISSA meltin' Melissa (1st, 28b); meltin' Melissa (C, 28b)(PA, 28b)
MEL(L)ODY loud Melody (BNS3, 140b); melted Mellody (C2, 69c)
MERLIN misfired Merlin (BNS2, 79a)
MERLE Merle hurl (C, 3c)
MERYL heavy Meryl (12th, 473a); meltdown Meryl (13th, 523a); heavy Meryl (ANS3, F10a)
MIA momma Mia (9th, 356a); married Mia (ANS6, 4b); Mia de los muertos (BNS2, B15b); don't tread on Mia (2016S1, AP20a)
MICHAEL Michael mutant (5th, 201a)(ANS1, G16a)(ANS1, F15a); recycled Michael (ANS4, 38a); Michael victim (ANS7, 27b); Michael mutant (FB2, 34a); messed-up Michael (2015S2, 2b80); mad Michael (2015S2, 7a80); moonwalkin' Michael (2015S2, 22a80); megalomanical Michael (2016S1, N3a)
MICHELANGELO mixed-up Michelangelo (BNS2, 90a); mischievous Michelangelo (2014S1, B3b)
MICHELLE Michelle muck (2nd, 79b); shelled Michelle (ANS1, 19a); Michelle muck (ANS2, F8b); Michelle muck (FB2, 14b - name only); monstrous Michelle (C, 25c); Michelle muck (C2, 79b)(PA, 79b)
MICK(EY) picky Mickey (3rd, 99b); yicchy Mickey (4th, 162a); Mick dagger (5th, 167a); Mickey mouths (7th, 258a); mixed-up Mick (8th, 302A); yicchy Mickey (ANS2, F15a); kicked Mick (ANS3, 37b); yicchy Mickey (ANS4, GC32); picky Mickey (FB2, 18b); yicchy Mickey (FB2, 27a); Mickey mouths (FB2, 43a); fingerpick Mick (BNS, B6b); licky Mickey (BNS2, 76b); magnetic Mick (2014S1, 53b); mirror Mick (2015S1, 9b); fanatic Mick (2016S1, AP40b)
MIDGE Midge fridge (8th, 306A)
MIGUEL messed up Miguel (ANS3, 35b); propelled Miguel (ANS4, b7); matrix Miguel (ANS5, 6a); molded Miguel (ANS7, 41b)
MIKE(Y) mad Mike (1st, 33a); live Mike (2nd, 53b); spikey Mikey (4th, 155a); dyna Mike (6th, 250b); Mike strike (8th, 301B); Mike dike (9th, 347b); Mike spike (ANS3, 15b); mega-million Mike (ANS5, 35b); Mike strike (ANS6, 26a); Mike strike (FB, 57b); live Mike (FB2, 12b); dyna Mike (FB3, 30b); live Mike (FB3, 72b); mad Mike (BNS, M&M2); musical Mike (BNS, 11b); dyna Mike (BNS2, 3D4); mad Mike (C, 33a)(PA, 33a); Mike craft (BNS3, 153a); live Mike (C2, 53b)(PA, 53b); live Mike (C2, R6b); maniac Mike (2014S2, B13b); stalag Mike (2015S1, 14a); mad Mike (2015S2, 24a80); hitchhike Mike (2016S1, AP37a); manical Mike (2016S1, PL8a)
MILES Miles smiles (7th, 278b); Miles smiles (FB, 53b); miming Miles (BNS3, 135a)
MILEY mashed Miley (2014S2, 101a)
MILHOUSE tree Milhouse (2015S1, 12a)
MILLER mangled Miller (2016S1, R&R7b)
MILLIE chilly Millie (1st, 32b); Millie meter (14th, 564a); chilly Millie (C, 32b)(PA, 32b); chilly Millie (2014S1, 64c)
MILT(ON) meltin' Milton (5th, 177a); wiltin' Milton (8th, 296B); tiltin' Milton (10th, 409a); milkin' Milt (ANS5, 26a); meltin' Milton (FB, 35a); meltin' Milton (BNS, LM5); pepper Milton (2015S1, 27a)
MIMI screaming Mimi (6th, 227b); steamy Mimi (11th, 436b); screaming Mimi (FB, 45b)
MINDY spearmint Mindy (14th, 579b); windy Mindy (15th, 605a)
MINNIE condo Minnie (5th, 176a); Minnie happy returns (16th, 653b - unpublished); condo Minnie (2014S1, 29a)
MINNY cave Minny (C2, 56c)
MIRIAM Miriam migraine (13th, 537a)
MISSIE hissy Missie (10th, 404b)
MISSY kissy Missy (14th, 553b); Missy america (2016S1, AP14b)
MISTY Misty suds (9th, 350a)(FB3, 40a)
MITCH unstitched Mitch (1st, 40a); mixed-up Mitch (2nd, 81b); itchy Mitch (10th, 383a); Mitch match (12th, 494a); Mitch mitt (15th, 603a); mixed-up Mitch (ANS1, G23b); Mitch match (ANS3, F22a); muLMhed Mitch (ANS4, 32a); Mitch stitched (ANS6, 22b); mixed-up Mitch (FB, 16b); mixed-up Mitch (FB, 77b); itchy Mitch (FB, B1); unstitched Mitch (C, 40a)(PA, 40b); bad pitch Mitch (2014S1, 30b); mixed-up Mitch (C2, 81b)(PA, 81b); mixed-up Mitch (C2, R2b); molting Mitch (2015S1, 4a); Mitch mitt (2015S1, Baseball5); scrim Mitch (2016S1, AP4b)
MITCHELL artificial Mitchell (8th, 302B)
MITT hit Mitt (BNS2, 86b); catcher's Mitt (2015S1, 65a)
MO Mo moon (2014S2, 95a)
MOE Moe skeeto (5th, 179a); Moe bile (8th, 312A); loco Moe (16th, 635b - unpublished); Moe skeeto (FB, 36a); Moe bile (FB, 59a); Moe angel (2014S2, 77a); giz Moe (2015S2, 8a80); k.o. Moe (2016S1, O3b)
MOL(LY) muscular Molly (4th, 147b); moldy Molly (ANS2, S3a); Molly pop (ANS5, 34b); Molly pop (ANS7, 54a); muscular Molly (FB2, 24b); hairball Mol (BNS3, 130b); masked Molly (2014S2, B14b)
MONA Mona loser (2nd, 67b); Mona loser (FB3, 73b); Mona loser (C2, 67b)(PA, 67b); Mona loser (C2, R7b); Mona loser (C2, R10b); Mona loser (C2, R14b)
MONICA monstrous Monica (ANS1, 17a); Monica ails (ANS4, 7b)(ANS5, A8); monstrous Monica (ANS5, A5)
MONROE Monroe in the closet (2014S1, 33b)
MONTE Monte zuma (6th, 224a); Monte carlo (7th, 256b); 3-card Monte (15th, 581b); Monte zuma (FB3, 29a)
MONTY three wise Monty (2014S1, 39a)
MORGAN Morgan organ (ANS2, 18b)(ANS5, A2); internal Morgan (ANS5, 3a)(ANS6, APO9); Morgan donor (ANS7, 6a)
MORT(ON) distortin' Morton (4th, 157b); short Mort (7th, 279a)(ANS2, F21a)(FB3, 34a); morbid Mort (BNS, B3a)
MORTY warty Morty (13th, 530b); shorty Morty (14th, 576b); warty Morty (FB3, 57b)
MURRAY furry Murray (4th, 133a); Murray christmas (8th, 297B); bloody Murray (13th, 522a)
MYRA rear view Myra (9th, 375b)(ANS1, G27b)(ANS1, F22b)(ANS4, GC26)(FB3, 42b)
MYRNA burn-a Myrna (16th, 653a - unpublished)
MYRTLE fertile Myrtle (12th, 483b)

NADINE nasty Nadine (2015S2, 6bK)
NANCY nasty Nancy (5th, 194a); antsy Nancy (ANS3, 32b)
NATALIE nailed Natalie (14th, 556b); nasty Natalie (ANS3, S8b); naughty Natalie (ANS6, 13b); knitting Natalie (BNS, B5a)
NATE numb Nate (14th, 558b); sk8 Nate (ANS2, 8a)(ANS3, PU8)(ANS4, GC30); urine Nate (ANS3, 8a); floodgate Nate (ANS4, 35a); inmate Nate (ANS5, 13a); enter net Nate (ANS6, 18a); prime Nate (ANS7, 15a); Nate inflate (BNS, 2a); overweight Nate (C, 26c); numbered Nate (BNS3, 134b); termi Nate (2015S1, B4a); deflate Nate (2016S1, AP5b)
NAT(TY) Nat nerd (5th, 172a); Nat splat (9th, 368a); Natty dresser (13th, 517b); Nat nerd (ANS2, F17a); astro Nat (ANS3, 10a)(ANS5, A1)(ANS7, PU5); Nat nerd (FB, 34a); Nat nerd (FB, 80a); Nat net (2014S2, 99b); Nat nerd (2015S2, 3aCB); cro Nat (2016S1, AD6b)
NATHAN deflatin' Nathan (9th, 351b); neanderthal Nathan (ASN1, 1b); nasty Nathan (2016S1, AP10b)
NEAL surreal Neal (5th, 196b); peeled Neal (ANS6, 1b); surreal Neal (FB, 38b)(FB2, 33b)
NED Ned head (3rd, 119a); undead Ned (13th, 502b); lead-head Ned (14th, 552b); lemon Ned (ANS6, 27a); web head Ned (ANS7, 20b); arach Ned (FB3, 68a); knot Ned (BNS2, 62a); arach Ned (C, L4a); dead Ned (BNSM, 195b); bobsled Ned (2014S1, 66b); dead Ned (SDCC, CC2b); nutty Ned (2014S2, 82a); nested Ned (2015S1, 24a); naked Ned (2015S1, 58b); Ned head (2016S1, AP5a)
NEIL nailed Neil (4th, 155b)
NELL(IE) nervous Nellie (6th, 215b); death Nell (8th, 313B); shrap Nell (9th, 365a); death Nell (2016S1, HE4a)
NELSON half- Nelson (3rd, 118a); half- Nelson (FB, 24a); half Nelson (FB2, 80a); half-Nelson (BNS, M&M9); half-Nelson (2015S2, 1aLA); half-Nelson (2016S1, AP6a)
NESS(IE) loch Nessie (BNS3, 157a); nordic Nessie (2014S1, 64b); n.e.s. NESS (2015S2, 25a80)
NETTIE tuna Nettie (BNS2, 111b)
NEWT dried-fruit Newt (13th, 528b)
NEWTON shootin' Newton (10th, 416a); pollutin' Newton (11th, 431a); shootin' Newton (FB3, 46a)
NICHOLAS ridiculous Nicholas (ANS1, 5b); Nicholas caged (ANS7, 34b)
NICK(Y) nasty Nick (1st, 1a); Nicky hickey (4th, 130a); Nick yick (9th, 362b); Nick lick (12th, 467b); picky Nick (15th, 585a); sick Nick (15th, 596b); newsworthy Nick (ASN2, 32b); Nick pick (ANS5, 25a); tricky Nick (ANS5, 29b); nasty Nick (FB, 1a); nasty Nick (FB, 71a); picky Nick (FB3, 65a); picky Nicky (BNS, 3a); nasty Nick (BNS2, 101a); nasty Nick (C, 1a)(PA, 1a); lovesick Nick (BNS3, 161b); nasty Nick (2015S1, R10 + AllStar10); Nick of time (2015S2, 1b80); nasty Nick (2015S2, 1MDLN); navy Nick (2016S1, HE7b)
NICKI no-twerk Nicki (2016S1, S5a)
NICOLE nutty Nicole (2nd, 50b); Nicole mole (ANS2, 21a); nutty Nicole (FB2, 11b); Nicole troll (BNS2, 78a); nutty Nicole (C2, 50b)(PA, 50b)
NIKKI sticky Nikki (7th, 288b); picked Nikki (ANS3, 32a); sticky Nikki (FB, 56b)
NINA needled Nina (8th, 327A)
NOAH Noah body (7th, 279b); Noah parking (16th, 644a - unpublished); Noah body (ASN2, F21b); nosedive Noah (ANS3, 29b); Noah's barf (ANS4, 36a); nosedive Noah (ANS5, A12); Noah's barf (ANS7, JP10); Noah parking (FB2, 68a); Noah body (FB3, 34b); Noah constrictor (M, 14 of 16); Noah parking (C, L12a); nutty Noah (BNS3, 173a)
NOEL Noel bowl (7th, 264b); joyous Noel (11th, 434b); nailed Noel (14th, 548b); Noel escape (ANS4, 18b)(ANS4, T2)(ANS5, A7); goal Noel (ANS7, 40b); Noel bowl (FB2, 45b)
NOLAN knocked Nolan (2014S2, 91b); stolen Nolan (2015S1, 63a)
NORA gnawing Nora (6th, 215a)
NORB nosey Norb (2014S2, 88b)
NORM(AN) nerdy Norm (1st, 24b); warmin' Norman (3rd, 115a); explorin' Norman (8th, 293A); knot the Norm (12th, 490b); explorin' Norman (ANS1, G9a)(ANS1, F9a)(ANS4, GC15); swarmed Norm (ANS4, b8); Norman notwell (ANS5, 8a); explorin' Norman (FB, LM9)(FB2, 50a); nerdy Norm (C, 24b)(PA, 24b); garden Norm (BNS3, 194a); transformin' Norman (2014S1, 48b); nerdy Norman (2015S2, 4aA1); explorin' Norman (2015S2, 8aZ)

OBAMA Obama out (2016S1, DNC3b)
OGGIE soggy Oggie (9th, 345b)(FB3, 39b)
OLE Ole faithful (2016S1, AP17a)
OLGA yoga Olga (ANS5, 30a); obsessed Olga (2016S1, AD9b)
OLIVER Oliver twisted (2nd, 68a); Oliver twisted (BNS2, 107a); Oliver twisted (2014S1, 60c); Oliver twisted (C2, 68a)(PA, 68a); Oliver twisted (C2, R9a); Oliver easy (2015S1, 52b); Oliver twisted (2015S1, R5 + AllStar5)
OLIVIA oblivious Olivia (ANS4, s3b)
OMAR Omar ogre (ANS3, 5b)
OPIE soapy Opie (8th, 304B)
OSCAR Oscar la vista (ANS2, 28b); offensive Oscar (ANS3, 36a); Oscar mire (ANS4, s1b); offensive Oscar (ANS6, APO4); grouchy Oscar (BNS, 26b); inside out Oscar (BNS3, 131b)
OTTO Otto whack (6th, 213a); inside Otto (14th, 571b); Otto whack (FB3, 28a); lotto Otto (BNS2, 77b); Otto pus (2014S1, 36a); Otto graph (2015S1, 66a)
OWEN towin' Owen (6th, 237b); flowin' Owen (8th, 316A); glowin' Owen (16th, 652b - unpublished); overflowin' Owen (ANS4, 38b); gas-blowin' Owen (ANS7, 28b); lion- Owen (2015S2, 6b80)
OZZY scuzzy Ozzy (ANS2, 13a)

PABLO playful Pablo (2014S1, 1b)
PADME i Padme (BNS2, 60a)
PAGE Page cage (8th, 331A)(FB2, 55a)
PAIGE shredded Paige (ANS3, 24a); turned Paige (BNS3, 171b)
PALMER pocketing Palmer (BNS, 3b)
PAM Pam ham (6th, 232a)
PARIS Paris embarrassed (ANS4, 2a)
PARKER amusement Parker (8th, 295B); cleaned up Parker (14th, 554b); poo-a-mid Parker (ANS4, 30b, T3); puckered Parker (ANS6, 27b); puzzled Parker (BNS2, 82b); amusement Parker (BNS3, 138b); picked Parker (2014S1, 5b)
PAT flat Pat (1st, 31b); Pat splat (3rd, 89b); Pat rat (16th, 624b - unpublished)(ANS1, 18b); flat Pat (ANS2, F6b); Pat splat (ANS2, F9b); Pat splat (FB2, 15b); proportional Pat (BNS, 46a); Pat of gold (BNS2, 127a); flat Pat (C, 31b)(PA, 31b); parachute Pat (BNS3, 145a); Pat splat (2014S1, 59c); Pat work (2014S2, 116b); shot Pat (2016S1, O9b); plymouth Pat (2016S1, HE1b)
PATON Paton pie (2016S1, AP11b)
PATRICIA pearled Patricia (2015S2, 2aA1)
PATRICK Patrick piñata (ANS5, B12); Patrick hat trick (2015S1, 7b); poser Patrick (2016S1, R&R10b)
PATTIE hamburger Pattie (5th, 192b)
PATTY Patty putty (2nd, 42a); party-pooper Patty (13th, 525b); Patty putty (ANS1, G18a)(ANS1, F16a); Patty putty (FB2, 8a); Patty putty (2014S1, 61a); Patty putty (C2, 42a)(PA, 42a); Patty pancake (2015S1, 35b); Patty splatty (2015S2, 3aK); Patty pageant (2016S1, SUR7a)
PAUL mauled Paul (1st, 15b); off-the-wall Paul (2nd, 75a); puzzled Paul (4th, 149a); Paul Bunion (7th, 281b); peeled Paul (9th, 346a); scratching pole Paul (10th, 410a); polluted Paul (15th, 611b); punchy Paul (ANS1, 27b); mauled Paul (ANS2, F1b); paintball Paul (ANS2, B2); popped Paul (ASN3, 26b); Paul vault (ANS4, 6a)(ANS4, T5); Paul package (ANS5, 20a); poop head Paul (ANS6, 19a)(ANS7, APO3); Paul Bunion (FB, 54b); off-the-wall Paul (FB2, 14a - pic only); eyeball Paul (BNS, 42b); peanut Paul (BNS2, 65b); mauled Paul (C, 15b)(PA, 15b); pulverized Paul (2014S1, B1a); off-the-wall Paul (C2, 75a)(PA, 75a); puffed Paul (2014S2, B18b); horse pie Paul (2015S1, 26b); plate Paul (2015S1, 57c); fly ball Paul (2015S1, Mascot4); pest Paul (2015S2, 1bCRF); off-the-wall Paul (2015S2, 3aZ); spitball Paul (2016S1, AP1b); patrol Paul (2016S1, SUR4b); Paul bunion (2016S1, A1:8a); paranoid Paul (2016S1, PL5b); perturbed Paul (2016S1, RNC4a)
PAULA totem Paula (3rd, 107a); patchwork Paula (FB, 68b); propaganda Paula (BNS2, B10b); patchwork Paula (C, L7b); pop-up Paula (BNS3, 171a); popped Paula (2015S1, 34b); pooped Paula (2015S2, 2bP1); plastic Paula (2016S1, AD5b)
PAULIE party Paulie (BNS3, 185a)
PAULINE Pauline pudding (BNS2, 75b); pop Pauline (2015S2, 1aA1); possessed Pauline (2016S1, H2b)
PAYNE intense Payne (6th, 210a); window Payne (9th, 372b); throat Payne (16th, 649a - unpublished); intense Payne (FB2, 36a)
PEARL pierced Pearl (6th, 226a); Pearl oyster (BNS3, 144a)
PEDRO retro Pedro (ANS3, 18b); picky Pedro (2014S1, 41b)
PEG(GY) leggy Peggy (16th, 647a - unpublished); Peg roast (BNS2, 97b); pottery Peggy (BNS3, 143a); Peg sty (C2, 52c); leggy Peggy (2015S1, 3b); Peg pigeon (2015S2, 2aP1)
PENNY pinned Penny (5th, 183b); play Penny (10th, 394b); pinned Penny (FB2, 31b); plungin' Penny (2016S1, H4a)
PERCY polluted Percy (9th, 349a)
PERRY punchy Perry (3rd, 97a); Perry chute (9th, 344a); pixelated Perry (BNS2, 68b); poisoned Perry (2014S1, 7b); punchy Perry (2016S1, 3a); Perry ploy (2016S1, PL7b)
PETER pegleg Peter (2nd, 61b); Peter cheater (15th, 586a); Peter meter (16th, 644b - unpublished); Peter puker (ANS7, 20a); pegleg Peter (FB2, 13b); Peter meter (FB2, 68b); pegleg Peter (FB2, 73b); Peter pain (BNS2, 92a); Peter meter (C, L12b); pegleg Peter (C2, 61b)(PA, 61b); pegleg Peter (C2, R4b); Peter pooper (2014S2, 132b); Peter pouch (2015S2, 4bCRF)
PETE(Y) graffiti Petey (1st, 30b); incomplete Pete (4th, 149b); Pete seat (7th, 264a); piston Pete (12th, 498b); repeatin' Pete (13th, 513a); pierced Pete (ANS1, 34b); Pete Achoo (ANS2, 36a); poopdeck Pete (ANS3, 31a); Petey wheatey (ANS5, 27b); Pete heat (ANS5, B14); graffiti Petey (FB, 8b); pickled Pete (FB, 65a); Pete seat (FB2, 45a); graffiti Petey (FB2, 76b); prickly Pete (FB3, 67a); Pete sheet (BNS, 50a); graffiti Petey (C, 30b)(PA, 30b); pickled Pete (C, L1a); prickly Pete (C, L3a); graffiti Petey (BNS3, 180a); pained Pete (2014S1, 28a); Petey da fool (2014S1, B2a); Petey phlegm (2015S2, 1bK); peed Pete (2015S2, 8bP1); plugged Pete (2015S2, 25b80); repeatin' Pete (2015S2, 9BB); graffiti Petey (2016S1, HE3a)
PEYTON piggy Peyton (BNS, 21b); Peyton paddle (BNS2, 119b)(BNS2, 3D9)
PHIL foul Phil (2nd, 70b); mouth Phil (4th, 140a); Phil grim (7th, 268a); Phil 'er up (10th, 385a); Phil swill (14th, 568b); phat Phil (ANS1, 33a); ol' faith Phil (ANS2, S1b); phat Phil (ANS3, PU4); Phil moon (ANS4, 1b); ol' faith Phil (ANS7, 8b); foamy Phil (ANS7, 30a); failed Phil (Abrams Calendar, 1 of 4); pharaoh Phil (C, 36c); fishbowl Phil (2014S1, 3a); foul Phil (C2, 70b)(PA, 70b); phantom Phil (2014S2, B16a); fiery Phil (2015S1, 43b); mouth Phil (2015S1, Baseball2); roadkill Phil (2015S1, Mascot8); Phil grim (2016S1, 2a); phony Phil (2016S1, AP35b)
PHILIP filled up Philip (7th, 280b)(FB2, 47b)
PHYLLIS fishy Phyllis (3rd, 108b)(ANS2, F11b)(FB2, 75b)(FB3, 14b); filin' Phyllis (BNS, 31a); fishy Phyllis (BNS2, 111a); feverish Phyllis (C, 21c)
PIERCE pasty Pierce (BNS, 40a); piercing Pierce (2015S2, 2bP2)
PIERRE pulled Pierre (BNS, 18b); pitcher Pierre (BNS2, 87b); Pierre amid (2015S1, 6b)
PIET primary Piet (2015S2, 9aA1)
PINK plummeting Pink (2016S1, S2a)
PIPER steamed Piper (13th, 523b); bag Piper (15th, 613a); imprisoned Piper (2016S2, SP1b); pierced Piper (2016S2, SP2b)
POLLUX popped Pollux (2014S2, 89b)
POLLY pouched Polly (BNS3, 191b); picket Polly (2016S1, AP1a)
POPPY lolly Poppy (6th, 223a); Poppy corn (13th, 524b)
PRICE half Price (12th, 462a)(ANS3, F2a)
PRINCE clown Prince (2014S1, B6b); clown Prince (NYCC, CC11a); blue Prince (2015S1, 36a)
PRENTICE target Prentice (13th, 507a)(ANS3, F13a)
PRESCOTT picture Prescott (2014S2, 113b)
PRESTON pressed Preston (6th, 219b); Preston change-o (15th, 615a); protestin' Preston (BNS2, 128b); precious Preston (2014S1, 25b); pressured Preston (2014S2, 117b) (2016S1, R&R)
PURPLE pyro Purple (2016S1, R&R4b)