3D - Lenticular Three-D Card : APO - Action Punch Out Card (Activity Card) : A - Alphabet Sticker : AM - ADAM Mania : B - Bonus Sticker : BB - Barf Bag
F - Foil Sticker : G - Gum Sticker : GC - Game Card : GD - Glow In The Dark : JP - Jig-Saw Puzzle Card : LM - Loco Motion (Motion Card)
M - Magnet Card : MDLN - Medallion : M&M - Mix & Match : NYCC - New York Comic Con : P - Promo Card : PA - Pencil Art : PU - Pop-Up Card
- Relic : S or s - Scratch 'n' Stink Sticker : SDCC - San Diego Comic Con : SP - Special Promo : T - Tattoo Card : V - Variant

ANS = All-New Series : FB = Flashback Series : M = Magnet Set : BNS = Brand-New Series : BNSM = BNS Mini : C = Chrome 1 or 2 : 2014S = Yearly 1 or 2

2015S = Yearly 1 or 2 (30th Anniversary : C = Checklist, D = Don't Push My Button, A1 = Artistic Influence, A2 = Artistic Interpretation; F - Foil, CB = Comic Book, CRF = Cutting Room Floor, K = Kids, P1 = Pets, P2 = Presidents, LA = Lost Alternate, Z = Zoom-Out, 80 = 80s Spoof)

2016S = Yearly 1 (Apple Pie In Your Face! : PC - Presidential Candidate; packs + online, O - Olym-Picks, HE - Historical Event, P - America's Pastimes, SUR - Swept Under the Rug, AD - Americana Devolved, I - American Icon, AI - American Inventors, AP - Applie Pie, CP - Classic Patriot, H - Horror, CB - Comic Book, AB - ADAM Bomb/Boom, PP - Patriotic Patches, PCO - Presidental Candidate Online, S - Shammys; online, N - Not-Scars; online, PST - Presidential Super Tuesday; online, PMT - Presidential Mega Tuesday; online, R&R - Rock & Roll Hall of Shame/Lame; online, PAP - Presidential April Primaries; online, PL - Presidential Losers; online, 4th - 4th of July; online, RNC - Republican National Convention; online, DNC - Democratic National Convention; online) or Yearly 2 (Prime Slime Trashy TV : SP = Summer Preview)



cementin' Quentin (9th, 370a)
QUINCY quenching Quincy (11th, 426a)
QUINN quittin' time Quinn (16th, 641b - unpublished)

RACHEL Rachel rodent (2nd, 66b); interracial Rachel (16th, 626a - unpublished); wranglin' Rachel (ANS3, 25a)(ANS7, PU8); red Rachel (Abrams Calendar, 4 of 4); rhinestone Rachel (BNS3, 156b); Rachel rodent (C2, 66b)(PA, 66b)
RACINE rainbow Racine (2015S1, 25a)
RAEDINE tomb Raedine (2014S1, 38a)
RAFAEL unraveled Rafael (ANS2, 4b)
RALEIGH crawly Raleigh (16th, 657a - unpublished)
RALPH scalped Ralph (9th, 369a)(ANS2, F25a)(FB2, 65a); scalped Ralph (FB3, 79a); scalped Ralph (BNS, LM10); realistic Ralph (BNS, 34b); roll-up Ralph (BNS2, 73a); rotten Ralph (BNSM, 196b); roach Ralph (2015S1, Mascot5); Ralph rabbit (2015S2, 9aP1); scalped Ralph (2016S1, AP2a); redwood Ralph (2016S1, AP12a)
RAMON over blown Ramon (ANS6, 12b)
RANDALL rat-sucker Randall (10th, 408b)
RAND(Y) wrinkly Randy (1st, 35a); handy Randy (5th, 168a)(ANS2, F16a); rancid Randy (ANS3, S10a); tandem Randy (ANS4, 24b); handy Randy (FB, 33a); wrinkly Randy (C, 35a)(PA, 35a); wrinkly Randy (2014S1, 63a); yankee doodle Randy (2016S1, AP19b ); wrinkly Randy (2016S1, AP31a); ranting Rand (2016S1, PL5a)
RAOUL fowl Raoul (3rd, 106a); foul-towel Raoul (15th, 606a); Raoul route (2016S1, AP37b)
RAPH autograph Raph (2015S1, 66c)
RAUL Raul model (ANS3, 38b); toilet paper Raul (2016S1, A2:6b)
RAVI rabid RAVI (2015S2, 9bP1)
RAY Ray decay (1st, 2b); Ray gun (2nd, 46b); sting Ray (5th, 179b); radar Ray (6th, 240a); laser Ray (9th, 336a); sprayed Ray (16th, 638a - unpublished)(ANS1, 20a); x Ray (ANS3, 21a); blown away Ray (ANS4, 21a); blown away Ray (ANS6, 12a); cosmic Ray (ANS7, 5b); Ray gun (FB, 10b); sting Ray (FB, 36b); Ray decay (FB2, 1b); Ray spray (BNS, 33a); apple a Ray (BNS2, 66b); Ray decay (C, 2b)(PA, 2b); Ray decay (C2, 46b)(PA, 46b); Ray gun (2016S1, CP8b)
RAYMOND flamin' Raymond (10th, 384a); rearranged Raymond (12th, 478b)
REED refer- Reed (ANS6, 25b); unfreed Reed (2014S2, 124b)
REECE Pieced Reece (C, 6c)
REESE Reese pieces (4th, 149a); Reese cycle (ANS7, 53b); removing Reese (2016S1, AD3b)
REGAN wretchin' Regan (2016S1, H2a)
REGGIE Reggie veggie (8th, 305B); atomic Reggie (2015S1, 32a)
REN Ren wrench (9th, 371b)
RENE wriggley Rene (3rd, 103a); wriggley Rene (2016S1, AP6a)
RENÉ ripe René (BNS2, B9b); no way René (2015S2, 7aA1)
RENEE repulsive Renee (BNSM, 197a)
REUBEN Reuben cube (7th, 277a); Reuben cube (FB, LM8)
REX nervous Rex (1st, 24a); repaired Rex (5th, 174b); Rex town (16th, 655a - unpublished)(ANS5, A5); lock ness Rex (ANS7, B3); complex Rex (BNS, 30a); nervous Rex (C, 24a)(PA, 24a); t. Rex (2014S1, 30a); repaired Rex (2015S2, 2bLA)
RHODA run down Rhoda (1st, 31a); Rhoda roach (16th, 638b - unpublished); run down Rhoda (ANS2, F6a); run down Rhoda (C, 31a)(PA, 31a)
RHONDA rolled over Rhonda (C, 31c)
RICARDO rocky Ricardo (ANS1, 36b)
RICHARD wretched Richard (13th, 515a); railroaded Richard (ANS5, 38a); wrapped up Richard (2014S2, 124c); Richard trixon (2015S2, 3aP2); Richard trixon (2016S1, PP10)
RICH(IE) itchy Richie (1st, 11a); Richie retch (5th, 170a)(ANS1, G20a)(ANS1, F18a)(ANS4, GC14)(FB3, 23a); itchy Richie (C, 11a)(PA, 11a); Richie retch (2015S2, 2aD); Richie retch (2015S2, 2BB); Richie retch (2016S1, AP9a); struck it Rich (2016S1, AP33a)
RICK(Y) prickly Rick (2nd, 60a); sticky Rick (3rd, 123b); sticky Ricky (9th, 364a); rockin' Rick (ANS2, 13b); picky Ricky (ANS3, 11a); quick-pick Rick (ANS5, 35a); snot rocket Ricky (ANS7, 47b); racin' Ricky (BNS, 20b); garlic Rick (BNS2, 101b); Rick in the wall (BNS3, B18a); runny Ricky (2014S1, 13a); prickly Rick (C2, 60a)(PA, 60a); Rick grimey (2014S2, 93a); ridin' Rick (2015S1, 48b); rotten Rick (2015S1, Mascot2); tricked Rick (2016S1, R&R6a); Rick ruse (2016S1, PL7a); frothy Rick (2016S1, PL10a)
RIKKI Rikki racket (13th, 519b)
RINGO Ringo pop (2014S1, 25a)
RIP Rip cord (9th, 344b); Rip tile (11th, 425b); torn Rip (BNS3, 183b)
RITA wrinkled Rita (2nd, 78a); dire Rita (10th, 389a); wrinkled Rita (BNS, M&M5); wrinkled Rita (C2, 78a)(PA, 78a)
ROB(BIE) slobby Robbie (1st, 26a); Rob slob (2nd, 52b); rodent Rob (ANS1, 18a); slobby Robbie (ANS2, F5a); red-eye Rob (ANS5, 17a); spare Rob (ANS6, 20b); roll on Rob (ANS7, 9b); robed Rob (BNS2, 61b); slobby Robbie (BNS2, GD3); slobby Robbie (C, 26a)(PA, 26a); Rob slob (C2, 52b)(PA, 52b)
ROBBY Robby rubbish (12th, 480a)(ANS3, F16a)
ROBERT rockin' Robert (1st, 35b); rubber Robert (14th, 571a); rockin' Robert (C, 35b)(PA, 35b); rockin' Robert (2014S1, 63c)
ROBIN basking Robin (3rd, 101b); rotten Robin (9th, 337b)(FB2, 58b)
ROBYN(S) rubbin' Robyn (8th, 304A); round Robyns (13th, 513b)
ROCCO Rocco socko (14th, 541a)(ANS5, M6)(ANS7, LM3)(FB3, 59a)
ROCK(Y) Rocky n. roll (3rd, 117a); Rock e. horror (4th, 135a); punk Rocky (11th, 446b); hard Rocky (12th, 460b)(ANS3, F1b); Rock'em o-sock'em (ANS7, P1); hard Rocky (FB3, 51b); rattled Rock (2016S1, N7b); Rock the boat (2016S1, R&R9b)
ROD Rod wad (3rd, 84b); hot Rod (5th, 205a); rad Rod (12th, 471b); Rod rodent (16th, 624a - unpublished); Rod wad (ANS1, G13b); rad Rod (ASN3, F8b); Rod 'n' reel (ANS6, 8a); Rod wad (FB, 17b); rock 'em Rod (2015S1, B2a); Rod wad (2015S2, 10bD); rodeo Rod (2016S1, AP18a)
ROGER jolly Roger (2nd, 61a); yuck Roger (New 3rd, 10b); Roger logger (ANS4, 37b); yuck Roger (ANS5, A1); jolly Roger (FB2, 13a); jolly Roger (FB2, 73a); jolly Roger (C2, 61a)(PA, 61a); jolly Roger (C2, R4a); rollin' Roger (2015S1, 16a); r-rated Roger (2015S2, 5bCRF)
ROLAND rollin' Roland (7th, 275b); log Roland (ANS4, 37a); trollin' Roland (Abrams Calendar, 3 of 4); rollin' Roland (2014S2, 70b)
ROLANDA rollin' Rolanda (9th, 340b)
ROLLIN crawlin' Rollin (15th, 584b)(ANS1, G22b)(ANS1, F19b)(FB3, 64b)
RONALD rolled up Ronald (BNS, 40b)
RON(N)I hit n' Ronni (7th, 285b); rah rah Roni (14th, 551a)
RON(NY) rappin' Ron (2nd, 46a); turned-on Ron (9th, 352b); Ronny nose (12th, 472b)(ANS4, GC33); rappin' Ron (FB, 10a); volt Ron (BNS3, B21a); temple Ron (2014S1, 51a); rappin' Ron (C2, 46a)(PA, 46a); comic-con Ron (NYCC, CC10a); comic-con Ron (P1); comic-con Ron (IDW, SP1); rung Ron (2015S1, 15b); comic-con Ron (2015S2, 1aA2); comic-con Ron (2015S2, 2aCB); runny Ron (2015S2, 3bCRF); rappin' Ron (2016S1, CP8a); rappin' Ron (2016S1, PP8)
ROOSEVELT wrecked Roosevelt (2016S1, A1:1b)
RORY gory Rory (5th, 190a); Rory shack (2015S1, 50b) (2016S1, A1:)
ROSE second hand Rose (4th, 129a); Rose dispose (6th, 217b); squoze Rose (8th, 321B); second hand Rose (ANS2, F13a); second hand Rose (FB2, 22a); squoze Rose (FB3, 38b)
ROSIE riveting Rosie (BNS2, B10a)
ROSLYN razzin' Roslyn (5th, 194b)
ROSS Ross roast (5th, 188b); razzin' Ross (12th, 463b)(ANS3, F3b); rushed Ross (2016S1, A1:2b)
ROWENA rowin' Rowena (2016S1, O4b)
ROY Roy bot (3rd, 87b); coy Roy (6th, 211b); Roy l. flush (7th, 266a); rugged Roy (11th, 442a); Roy toy (ANS6, 30b); rebound Roy (ANS7, 3b); Roy bot (FB, 18b); Roy bot (FB, 7 8b); coy Roy (FB3, 27b); rubber Roy (BNS, 17a); deliver Roy (BNS2, 116b); Roy bot (BNS2, GD8); Roy bot (BNS3, 190b); Pola Roy (2014S2, 76b)
ROYCE rolls Royce (12th, 498a)
RUBEN rootin' Ruben (New 1st, 35a)(ANS5, A11)
RUBIO repo'ed Rubio (2016S1, PCO3b); robotic Rubio (2016S1, PST3b); rube Rubio (2016S1, PL1b)
RUBY Ruby cube (4th, 163b)
RUDY Rudy toot (4th, 144b); fruity Rudy (9th, 341b); Rudy canal (11th, 458b)
RUFUS Rufus refuse (14th, 554a)
RUPERT ruptured Rupert (5th, 199a); wrecked Rupert (2014S2, 128c)
RUSS Russ pus (7th, 253a); rush hour Russ (13th, 535b); Russ plus (16th, 643b - unpublished); rest stop Russ (ANS2, 37a); rush hour Russ (FB3, 58b); royal flush Russ (2014S1, 32a); Russ n. dolls (2015S1, 24b); gold Russ (2016S1, HE5b)
RUSSELL Russell muscle (2nd, 51a); Russell spout (8th, 316B); Russell mania (ANS6, 16b); Russell mus cle (FB, 12a); Russell muscle (C2, 51a)(PA, 51a); Russell muscle (2016S1, 5a)
RUSTY Rusty heap (6th, 247a); Rusty bolts (12th, 484b)(ANS3, F19b); crusty Rusty (2015S1, B7b)
RUTH(IE) wrappin' Ruth (1st, 36a); toothie Ruthie (5th, 203a); Ruth canal (8th, 333B); toothie Ruthie (ANS1, G26a)(ANS1, F21a); toothie Ruthie (FB, 40a); wrappin' Ruth (FB2, 7a); Ruth canal (FB2, 56b); toothie Ruthie (FB3, 77a); toothie Ruthie (FB3, B3); wrappin' Ruth (C, 36a)(PA, 36a); rattled Ruth (2014S1, 43b); Ruth rattlesnake (2015S2, 7aP1)
RUTHERFORD Rutherford b. hay (4th, 131b); Rutherford b. hay (FB, 27b)
RYAN fryin' Ryan (2nd, 54a); dryin' Ryan (6th, 242b); flyin' Ryan (ANS2, 8b); ralphin' Ryan (ANS4, 20b)(ANS5, A4); runny Ryan (ANS5, 5b); lyin' Ryan (ANS7, 31a); fryin' Ryan (FB3, 8a); revolving Ryan (BNS3, 150a); fryin' Ryan (C2, 54a)(PA, 54a); fryin' Ryan (C2, R12a); relunctant Ryan (2016S1, RNC4b)

SABRINA stabbed Sabrina (ANS6, 33a)
SAL salivatin' Sal (11th, 430b); Sal salad (ANS4, 16b); sawing Sal (BNS, 11a); sketched Sal (BNS2, 74a); safe Sal (2015S1, 61c); social Sal (2016S1, AP23b)
SALLY smelly Sally (3rd, 108a); Sally suction (11th, 457a)(ANS1, G21a); smelly Sally (ANS2, F11a); yard Sally (ANS7, 50b); smelly Sally (FB2, 75a); smelly Sally (FB3, 14a); Sally suction (FB3, 50a); smoothed Sally (BNS, 4b); snotty Sally (BNS, 15b); smelly Sally (BNS2, 111c); sawing Sally (BNS3, 146a)
SALVATORE Salvatore dolly (4th, 164b)
SAMANTHA Samantha swirl (ANS5, 19a)(ANS6, APO2); separated Samantha (BNS2, 69b)
SAMIR snaky Samir (2014S1, 34b)
SAM(MY) slimy Sam (1st, 38a); soft boiled Sam (2nd, 58b); snooty Sam (3rd, 110a); sham Sam (14th, 572b); toe jam Sam (ANS2, 34a); snooty Sam (ANS2, F12a); clammy Sammy (ANS3, 4b); sausage Sam (ANS4, 4b - New 5th, A9); Sam bidexterous (ANS5, 2a); sliced Sammy (ANS5, 40b); toe jam Sam (ANS5, A6); Sam castle (ANS6, 28a); toe jam Sam (ANS7, JP4); snooty Sam (FB3, 15a); Sammy stooge (BNS, 19a); skinned Sam (BNS2, 120b); slimy Sam (C, 38a)(PA, 38a); Sammy salmon (BNS3, 147a); Sammy serpent (2014S1, 49b); soft boiled Sam (C2, 58b)(PA, 58b); Sammy spurs (2015S1, 48a); Sammy sasquatch (2015S1, B6b); shedding Sam (2015S2, 10aK); Sammy soda (2016S1, SUR1b); survivalist Sam (2016S1, SUR6a); Sam burger (2016S1, AP4b); snooty Sam (2016S1, CP1a); snooty Sam (2016S1, PP1)
SANDERS savage Sanders (2016S1, 2b + online); psycho Sanders (2016S1, PCO9b); slam dunk Sanders (2016S1, PST5b); scorching Sanders (2016S1, PMT7b); single note Sanders (2016S1, PMT8b); birdie Sanders (2016S1, PAP5b); strong-armed Sanders (2016S1, DNC4b)
SANDI Sandi box (15th, 604a)
SANDY silent Sandy (3rd, 104a); Sandy clod (7th, 254b); shifting Sandy (8th, 314A); quick Sandy (12th, 470a)(ANS3, F7a); silent Sandy (FB, 22a); Sandy clod (FB3, 78b); candy Sandy (BNS, 41b); silent Sandy (BNS2, 3D3); Sandy wich (2015S1, 55b)
SANDRA snotwich Sandra (14th, 573a)(ANS4, GC23); jellyfish Sandra (2014S1, 54b)
SANTORUM savaged Santorum (2016S1, PL10b)
SARA Sara slime (2nd, 69b); snotty Sara (ANS7, 2b); Sara slime (C2, 69b)(PA, 69b)
SARAH sappy Sarah (7th, 273b); Sarah slime (ANS1, G12b)(ANS1, F12b); saucey Sarah (ANS3, 3a); snotty Sarah (ANS4, 31a); sappy Sarah (BNS2, 114c); Sarah pail-in (BNS3, B16a)
SASHA squashed Sasha (2015S1, 38b)
SAUL small Saul (6th, 216b); snot-ball Saul (15th, 590b); scrawled Saul (16th, 642a - unpublished); snot-ball Saul (ANS4, GC21); small Saul (FB, 44b); scrawled Saul (FB2, 67a); small Saul (FB3, LM 3 of 5); stretched Saul (BNS, 51b); scrawled Saul (C, L11a); small Saul (BNS3, 192c); snot-ball Saul (2015S1, Baseball4); screwball Saul (2015S1, Mascot9)
SAWYER see- Sawyer (9th, 338a); chain Sawyer (BNS3, 155b); served Sawyer (2014S1, 8b); sleepy Sawyer (2016S1, A1:9b)
SCARLET scaly Scarlet (C, 38c)
SCOTT(Y) potty Scotty (1st, 14a); hot Scott (2nd, 64a); bloodshot Scott (6th, 229b); grate Scott (8th, 305A); sling Scott (8th, 332A); great Scott (15th, 613b); potty Scotty (ANS1, G19a)(ANS1, F17a); hot Scott (ANS2, F7a); snotty Scotty (ANS3, 23a); scoutin' Scott (ANS4, 10b); potty Scotty (ANS4, GC27); hot Scott (ANS5, A7); Scott pocket (ANS6, 17a); shot Scott (ANS6, 39a); sculpted Scott (ANS7, 41a); shot Scott (ANS7, APO6); potty Scotty (FB, 5a); bloodshot Scott (FB, 46b); potty Scotty (FB2, 71a); potty Scotty (M, 2 of 16); hot Scott (BNS, M&M4); spacey Scott (BNS2, B8a); hot Scott (BNS2, GD7); potty Scotty (C, 14a)(PA, 14a); potty Scotty (BNS3, 178a); scorched Scott (2014S1, 9b); hot Scott (C2, 64a)(PA, 64a); hot shot Scott (2014S2, 130b); caught Scott (2015S1, 59b); potty Scotty (2015S2, 2MDLN)
SCOUT schooled Scout (2014S2, 90b)
SEAN stoned Sean (3rd, 90a); shorned Sean (4th, 161a); Sean gone (ANS2, 26b); shorned Sean (FB3, 22a); salty Sean (BNS, 32b); lawn Sean (BNS3, 194b); ven e. Sean (2015S1, 33a)
SEBASTIAN blastin' Sebastian (ANS4, 23a); snoozin' Sebastian (BNS3, 132b)
SERENA Serena serpent (2014S2, 103a)
SERGIO Sergio regurgio (ANS3, 13b); shelled Sergio (BNS3, 173b)
SETH bad breath Seth (2nd, 70a); Seth pool (ANS1, 6a); bad breath Seth (ANS4, GC2); Seth pool (ANS5, A10); Seth-shimi (ANS6, b18); sushi Seth (BNS, 9a); sheepish Seth (BNS2, 85a); sad Seth (BNS3, 133b); bad breath Seth (C2, 70a)(PA, 70a); Seth o. scope (2015S1, 47a); safe Seth (2015S1, 63b); Seth skunk (2015S2, 10aP1)
SEYMOUR see more Seymour (6th, 211a); Seymour barf (13th, 512a)(ANS3, F20a)(ANS4, GC19)(ANS5, M5); see more Seymour (FB3, 27a); Seymour barf (FB3, 55a); see more Seymour (BNS, LM7); see more Seymour (BNS, M&M10); Seymour barf (2015S2, 8BB)
SHAD Shad ow (BNS2, 92b)
SHANA Shana saw (8th, 319B)
SHANE chained Shane (8th, 326B); ball 'n Shane (12th, 460a); Shane pain (ANS1, 7b); ball 'n Shane (ANS3, F1a); chained Shane (FB, 63b); ball 'n Shane (FB3, 51a); Shane shovel (BNS2, 91a); Shane saw (BNS3, 155a)
SHANNON Shannon cannon (14th, 549a); shovelin' Shannon (ANS1, 10a); spewin' Shannon (ANS5, 36b); scooped Shannon (ANS7, 29b); surprised Shannon (2015S1, 21b)
SHARI electric Shari (9th, 356b)
SHAQ swampy Shaq (ANS3, 5a)
SHAUN torn Shaun (13th, 526b); lepre Shaun (BNS2, 127b)
SHAUNA shorned Shauna (2015S2, 4aK)
SHAW sharp Shaw (2014S2, 67a)
SHAWN stormcloud Shawn (ANS5, 24a); reflect Shawn (2015S1, 9a)
SHAY Shay sway (2014S2, 86a)
SHEENA sharpened Sheena (7th, 269a)
SHEILA wind Sheila (7th, 285a); shadowy Sheila (FB3, 69a); shadowy Sheila (C, L5a)
SHELBY shattered Shelby (5th, 193a); lobster Shelby (ANS1, 19b)
SHELDON well done Sheldon (3rd, 115b); cracked Sheldon (10th, 407a)(ANS6, M3)(FB3, 44a); egg Sheldon (BNS2, 67a); sea Sheldon (2015S2, 6bP1)
SHEL(L) shattered Shell (14th, 574a); Shel game (15th, 581a)(ANS4, GC13); Shel sheet (2015S1, B8b)
SHELLY crushed Shelly (4th, 145b); bomb Shelly (14th, 549b); lobster Shelly (16th, 627b - unpublished); crushed Shelly (FB3, 20b); sea Shelly (BNS3, 169b); Shelly serpent (2015S2, 7bP1)
SHERI Sheri cola (11th, 422a)
SHERMAN shuffled Sherman (7th, 266b); Sherman tank (10th, 416b)(FB3, 46b)
SHERMY wormy Shermy (5th, 173b)
SHERWIN shut-up Sherwin (7th, 280a)(FB2, 47a)
SHERWOOD Sherwood forest (6th, 243b); sheared Sherwood (10th, 398b); sheared Sherwood (2014S1, 57c)
SHIRLEY curly Shirley (7th, 265a); shut up Shirley (11th, 418b); curly Shirley (FB, 52a); shut up Shirley (2015S2, 10bZ)
SHONA geek Shona (C2, 50c)
SIA can't Sia (2016S1, S6a)
SID sumo Sid (2nd, 83b); sizzlin' Sid (9th, 336b); croc o' Sid (16th, 625b - unpublished)(ANS5, A10); sumo Sid (C2, 83b)(PA, 83b)
SIDNEY Sidney kidney (10th, 379b)
SIERRA swingin' Sierra (ANS4, 5b)
SIMON slimin' Simon (8th, 311B); scented Simon (BNS3, 162b)
SIS Sis pool (9th, 366b)
SKIP(PY) hippie Skippy (3rd, 91b); nose drip Skip (11th, 444b); hippie Skippy (FB, 20b); hippie Skippy (2016S1, HE9a); Skip skater (2016S1, AP25a)
SKY Sky writer (2015S1, 54a)
SKYE stormy Skye (13th, 531a)
SKYLAR poodle Skylar (2016S1, AP22a)
SLADE slayed Slade (5th, 167b)
SLOAN slidin' Sloan (9th, 363a); slammed Sloan (16th, 636a - unpublished)(FB2, 66a); slammed Sloan (C, L8a)
SMITH smashing Smith (2014S1, 28b)
SOL sole food Sol (12th, 474a)(ANS3, F11a); shocked Sol (BNS2, B14b); sock 'em Sol (2015S1, B2b)
SONDRA spikey Sondra (11th, 420b)
SONNY Sonny side up (13th, 536b); Sonny side up (2015S2, 5bLA)
SONYA sown Sonya (14th, 577a)
SOPHIA squashed Sophia (BNS2, 102b)
SOPHIE swingin' Sophie (10th, 417b); Sophie sucker (ANS7, 54b); sliding Sophie (BNS2, 69a); sore Sophie (2014S1, 50b); surfin' Sophie (2014S2, 120b); selfie Sophie (2015S1, 46a)
SPAULDING spitting Spaulding (2015S1, 64a)(Baseball9)
SPENCE(R) spittin' Spencer (3rd, 92b); Spencer dispenser (5th, 191b); sprinklin' Spence (ANS3, 12a); spongey Spencer (ANS4, 11b); sporty Spencer (ANS5, 33b); offense Spence (ANS7, 3a); Spencer dispenser (FB3, 24b); tape dis Spencer (BNS3, 159a); split Spencer (2014S2, 118b); Spencer sprinkler (2015S1, 17b); Spencer fencer (2016S1, O7b); Spencer of '76 (2016S1, AP19a)
SPRING loose Spring (6th, 222b)
SQUIRE bomb squad Squire (2014S2, 92b)
STACY spacey Stacy (1st, 13b); spacey Stacy (2nd, 63a); spacey Stacy (FB, 13a); spacey Stacy (C, 13b)(PA, 13b); spacey Stacy (C2, 63a)(PA, 63a)
STAN stinky Stan (1st, 22b); one-night Stan (12th, 473b); Stan can (13th, 521b); stinky Stan (ANS2, F4b); one-night Stan (ANS3, F10b); Stan alive (M, 5 of 16); situational Stan (BNS, 28b); smashing Stan (BNS2, 70b); stinky Stan (C, 22b)(PA, 22b); shadowy Stan (BNS3, 135b); smilin' Stan (Comikaze, CC13a); smilin' Stan (2014S2, P4); smilin' Stan (2015S1, B1a); stinky Stan (2015S2, 1bD); stinker Stan (2015S2, 5aA1)
STEFAN sucked up Stefan (10th, 397b); stuffin' Stefan (16th, 634b - unpublished); stretched Stefan (BNS3, 150b)
STELLA stinkin' Stella (8th, 310A); inter Stella (8th, 318B); stitched Stella (16th, 626b - unpublished); inter Stella (FB, 60b); stitched Stella (FB, 68a); stitched Stella (C, L7a); stinkin' Stella (2016S1, O4a); inter Stella (2016S1, HE8a)
STEPH(ANIE) stuffin' Stephanie (ANS1, 10b); stinkin' Stephanie (ANS2, S3b); stink blot Stephanie (ANS4, s5a); stuffy Stephanie (ANS6, 21a); stony Steph (BNS, 37b); surprisin' Steph (BNS2, 84a); stuffed Steph (2014S1, 16b); first Steph (2016S1, HE8b)
STEPHAN slipper Stephan (2015S1, 13a)
STEPHEN stuffed Stephen (4th, 131a); squirtin' Stephen (ANS2, 39b); stuffed Stephen (FB, 27a); stony Stephen (2014S2, 83a)
STERLING curling Sterling (2014S1, 63b)
STEVE(N) heavin' Steven (1st, 3b)(ANS1, G28b)(ANS1, F23b); stringy Steve (ANS3, 11b); cleaved Steve (ANS4, 24a); stumped Steve (ANS6, 15b); heavin' Steven (FB3, 1b); Steve rotters (BNS, 5a); heavin' Steven (C, 3b)(PA, 3b); stuffed Steve (BNS3, 167a); stung Steve (2014S1, 7a); Steve rotters (SDCC, CC3b); stitched Steve (2015S1, 60b)(Baseball8); struck Steve (2016S1, R&R7a)
STEVIE tee-vee Stevie (1st, 10a); tee-vee Stevie (FB, 4a); tee-vee Stevie (FB, 74a); 3-d Stevie (BNS, 34a); tee-vee Stevie (C, 10a)(PA, 10a)
STONE Stone sculpture (BNS2, 124b); sword in the Stone (2014S1, 31b); yellow Stone (2016S1, AP17b)
STORM rainy Storm (11th, 424a)
STUART savage Stuart (1st, 33b); screaming Stuart (BNS, 22a); savage Stuart (C, 33b)(PA, 33b)
STU(EY) cannibal Stu (7th, 270a); Stu spew (8th, 311A); lunchbox Stu (10th, 402b); gooey Stuey (12th, 474b); Stu brew (14th, 557a); stoked Stu (16th, 661a - unpublished); gooey Stuey (ANS3, F11b); barbecue Stu (ANS6, 34b); screamin' Stu (2016S2, SP2a)
SUE sewer Sue (2nd, 79a); Sue case (11th, 432b); sewer Sue (ANS2, F8a)(ANS4, GC29); gin Sue (ANS7, 4b); sewer Sue (FB2, 14a - name only); sewer Sue (C2, 79a)(PA, 79a); tissue Sue (2016S1, A2:7b)
SUE ELLEN swollen Sue Ellen (4th, 136a); swollen Sue Ellen (FB, 28a); swollen Sue Ellen (2015S2, 7aZ)
SUMMER Summer break (ANS3, 17b)
SUNNY Sunny roof (2014S2, B15a); Sunny side up (2015S1, 52a)
SUSAN cruisin' Susan (12th, 481b); sawin' Susan (14th, 550b); cruisin' Susan (ANS3, F17b)
SUSANNAH submerged Susannah (BNS3, 166b)
SUSIE chopped Susie (8th, 319A); sushi Susie (16th, 648a - unpublished)(ANS1, 23a)
SUTTON Sutton surfer (2016S1, AP24a)
SUZY oozy Suzy (1st, 28a); oozy Suzy (C, 28a)(PA, 28a)
SY Sy clops (2nd, 44a); Sy sty (11th, 423b); stop Sy (12th, 475b); Sy clops (ANS1, G25a)(ANS1, F20a); Sy clops (FB, 9a); Sy clops (FB3, LM 1 of 5); Sy clops (C2, 44a)(PA, 44a)
SYBIL suckin' Sybil (6th, 236b)
SYDNEY seedy Sydney (12th, 483a); stinkin' Sydney (ANS3, S3a)
SYLVESTER Sylvester shutter (BNS3, 181b)

TAD tagged Tad (5th, 182b); Tad ill (16th, 660a - unpublished); Tad tris (BNS2, 82a); taped Tad (2014S1, B7b)
TAFFY Taffy pull (13th, 510b)
TANNER Tanner scanner (ANS3, 21b); tapeworm Tanner (ANS6, 11b)
TANYA Tanya hide (5th, 202b); Tanya hide (FB2, 77b)(FB3, 26b)
TARA turned-on Tara (4th, 148a); Tara too (ANS6, 13a); tongue tied Tara (ANS7, B4)
TATE taped Tate (11th, 427b)(FB3, 47b); regurgi Tate (BNS2, 58b)(BNS2, 3D6); packing Tate (BNS3, 159b); decapi Tate (2014S1, 23b); row Tate (2014S2, 70a)
TATUM Tatum pole (3rd, 107b)
TAYLOR Taylor made (16th, 633a - unpublished); Taylor tubby (ANS2, 18a)(ANS5, A2); targeted Taylor (ANS6, 33b); Taylor twister (BNS2, 115b)
TED(DY) dead Ted (1st, 5a); Teddy bear (4th, 164a); judhead Ted (7th, 262b); Teddy aim fire (8th, 332B); vomi Ted (11th, 459a); tongue tied Teddy (12th, 464a); ampu- Ted (13th, 514a); dead Ted (ANS1, G6a)(ANS1, F6a)(ANS4, GC8); regurgita-Ted (ANS5, 14a); flood Ted (ANS7, 7b); dead Ted (FB, 2a); triple Ted (BNS, 19b); dead Ted (BNS2, 116a); dead Ted (C, 5a)(PA, 5a); disjoint Ted (BNS3, 149a); walking Ted (2014S1, 55a); tonguey Teddy (C2, 48c); dead Ted (NYCC, CC9a); knot Ted (2014S2, 124a; var.); turned Ted (2015S1, 18b); dead Ted (2015S1, R6 + AllStar6); tackled Ted (2016S1, AP7b); Ted ache (2016S1, A1:1a); addict Ted (2016S1, AP35a); "texan" Ted (2016S1, PCO2a); tabby Ted (2016S1, PST2a); tasty Ted (2016S1, PMT3a); wanTed (2016S1, PMT4a); uptight Ted (2016S1, PAP2a); tender Ted (2016S1, RNC3a)
TELLY Telly scope (12th, 488a)
TERENCE terrified Terence (BNS, 22b); tea time Terence (BNS2, 118b); terrible Terence (BNS3, 174b); Terence tarantula (2015S2, 5aP1)
TERESA toenail Teresa (BNS, 53b)
TERI terrible Teri (16th, 648b - unpublished)
TERRA fortune Terra (BNS, 43b)
TERRI Terri cloth (5th, 169b)(FB2, 29b); topiary Terri (M, 13 of 16)
TERRY toady Terry (3rd, 109a);  unsani- Terry (13th, 505b); dissin' Terry (ANS3, S10b); toady Terry (2015S1, R8 + AllStar8); toady Terry (2015S2, 7aCB); teary Terry (2016S1, AP36b)
TESSA cookie-tosser Tessa (ANS2, 25a); rorschach Tessa (ANS4, s5b); cookie-tosser Tessa (ANS5, A9)(ANS7, JP2)
TESS(IE) messy Tessie (2nd, 45b); delicate Tess (5th, 192a); messy Tessie (ANS1, G14b)(ANS1, F13b); messy Tessie (FB2, 10b); messy Tessie (C2, 45b)(PA, 45b); messy Tessie (2015S2, 3bD)
TEX double-Tex (16th, 628a - unpublished)
THEO thorny Theo (C2, 60c)
THOMAS Thomas the train wreck (ANS6, 32a); thoughtful Thomas (2016S1, A1:3a); terminated Thomas (2016S1, 4th4b)
TIFFANY Tiffany lamp (4th, 148b); tusky Tiffany (ANS6, 36a)
TILL downhill Till (2014S1, 57b)
TIM tongue tied Tim (2nd, 48a); tiny Tim (6th, 216a); tinsel Tim (11th, 451b); Tim can (12th, 484a); timid Tim (ANS2, 35b); Tim can (ANS3, 19a); totem Tim (ANS4, 25a); turntable Tim (ANS5, 31a); tall tale Tim (ANS7, 31b); tiny Tim (FB, 44a); tiny Tim (FB3, LM 3 of 5); Tim ber (BNS2, 114b); tiny Tim (BNS3, 192a); adventure Tim (2014S1, 2a); tongue tied Tim (C2, 48a)(PA, 48a); Tim skim (2014S2, 99a); Tim can (2015S2, 7BB); tongue tied Tim (2016S1, O8a); tight Tim (2016S1, AD2b); two-party cyst Tim (2016S1, AP7b)
TINA guillo Tina (1st, 37a); tongue tied Tina (7th, 267a); intest-Tina (ANS4, s3a); Tina trapeze (BNS, 27a); guillo Tina (BNS2, 113a); guillo Tina (C, 37a)(PA, 37a); re Tina (2015S1, 51b); guillo Tina (2016S1, O9a)
TIPPI cute Tippi (9th, 335a)(ANS2, F24a)(FB2, 57a); cute Tippi (BNS2, 122a); cute Tippi (2015S2, 4aD)
TOB(E)Y Tongue-tied Toby (ANS5, 20b); not Tobey (M, 7 of 16); taffy Toby (BNS, 18a)
TODD(Y) odd Todd (2nd, 71a); totaled Todd (6th, 237a); teeter Todd (9th, 338b); hot Toddy (10th, 384b); slop top Todd (12th, 495b); Todd stool (14th, 561b); slop top Todd (ANS3, F23b); toasted Todd (ANS5, 39b); i-clod Todd (ANS6, 38a); Todd da! (ANS7, 22b); thunder Todd (BNS, 38a); Todd zilla (SDCC, CC4b); odd Todd (C2, 71a)(PA, 71a); toga Todd (2016S1, AP39b)
TOM(MY) Tommy tomb (1st, 36b); Tommy gun (2nd, 57a); peepin' Tom (3rd, 114b); teed-off Tom (6th, 208b); Tom thumb (6th, 218a); Tommy ache (8th, 331B); upset Tommy (12th, 469a); a-bomb Tom (14th, 567b); peepin' Tom (ANS1, G24b); topping Tom (ANS2, S5a); Tom tongue (ANS3, 6a); Tom turkey (ANS4, 19a); upset Tommy (ANS6, M4); Tom bunk (ANS6, 24b); tom Tom (ANS7, 38b); Tom tongue (ANS7, PU4); peepin' Tom (FB, 23b); teed-off Tom (FB, 42b); Tommy tomb (FB2, 7b); Tom thumb (FB2, 37a); Tommy ache (FB2, 55b); Tommy gun (FB3, 9a); upset Tommy (FB3, 52a); a-bomb Tom (FB3, 60b); phan Tom (M, 10 of 16); twisted Tom (BNS, 32a); teed-off Tom (BNS2, 119c)(BNS2, 3D9); Tommy tomb (C, 36b)(PA, 36b); toilet Tommy (BNS3, 160a); origami Tommy (2014S1, 21a); Tommy gun (C2, 57a)(PA, 57a); toothy Tommy (2014S2, 67b); upset Tommy (2015S2, 6BB); tired Tom (2016S1, A1:9a); Tom prom (2016S1, AP23a); trapper Tom (2016S1, N8a)
TONI touch Toni (11th, 448a); pepperoni Toni (16th, 639b - unpublished)(ASN5, A1)
TONY bony Tony (4th, 132a); glut Tony (14th, 568a); bony Tony (ANS1, G3a)(ANS1, F3a); stony Tony (ANS2, S1a); rasta roni Tony (ANS6, 29a); big top Tony (ANS7, 8a); bony Tony (FB, LM5)(FB2, 23a); bony Tony (FB3, 74a); Tony starch (M, 8 of 16); tasted Tony (BNS3, 179a); trashy Tony (2014S2, 128b); brony Tony (2015S1, 26a); terrible Tony (2015S2, 13b80); bony Tony (2016S1, O2a)
TONYA skele Tonya (2014S1, 65b); Tonya tower (2014S2, 80b); toothie Tonya (2015S2, 6aK)
TOR illustrate Tor (2015S2, 4bA1); inspect Tor (2015S2, 23a80); direct Tor (2016S1, AP26b)
TORI yuckie Tori (ANS1, 23b); torn Tori (ANS2, 38a)
TORY ghost Tory (ANS7, 35a); scary Tory (2014S2, 68a); preda Tory (2015S2, 21a80)
TRACE turd face Trace (ANS6, 19b)
TRACIE facey Tracie (10th, 388a)(FB2, B3)
TRACY trashed Tracy (4th, 129b)(ANS2, F13b)(FB2, 22b); tricky Tracy (BNS, 24a)
TRAVIS travelin' Travis (4th, 127a); gullivered Travis (10th, 380b); trackin' Travis (ANS2, 15b); turd king Travis (ANS4, 30a)(ANS4, T3); trashy Travis (C, 22c); trapped Travis (C2, 66c); trekkie Travis (2015S2, 5bA2)(2015S2, 2A2F); travellin' Travis (2015S2, 6aZ); transformin' Travis (2016S1, H3b)
TREVOR sunken Trevor (12th, 491a); train wreck Trevor (ANS1, 8b); trumped Trevor (ANS3, 7b); trekkie Trevor (ANS6, 40b)
TREY mp Trey (ANS6, 38b); relay Trey (BNS, 20a); Trey spray (BNS2, 110b); paste Trey (2014S1, 11b); ice Trey (2014S2, 69b); Trey cycle (2014S2, 126a)
TRICIA trick or Tricia (11th, 438b)
TRINA Trina cleaner (6th, 222a); choo-choo Trina (10th, 393b); teethin' Trina (11th, 457b)(ANS1, G21b)(FB3, 50b)
TRISH Trish squish (4th, 163a); Trish washer (ANS7, 53a); toilet Trish (BNS2, 84b); french kiss Trish (IDW, SP2); french kiss Trish (2015S2, 2aA2), french kiss Trish (2015S2, 4aCB)
TRIXIE mixed-up Trixie (10th, 412a); mixed-up Trixie (FB, B4); trashy Trixie (BNS, 44a)
TROY Troy toy (6th, 222a); Troy destroy (ANS1, 38b); Troy story (ANS3, 33a); dog Troy (ANS7, 27a); Troy story (ANS7, JP7); Troy scout (BNS2, 62b)
TRUDY trashy Trudy (6th, 217a)
TRUMAN groomin' Trump (2016S1, 3b + online)
TRUMP tumultious Truman (16th, 658b - unpublished); humpty Trump-ty (2016S1, PCO1b); terrified Trump (2016S1, PST1b); teeny tiny Trump (2016S1, PMT1b); trickster Trump (2016S1, PMT2b); tawdry Trump (2016S1, PAP1b); tyrant Trump (2016S1, RNC1b)
TUCKER ticked-off Tucker (16th, 641a - unpublished); ticked-off Tucker (Abrams Book, 2 of 4)
TY neck Ty (5th, 181b); Ty kwon don't (ANS5, 28b); Ty dee knot (ANS7, 1a); tongue Ty (BNS2, 76a); rust Ty (2014S2, 128a; var.); testy Ty (2015S2, 24b80); securi- Ty (2016S1, SUR8b)
TYLER flat Tyler (4th, 127b); bathroom Tyler (16th, 654b - unpublished)(ANS1, 12b); tinklin' Tyler (ANS2, 20b); taggin' Tyler (ANS3, 26a); tailored Tyler (ANS6, 22a); Tyler tilt (ANS7, 49a); takeout Tyler (BNS, 25b); tailed Tyler (BNS3, B24a); tired Tyler (2014S1, 37b); flat Tyler (2015S2, 6bZ)
TYMON bath Tymon (2014S1, 12a)
TYNE stitchin' Tyne (14th, 577b)
TYRA Tyra eyes (ANS7, 42b)
TYRONE Tyrone throne (2014S1, 32b)
TWYLA Twyla paper (12th, 468b); dial-a- Twyla (14th, 578a)(FB3, 61a)

UMA unshaven Uma (2015S1, B5b)


heads Upton (10th, 388b); Upton stream (BNS3, 147b); cut Upton (2014S1, B8b); lick it Upton (NYCC, CC12b); team Upton (2014S2, 131a); check Upton (2015S1, 47b); pipe Upton (2015S2, 7bA1)


opera Ursula (ANS5, B11)

VAL(ERIE) Valerie vomit (7th, 251b)(ANS2, F19b)(ANS4, GC28); Valarie vomit (FB2, 78b); Valerie vomit (FB3, 31b); vaporized Val (FB3, 69b); vaporized Val (C, L5b); veggie Val (2015S1, 31b); dream gal Val (2015S2, 3bA2); dream gal Val (2015S2, 6bB); Valerie vomit (2015S2, 3BB); carni- Val (2016S1, AP27a)
VAN Van triloquist (4th, 152b); Van pire (10th, 411a); Van triloquist (FB3, 21b)
VANESSA Vanessa undresser (7th, 276a); voLManic Vanessa (ANS4, s2b); Vanessa vandal (BNSM, 198b)
VENUS vulgar Venus (BNS, 37a); vicious Venus (BNS2, 117b)
VERNE burned Verne (2015S1, 61b)
VERNON burnin' Vernon (8th, 317B)
VI grape Vi (16th, 637b - unpublished); grape Vi (FB, 69b); grape Vi (C, L9b)
VIC(K) thick Vic (3rd, 90b); con Vic (9th, 343a); Vic pic (ANS1, 16b); licked Vic (ANS7, 48b); con Vic (FB2, 60a); con Vic (FB3, LM 4 of 5); airsick Vick (BNS, 23b)
VICKY sicky Vicky (1st, 21b); icky Vicky (ANS2, 33b)(ANS5, A3); sicky Vicky (C, 21b)(PA, 21b)
VICTOR Victor picture (16th, 621b - unpublished); vomitin' Victor (ANS4, 20a)(ANS5, A4)
VICTORIA Victoria's secret (ANS1, 13b)
VINCENT Vincent van gone (7th, 263a); Vincent van gross (ANS5, 8b); rinsin' Vincent (ANS6, 2b); Vincent van gone (FB3, 33a)
VINNIE ventilated Vinnie (2nd, 82b); twinny Vinnie (10th, 390b); mini Vinnie (ANS1, 27a); Vinnie vomit (ANS4, s6a); twinny Vinnie (ANS6, M1); vending Vinnie (BNS, 35b); ventilated Vinnie (C2, 82b)(PA, 82b); Vinnie venom (2015S2, 5bP1)
VINNY Vinny son (ANS7, 12a)
VIOLA violent Viola (14th, 550a)
VIOLET ultra Violet (5th, 202a); ultra Violet (FB2, 77a)(FB3, 26a)
VIV Viv e. section (10th, 401a)

WADE sprayed Wade (5th, 182a); Wade blade (9th, 358b); losin' Wade (15th, 601a); sprayed Wade (FB2, 30a); Wade wolf (BNS2, 85b); Wade braid (2014S2, 109b); Wade shade (2015S1, 33b); readymade Wade (2015S2, 8bA1); arcade Wade (2015S2, 3b80)
WALKER weird Walker (15th, 612b); walked-on Walker (ANS7, 43a); land Walker (2014S2, 102b)
WALDO there's Waldo (2014S2, 97a)
WALLACE Wallace street (2016S1, AP21a)
WALLY whacked-up Wally (6th, 209a); Wally walnut (10th, 407b); winkless Wally (12th, 500a); Wally tamale (ANS3, S4b); killer Wally (ANS7, 24a); Wally walnut (FB3, 44b); Wally went (2014S2, 123c); busted Wally (2015S1, 59a)(Baseball7)
WALT Walt witless (4th, 134b); all wet Walt (13th, 539b); Walt to wall (14th, 548a); weird Walt (2014S1, B4b); weird Walt (NYCC, CC8b)
WALTER Walter sport (8th, 307B); Walter melon (10th, 405b); Walter fall (12th, 472a); Walter cooler (ANS4, 17a)(ANS5, A12); watery eyes Walter (ANS6, b16); Walter sport (FB2, 51b); waterin' Walter (BNS2, 112b); Walter e. eyes (2014S1, 19b); Walter balloon (2014S2, 107a)
WANDA magic Wanda (11th, 452b)(ANS5, M3)(FB3, 49b); wooly Wanda (BNS, B5b); wicked Wanda (BNS2, 105b); Wanda sock (2014S1, 10a)
WARD warty Ward (6th, 220b)(FB2, 38b); academy Ward (BNS, 26a)
WARREN warrin' Warren (4th, 156a); sparrin' Warren (8th, 322B); trojan Warren (ANS3, 33b); worked-up Warren (ANS4, 3a)(ANS4, T10); warrior Warren (ANS7, 10b); sparrin' Warren (FB, 61b); global Warren (FB, 67a); warrin' Warren (FB2, 26a); tug of Warren (BNS, 51a); global Warren (C, L6a); worn-out Warren (BNS3, 151a); road Warren (2016S1, CB3b); american ninja Warren (2016S2, SP4a); Warren peace (2016S1, DNC5a)
WASHINGTON wild man Washington (2016S1, 4th2b)
WAYCO Wayco wishbone (2014S2, 118a)
WAYLON sailin' Waylon (14th, 543b)
WAYNE slain Wayne (2nd, 82a); milky Wayne (7th, 252a); varicose Wayne (10th, 400a); acid Wayne (15th, 611a); varicose Wayne (ANS1, G29a)(ANS1, F24a)(ANS4, GC36); hollow Wayne (ANS4, 33a); varicose Wayne (ANS5, M1); hollow Wayne (ANS7, JP9); milky Wayne (FB, 49a); varicose Wayne (FB, B3); Wayne n. moon (2014S1, 48a); slain Wayne (C2, 82a)(PA, 82a); Wayne vein (2015S2, 7aK); varicose Wayne (2015S2, 9aZ)
WENDE(L)L weird Wendell (8th, 294A); windy Wendel (ANS7, 26b); Wendell weiner dog (2015S2, 8aP1)
WENDY weird Wendy (1st, 16a); waxy Wendy (9th, 335b)(ANS2, F24b); weird Wendy (FB2, 3a); waxy Wendy (FB2, 57b); hallow Wendy (BNS, 24b); wierd Wendy (BNS2, 105a); waxy Wendy (BNS2, 122c); weird Wendy (BNS2, 3D1); weird Wendy (C, 16a)(PA, 16a); Wendy chimes (2014S1, 43a); waxy Wendy (2015S2, 4bD)
WES Wes mess (6th, 233a); toxic Wes (11th, 435b); wishful Wes (ANS4, 26a)(ANS4, T7)(ANS5, A14)
WESLEY Wesley wormhole (ANS1, 3b); webby Wesley (ANS2, 19b); Wesley wormhole (ANS5, A2); waxy Wesley (BNS, 7b)
WEST "welcome" West (2016S1, S7b)
WHIT wet Whit (11th, 443a); half Whit (14th, 552a); split Whit (2015S1, 8b); hit Whit (2015S1, 62c)
WHITNEY zitty Whitney (ANS1, 32a); webbed Whitney (ANS6, 35a); wooly Whitney (C, 12c)
WILLARD pinball Willard (ANS7, 49b)
WILLIAM William penned (7th, 268b); William won't tell (11th, 456b)(ANS5, M9)
WILL(IE) Willie wipe-out (5th, 171a); Will explode (8th, 320B); wee-wee Willie (11th, 443b); road-kill Will (12th, 475a); Will hung (16th, 651b - unpublished); ill Will (ANS1, 33b); Will wobble (ANS2, 11b); wizzin' Will (ANS4, 17b)(ANS5, A12); Willie of fortune (ANS7, 34a); Willie wipe-out (FB3, 24a); Will explode (FB3, 37b); Will hung (FB3, 70b); Will street (BNS, 55a); Will hung (C, L14b); Watery Will (2014S2, 107b)
WILLY wonky Willy (2015S1, 42a)
WINDSOR il Windsor (13th, 540a)(ANS3, F25a)
WINNIE wiped out Winnie (10th, 415b); pick a Winnie (14th, 575b); we Winnie (ANS7, 23b)
WINSLET "winning" Winslet (2016S1, N6b)
WINSTON windy Winston (5th, 175a)(ANS1, G30a)(ANS1, F25a)
WOODY whisperin' Woody (4th, 152a); Woody shop (9th, 348b); whisperin' Woody (FB3, 21a); Woody stock (2016S1, HE9b); red Woody (2016S1, AP12b); holly Woody (2016S1, AP26a)
WREN wrecked Wren (2014S2, 101b)
WYATT whopper Wyatt (ANS6, 31b); waft Wyatt (ANS7, 26a); watery Wyatt (BNS2, 104b)
WYNN instant Wynn (BNS2, 77a); pinned Wynn (BNS3, B24b)
WYNONNA waxt Wynonna (C, 28c)

XAVIER xtreme Xavier (ANS2, 12b); explosive Xavier (ANS4, 23b)

YOLANDA yo Yolanda (10th, 414b)
YUL Yul tied (8th, 297A)

ZACH Zach plaque (2nd, 75b); smokestack Zach (12th, 477b); Zach plaque (FB2, 14b - pic only); Zach plaque (C2, 75b)(PA, 75b); Zach plaque (2015S2, 2bZ)
ZACK unzipped Zack (4th, 132b); coat rack Zack (8th, 303B); unzipped Zack (ANS1, G3b)(ANS1, F3b); waxed Zack (ANS2, 9a)(ANS3, PU9); wacked Zack (ANS3, 39b); Zack snack (ANS5, 14b); snack attack Zack (ANS7, B5); unzipped Zack (FB2, 23b); unzipped Zack (FB3, 74b); insomniac Zack (BNS2, 64b); packed Zack (BNS3, 167b); bug Zack (2014S1, 9a); shark attack Zack (2016S1, AP24b)
ZAK zitty Zak (ANS4, 34a)
ZEKE Zeke freak (5th, 201b)(ANS1, G16b)(ANS1, F15b)(FB2, 34b)
ZOE doughy Zoe (BNS, 15a)