LOCKED DORIAN = Locked Door.
def'n: Lock - A mechanism used to secure a door, lid, etc. To fasten or become fastened with a lock.
def'n: Door- An entranceway to a room, building, or passage.

SIDNEY KIDNEY - Rhyme: The name Sydney with the word kidney.
def'n: Kidney - A pair of organs in the dorsal region of the vertebrate abdominal cavity that function to maintain proper water balance, regulate acid-base concentration, and excrete metabolic wastes as urine.
VERMIN HERMAN - Rhyme: The name Herman with the word vermin.
def'n: Vermin - Any of various small animals or insects, such as cockroaches or rats, that are destructive, annoying, or injurious to health.
GULLIVERED TRAVIS = Gulliver's Travels.
def'n: Gulliver, Lemuel - Hero of voyages to four imaginary regions in Jonathan Swift's satire "Gulliver's Travels".
GROUND CHUCK = Ground chuck (beef).
def'n: Ground - Past tense of grind.
def'n: Grind - To crush. To operate or produce by turning a crank.
def'n: Chuck - A cut of beef extending from the neck to the ribs.
LEAN JEAN - Rhyme: The name Jean with the word lean.
def'n: Lean - Not fleshy or fat; thin. Containing little or no fat. Meat with little or no fat.
GOOD-BYE HY - Rhyme: The name Hy with the phrase 'Good-bye'.
def'n: Good-by or Good-bye - Used to express farewell.
FAREWELL MEL - Rhyme: Then name Mel with the word farewell.
def'n: Farewell - Used to say good-by. A good-by. A leave taking.
ITCHY MITCH - Rhyme: The name Mitch with the word itch(y).
def'n: Itch - A skin sensation causing a desire to scratch. A restless desire or craving.
RAKED JAKE - Rhyme: The name Jake with the word rake(d).
def'n: Rake - To scrape with or as with a rake. A handled garden tool with a row of projecting teeth at its head.
FLAMIN' RAYMOND - Rhyme: The name Raymond wih the word flame(+ing).
def'n: Flame - The zone of burning gases and fine suspended particles that forms as a result of fire. Something flamelike.
HOT TODDY = Hot toddy.
def'n: Hot - Pungent; spicy. Warmer than is normal.
def'n: Toddy - A drink consisting of liquor with hot water, sugar, and spices.
385a PHIL 'ER UP = "Fill 'er (her) up." (Gas station term). Parody of the Cambell Soup 'Kids' mascot.
def'n: Fill - To make or become full.
def'n: Filling Station - A gas station.
def'n: Up - From a lower to a higher position.
CHUCKIN' CHARLIE - Charlie; CH name to go with the word chuck(+ing).
def'n: Chuck - To throw out; discard. slang. To vomit.
SNOTTY DOTTY - Rhyme: The name Dotty to go with the word snot(ty).
def'n: Snot - slang. Nasal mucus; phlegm.
FROZEN FLO = Frozen flow.
def'n: Frozen - Very cold. Preserved by freezing. Rendered immobile.
def'n: Flow - To move or run freely in or as if in a stream.
FATTY MADDIE - Rhyme: The name Maddie with the word fat(ty).
def'n: Fat - Plumpness; obesity; ample; well-stocked: A fat larder. Thick; broad; large.
CORA CORSET - Semi-rhyme: The name Cora with the word corset.
def'n: Corset - A close-fitting undergarment, often reinforced by stays, worn to support and shape the waist and hips.
FACEY TRACIE - Rhyme: The name Tracie with the word face(y).
def'n: Face - The surface of the front of the head. A facial expression; countenance.
388b HEADS UPTON = Heads up.
def'n: Head - Upper or anterior bodily extremity containing the brain, the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and jaws. slang. Warning; notice given in advance.
DIRE RITA = Diarrhea.
def'n: Diarrea or Diarrhea - Abnormally frequent bowel movements.
def'n: Dire - Warning of disaster. Dreadful; disastrous. Urgent; grave.
OVERFLOW JOE - Rhyme: The name Joe with the word overflow.
def'n: Overflow - To flow over the top, brim, or bounds. To spread or cover over.
CONNECTING DOTS = As in 'Connect the dots'.
def'n: Connect - To join or become joined; link; unite. To associate or think of as releated.
def'n: Dot - A round mark made by or as if by a pointed instrument; spot. To mark with a dot. To cover with or as if with dots.
TWINNY VINNIE - Rhyme: Then name Vinnie with the word twin(ny).
def'n: Twin - One of two offspring born at the same birth. Consisting of two identical or similar parts.
GLASS ISAAC = Glass eye.
def'n: Glass - Objects made of glass. A material solidified from the molten state without crystalization.
def'n: Eye - An organ of vision or of light sensitivity.
FALSE IRIS = False eye.
def'n: False - Not natural; artificial.
def'n: Eye - Something suggestive of an eye. Sight; vision.
ANN CHOVIE = Anchovy.
def'n: Anchovy - Any of various small, edible, herring-like saltwater fishes.
SARDINE CANDICE = Sardine can.
def'n: Sardine - A small herring or related fish, often canned in oil.
def'n: Can - A metal container.
JESS EXPRESS - Rhyme: The name Jess with the word express.
def'n: Express - To send by rapid transport (rapid direct transportation). Direct, rapid, and not making local stops. An express train, bus, etc.
CHOO-CHOO TRINA = Choo-choo train.
def'n: Train - A string of connected railroad cars.
BARB WIRE = Barbed wire.
def'n: Barbed wire - Twisted strands of fence wire with barbs at regular intervals.
PLAY PENNY = Playpen.
def'n: Playpen - A portable enclosure in which a baby can be left to play.
PAVED DAVE - Rhyme: The name Dave with the word pave(d).
def'n: Pave - To cover with a hard, smooth surface for travel.
RUN-OVER GROVER - Rhyme: The name Grover with the words run-over.
def'n: Run - (Run down) To collide with and knock down.
def'n: Over - On or above and across.
CREAMED GENE - Semi-rhyme: The name Gene with the word cream(ed).
def'n: Cream - To beat to a creamy consistency. slang. To hit.
CLOBBERED BOB - Rhyme: The name Bob with the word clobber(ed).
def'n: Clobber - slang. To hit or pound with great force.
CLEANED UP CLINT = As in "Clean up (the) lint.".
def'n: Clean up - The act or process of cleaning up.
def'n: Clean - Free from dirt.
def'n: Lint - Clinging bits of fiber and fluff; fuzz.
SUCKED UP STEFAN = As in "Suck up (the) stuff.".
def'n: Suck - To draw in by or as if by suction.
def'n: Up - Moving or directed upward.
def'n: Stuff - Unspecified material. To block or stop up; plug.
SKIIN' IAN - Rhyme: Then name Ian with the word ski(+ing).
def'n: Ski - To travel by skis, especially as a sport. One of a pair of long, flat funners attached to a boot for gliding over snow.
398b SHEARED SHERWOOD = Sheared (Sher)wood.
def'n: Shear - To remove by cutting. To cut with or as if with shears.
def'n: Sherwood Forest - A royal forest near Nottingham, England, where Robin Hood and his men are said to have lived.
def'n: Wood - Trees or parts of trees cut up into boards, planks, etc.
DIRTY FLORA = Dirty floor.
def'n: Dirty - Soiled; grimy. To make or become soiled.
def'n: Floor - The surface of a room on which one stands.
GINA CLEANER - Semi-rhyme: The name Gina with the word clean(er).
def'n: Clean - Free from dirt or impurities. To make or become clean.
VARICOSE WAYNE = Varicose vein.
def'n: Varicose - Abnormally dilated and knotted.
def'n: Vein - A vessel through which blood returns to the heart.
ELAINE VEIN - Rhyme: The name Elaine with the word vein.
def'n: Vein - To mark, form, or decorate with or as if with veins.
VIV E. SECTION = Vivisection.
def'n: Vivisection - The act of cutting into or dissecting a living animal, especially for scientific research.
DISECT ED = Disected.
def'n: Di - pref. Twice, double, or two.
def'n: -Sect - suff. Cut; divide; bisect.
def'n: Bisect - To cut or divide into two equal parts.
LUNCHPAIL GAIL - Rhyme: The name Gail with the word lunchpail.
def'n: Lunch - A meal eaten at midday.
def'n: Pail - A cylindrical vessel with a handle; bucket.
LUNCHBOX STU = Lunchbox stew.
def'n: Lunch - A meal eaten at midday.
def'n: Box - A rectangular container often with a lid.
def'n: Stew - A dish cooked by stewing, a mixture of meat and vegetables with stock.
HUNTER PUNTER - Rhyme: The name Hunter with the word punt(er).
def'n: Punt - A kick in which a football is dropped and kicked before touching the ground.
FRACTURED FRANCIS - Francis; FR name to go with the word fracture(d).
def'n: Fracture - The act or process of breaking. The condition of being broken. A break, rupture, or crack, as in bone or cartilage.
AIRY MAIRY - Rhyme: The name Mary with the word airy.
def'n: Airy - Of or like the air. Open to the air; breezy.
HISSY MISSIE - Rhyme: The name Missie with the word hiss(y).
def'n: Hiss - A sharp, sibilant sound.
OVER-RIPE MELANIE = Over-ripe melon.
def'n: Over - In addition or excess.
def'n: Ripe - Fully grown and developed; mature: A ripe melon.
def'n: Melon - Any of several fruits, as a cantalope or watermelon, having a hard rind and juicy flesh.
405b WALTER MELON = Watermelon.
def'n: Watermelon - The fruit of the watermelon, an african vine cultivated for its large edible fruit, having a hard green rind and sweet, watery reddish flesh.
406a SHOPPING CARTER = Shopping cart.
def'n: Shop - A place where things are sold.
def'n: Cart - A small, light vehicle moved by hand.
406b SUPER MARCUS = Supermarket.
def'n: Supermarket - A large self-service retail store selling food an household goods.
407a CRACKED SHELDON = Cracked shell.
def'n: Crack - To break or cause to break with a sharp sound. To break open or into.
def'n: Shell - A hard outer covering that encases an egg, fruit, or nut.
407b WALLY WALNUT - Wally; W name to go with the word walnut.
def'n: Walnut - The hard, dark brown wood of a walnut. The nut of a walnut. An edible nut.
408a LICKIN' LEON - Leon; L name to go with the word lick(ing).
def'n: Lick - To pass the tongue over. The act of licking.

RAT-SUCKER RANDALL - Randall; R name to go with the words rat-sucker.
def'n: Rat - Any of various long-tailed, often destructive rodents similar but larger than a mouse.
def'n: Sucker - A lollipop. One that sucks.

409a TILTIN' MILTON - Rhyme: The name Milton with the word tilt(ing).
def'n: Tilt - To slope or cause to slope, as by raising one end; incline.
409b AMAZING MASON - Semi-rhyme: The name Mason with the word amaze(+ing).
def'n: Amaze - To fill with surprise or wonder; astonish.
410a SCRATCHING POLE PAUL - Semi-rhyme: The name Paul with the word (scratching) pole.
Scracthing pole - A cat's scratching post.
def'n: Scratch - To use the nails or claws to dig, scrape, or wound. A mark or wound produced by scratching.
def'n: Pole - A long slender piece of wood or other material.
410b CLAWED CLAUDE - Rhyme: The name Claude with the word claw(ed).
def'n: Claw - A sharp, often curved nail on the toe of an animal. To scratch or dig with or as if with claws.
411a VAN PIRE = Vampire.
def'n: Vampire - A reanimated corpse that is believed to rise from the grave at night to suck the blood of sleeping persons.
411b BUD SUCKER = Blood sucker.
def'n: Blood - The fluid circulated by the heart throughout the body.
def'n: Sucker - One that sucks.
def'n: Suck - To draw (liquid) into the mouth by inhaling.
412a MIXED-UP TRIXIE - Semi-rhyme; The name Trixie with the words mix(ed)-up.
def'n: Mix-up - A confused situation; a muddle.
def'n: Muddle - To mix confusedly; jumble.
def'n: Mix - To combine or blend. To form by blending. To join.
412b DOUGHY CHLOE - Rhyme: The name Chloe with the word dough(y).
def'n: Dough - A thick, pliable mixture of flour and other ingredients that can be rolled or kneaded for pastries. A mass similar to dough. Doughy adj.
413a BARNYARD BARNEY - Rhyme: The name Barney with the name barnyard.
def'n: Barnyard - The often enclosed yard surrounding a barn.
413b DICK HICK - Rhyme: The name Dick with the word hick.
def'n: Hick - informal. A gullible, provincial person; yokel.
def'n: Yokel - A simple country person; bumpkin.
def'n: Bumpkin - An awkward or unsophisticated person.
414a UMBILICAL COURTNEY = Umbilical cord.
def'n: Unbilical cord - The flexible cordlike structure that extends from the navel of a fetus to the placenta, containing blood vessels that nourish and remove wastes.
414b YO YOLANDA = Yo yo.
def'n: Yo-yo - A toy consisting of a flattened spool wound with string that is spun down from and reeled up to the hand by winding and unwinding the string.
415a ERASED ERICA - Erica; ER name to go with the word erase(d).
def'n: Erase - To remove (something written or drawn) by rubbing. To remove all traces of.
415b WIPED OUT WINNIE - Winnie; W name to go with the words wipe(d) out.
def'n: Wipe - To rub, as with a cloth or paper. To remove by or as if by rubbing.
def'n: Wipe out - To destroy completely.
416a SHOOTIN' NEWTON - Rhyme: The name Newton with the word shoot(ing).
def'n: Shoot - To hit, wound, or kill from a weapon. To discharge from a weapon.
416b SHERMAN TANK = Sherman tank.
def'n: Sherman tank - The main American battle tank during World War II, weighing 35 tons with a 40 caliber cannon.
def'n: Tank - An enclosed, heavily armored combat vehicle mounted with a cannon and guns and moving on catipillar treads.
417a HANGING HARRIET - Harriet; H name to go with the word hang(ing).
def'n: Hanging - Something hung.
def'n: Hang - To fasten or be fastened from above with no support from below. To suspend or to be suspended.
417b SWINGIN' SOPHIE - Sophie; S name to go with the word swing(ing).
def'n: Swing - To move or cause to move backward and forward. To hang freely. The act of swinging.

Definitions taken from: The American Heritage Dictionary.