PHOTO BOOTH = Photo booth.
def'n: Photo - informal. Photograph. Picture made with a camera by exposing film or plates to the action of light rays.
def'n: Booth - A small, enclosed place for a telephone, motionpicture projector, etc.

VICTOR PICTURE - Rhyme: The name Victor wtih the word picture.
def'n: Picture - A drawing, painting, portrait, or photograph, etc.
NEON LEON - Rhyme: The name Leon with the word neon.
def'n: Neon - A colorless, odorless, gaseous element, forming a very small part of the air. It is used in neon signs.
BLINKIN' BLAKE - Blake; Bl name to go with the word blink(ing).
def'n: Blink - Shine with an unsteady light. A blinking.
TATTOO DREW - Rhyme: The name Drew with the word tattoo.
def'n: Tattoo - To mark (the skin) with designs or patterns by pricking it and putting in colors. Put a design on the skin.
SKIN-PIC DICK - Rhyme: The name Dick with the words 'skin-pic(k)'.
def'n: Skin - The outer layer of tissue of the human or animal body.
def'n: Pick - To pierce, dig into the surface of, or break with something pointed.
def'n: Prick - A sharp point. A hole or mark made by a sharp point; puncture.
ROD RODENT - Rod; R name that has the same spelling as part of the word rodent.
def'n: Rodent - Any of an order of animals having two continually growing incisor teeth in each jaw adapted for gnawing wood, etc. Rats, mice, squirrels, porcupines, etc.
PAT RAT - Rhyme: The name Pat with the name Rat.
def'n: Rat - Any of various long-tailed, gray, black, brown, or white rodents similar to mice but larger, and usually very destructive.
FLUSHED FLOYD - Floyd; FL name to go with the word Floyd.
def'n: Flush - Send a sudden flow of water over and through. A sudden rush, rapid flow.
CROC O' SID = Crock of shit. (Pot of shit).
def'n: Crock Pot - An earthenware pot used for cooking food.
def'n: Pot - The amount a pot can hold; potful.
def'n: Shit - slang. Feces; waste material discharged from the intestines, ecriment.
def'n: Crocodile - Any of a family of large reptiles with thick skin, and a narrow head.
INTERRACIAL RACHEL - Rachel; similar sounding R name as the word interracial.
def'n: Interracial - Between or involving different racial groups.
def'n: Racial - Having to do with race; characteristic of a race.
def'n: Race - A great division of all human beings.
STITCHED STELLA - Stella; ST name to go with the word stitch(ed).
def'n: Stitch - One complete movement of a threaded needle through cloth in sewing, or through skin, flesh, etc.
SEAFOOD CELIA - Celia; S-sounding name to go with the word seafood.
def'n: Seafood - Edible saltwater fish and shellfish.
LOBSTER SHELLY = Lobster shell.
def'n: Lobster - Any of a genus of large marine crustaceans. Their shells turn bright red when boiled. The flesh of a lobster, used as food.
def'n: Shell - The hard outer covering of an animal.
DOUBLE-TEX = Double take. A tribute to Tex Avery's animation style.
def'n: Frederick Bean "Tex" Avery, February 26, 1908 – August 26, 1980, was an American animator, cartoonist, voice actor and director, known for producing animated cartoons during the golden age of American animation.
def'n: Double Take - A delayed reaction to an unusual remark or circumstance, often used as a comic device.
def'n: Double-Texture - Multi-layered. Having more then one layer.
def'n: Texture - Arrangement of parts of anything; structure; make-up. (Double tex; genetic disposition).
HOWIE YOWIE - Rhyme: The name Howie with the word yowie.
def'n: Yow - slang. An expression of humorous surprise or emphasis.
BUSTIN' CHESTER = Busting chest.
def'n: Bust - slang. To burst; break.
def'n: Chest - The front surface of the human body between the neck and the abdomen.
BURSTIN' BURT - Burt; B name to go with the word burst(ing).
def'n: Burst - Break in pieces from pressure; fly apart suddenly with force; explode. To be very full, as if ready to break open.
STUCK-ON HUGH = Stuck on you. (Stuck - p.p. of stick)
def'n: Stick - To fasten or to attach. To be or become fastened.
630bDASHBOARD DENNIS = Dashboard tennis. (An object rolling back and forth on the dashboard)
def'n: Dashboard - Panel with instruments, gauges, and certain controls in front of the driver in an automobile, etc.
def'n: Tennis - A game on a rectangular court in which a ball is hit back and forth over a net with a racket.
BONE HEAD ED - Rhyme: The name Ed with the words 'bone head'.
def'n: Bonehead - informal. A stupid person; blockhead.
MISSING LINK = Missing link.
def'n: Missing link - A hypothetical creature assumed to have been the connecting link between human beings and the anthropod apes. Something lacking from a series.
VENDIN' BRENDAN - Rhyme: The name Brendan with the word vending (machine).
def'n: Vending Machine - Machine from which one obtains candy, stamps, etc., when a coin is dropped in.
632b CHEAP-TOY LEROY - Rhyme: The name Leroy with the words 'cheap-toy'.
def'n: Cheap - Costing little; Low in price.
def'n: Toy - Something for a child to play with. A thing that has little value or importance.
TAYLOR MADE = Tailor-made.
def'n: Tailor-made - Made by, or as if by, a tailor. A person who's business is making, altering, or mending clothes.
JUDD FLOOD - Rhyme: The name Judd with the word flood.
def'n: Flood - A great outpouring of anything. Pour out or stream like a flood. Flow like a flood. To become covered or filled with water.
HUNGRY HENRIETTA - Henrietta; H name to go with the word hungry.
def'n: Hungry - Feeling a desire or need for food. A strong craving.
STUFFIN' STEFAN - Stefan; ST name to go with the word stuff(ing).
def'n: Stuff - To pack full; to fill. Force; push; thrust. To eat too much. Stop (up); block; choke.
FREIGHT DWAYNE = Frieght train.
def'n: Freight Train - A railroad train of freight cars; freight.
def'n: Freight Car - A railroad car for carrying freight.
def'n: Freight - Load of goods carried on a train, ship, etc. Load with freight. Carry as freight.
LOCO MOE = Locomotive.
def'n: Locomotive - An engine that moves from place to place used to pull railroad trains. Having the power of locomotion.
def'n: Loco - slang. Crazy.
SLAMMED SLOAN - Sloan; SL name to go with the word slam(med).
def'n: Slam - To shut with force and noise; close with a bang.
KEITH OUT = Keep out.
def'n: Keep Out - To prevent from entering.
RAISIN' ELLA = Raising hell. (Parody of the 'California Raisins').
def'n: Raise Hell - To bring about; cause. To stir up; rouse.
def'n: Raisin - A sweet, dried grape.
GRAPE VI = Grapevine. (Parody of the song "Heard it Throught the Grapevine" - 'California Raisin's theme song).
def'n: Grapevine - A vine that grapes grow on. A way in which news or rumors are mysteriously spread.
SPRAYED RAY - Rhyme: The name Ray with the word spray(ed).
def'n: Spray - Instrument that sends a liquid out as spray.
def'n: Spray Can - Container from which an insecticide, paint, cosmetic, etc., can be released as a spray or mist.
RHODA ROACH - Rhoda; R name to go with the word roach.
def'n: Roach - Cockroach.
def'n: Cockroach - Order of nocturnal insects, usually with flattened, oval bodies. Some species inhabiting kitchens, water pipes, etc.
PIE GUY - Rhyme: The name Guy with the word pie.
def'n: Pie - Something considered as a whole, yet able to be divided into shares.
def'n: Pizza - A spicy, pie-like Italian dish made by baking a large flat layer of bread dough covered with cheese and toppings.
PEPPERONI TONI - Rhyme: The name Toni with the word pepperoni.
def'n: Pepperoni - A very highly spiced Italian sausage.
FINGER-PAINTIN' FIFI - Fifi; F name to go with the words 'finger-paiting'.
def'n: Finger Painting - Method of painting pictures or designs wiht thickened watercolors on large sheets of paper, using fingers or hands instead of brushes.
640bLIBBY STICK = Lipstick.
def'n: Lipstick - A small stick of a waxlike cosmetic, used for coloring the lips.
def'n: Stick - informal. A stiff, awkward, or stupid person.
TICKED-OFF TUCKER - Tucker; T name to go with the words 'ticked-off'.
def'n: Tick Off - informal. To annoy; make angry.
def'n: Tick - The quick, light, dry sound made by a clock or watch.
QUITTIN' TIME QUINN - Quinn; Q name to go with the words "quitting time".
def'n: Quit - To stop, cease, or discontinue: quit work at five. To stop working.
def'n: Time - A part of time. Some point in time; particular point in time: what time is it?
SCRAWLED SAUL - Rhyme: The name Saul with the word scrawl(ed).
def'n: Scrawl - Write or draw poorly or carelessly.
BAD ART = Bad art.
def'n: Bad - Not good; not as it ought to be; inferior; poor.
def'n: Art - Painting, drawing, or sculpture.
TWIN BILL = Twin bill. (Billed twice for the same amount.)
def'n: Twin - Being one of two things very much alike. Having two like parts. Join closely; couple; pair.
def'n: Bill - A statement of money owed.
RUSS PLUS - Rhyme: The name Russ with the word plus.
def'n: Plus - Additional; extra. informal. An added quality.
NOAH PARKING = No parking (Traffic sign).
def'n: Park - Place to leave an automobile, etc., for a time.
def'n: No - Not in any degree.
PETER METER - Rhyme: The name Peter with the word meter.
def'n: Parking Meter - Device containing a clock mechanism which is operated by the insertion of coins. It allows an automobile a specified amount of time in a parking area for each coin.
def'n: Meter - Device for measuring (time).
BUSY BEA = Busy bee (As in the saying "As busy as a bee").
def'n: Busy - Having plenty to do; working. Make busy; keep busy: the bees busied themselves at making honey.
def'n: Bee - Insect with four wings that produces wax to make honeycombs and gathers nectar and pollen to make honey.
HANDY MANDY - Rhyme: Then name Mandy with the word handy.
def'n: Handy - To be useful or helpful. Skilled with the hands; dexterous.
JARRED JARED - Semi-rhyme: The name Jared with the word jar(red).
def'n: Jar - Have a harsh, unpleasant effect on. Clash; quarrel; conflict. Hard poke.
LOU CUE - Rhyme: The name Lou with the word cue.
def'n: Cue - A long, tapering stick used for striking the ball in billiards, pool, etc.
LEGGY PEGGY - Rhyme: The name Peggy with the word leggy.
def'n: Leggy - Having long legs. Having awkwardly long legs. informal. Having shapely legs.
647bOBSCENE KATHLEEN - Rhyme: The name Kathleen with the word obscene.
def'n: Obscene - Offending modesty or decency ; impure; filthy; vile.
648aSUSHI SUSIE - Rhyme: The name Susie with the word sushi.
def'n: Sushi - Japanese dish consisting of cooked rice that is mixed with vinegar, cooled, and served with slices of raw fish and sometimes vegetables or seaweed.
648bTERRIBLE TERI - Teri; T name to go with the word terrible.
def'n: Terrible - Dreadful; awful. informal. Exremely bad, unpleasant, etc.
649aTHROAT PAYNE = Throat pain.
def'n: Throat - The passage from the mouth to the stomach or the lungs.
def'n: Jump Down One's Throat - Attack or criticize a person with sudden violence.
def'n: Pain - The feeling of being hurt; suffering.
649bPUNCHIN' JODY = Punch and Judy Show.
def'n: Punch and Judy Show - A puppet show in which Punch (a hook nosed, hunch backed doll) quarrels violently with his wife Judy. Earliest roots date back to the 14th century in Italy.
def'n: Punch - A quick thrust or blow with the fist. Hit with the fist.
650aDEAD FLORA = Dead flora.
def'n: Dead - No longer living; that has died. Without life.
def'n: Flora - Plants or plant life of a particular region or time.

FETID FERN = Fetid fern.
def'n: Fetid - Smelling very bad; stinking.
def'n: Fern - Any class of plants resembling seed plants, but reproducing by means of spores grown in clusters instead of by seeds.

651aDUNKIN' DUNCAN - Duncan; same sounding D name as the word dunk(ing).
def'n: Dunk - Dip into a liquid; water. Put or submerge in a liquid.
651bWILL HUNG = Well hung.
def'n: Well - A spring of water. A continuous supply; well spring. Thoroughly; fully.
def'n: Hung - (Hang) Put to death by hanging with a rope around the neck.
652aFORGED GEORGE - Rhyme: The name George with the word forge(d).
def'n: Forge - An open fireplace or hearth with a bellows attached, used for heating metal very hot to be hammered into shape. A blacksmith's shop, smithy.
652bGLOWIN' OWEN - Rhyme: The name Owen with the word glow(ing).
def'n: Glow - Shine because of heat; be red-hot or white-hot.
653a BURN-A MYRNA - Rhyme: The name Myrna with the words 'burn-a'.
def'n: Burn - To be on fire; be very hot; blaze; glow. Become injured, charred, singed, scorched, etc. by fire, heat, or acid.
653bMINNIE HAPPY RETURNS = Many happy returns (Many happy birthdays).
def'n: Many - Consisting of a great number; numerous: many years.
def'n: Happy - Lucky; fortunate.
def'n: Return(s) - A going or coming back; happening again.
654aKYLE TILE - Rhyme: The name Kyle with the word tile.
def'n: Tile - A thin piece of baked clay, stone, etc., used for paving floors, ornamenting, etc.
654bBATHROOM TYLER = Bathroom tile.
def'n: Bathroom - A room fitted out for taking baths. Toilet.
def'n: Tile - To put tiles on or in: tile a bathroom.
655aREX TOWN = Wreck(s) town.
def'n: Wreck - Total destruction. To destroy; ruin.
def'n: Town - A large group of houses and buildings smaller than a city but larger than a village.
655bDINO ATTACKS = Dinosaur Attacks. (Parody of a Topps original artwork set from 1988).
def'n: Dinosaur - Any of two orders of extinct reptiles, some of which grew to enormous size, that dominated the earth during the Mesozoic Era.
def'n: Attack - An assault; assail with physical force.
656aLITTLE BARFIN' FANNY = A parody of PlayBoy's "Little Annie Fanny" pictorial cartoon feature created by Harvey Kurtzman, editor and founding of MAD magazine, starting in the late 50's, early 60's. A parody take-off on Harold Gray's "Little Orphan Annie". The feature was revived in 1998 with artwork by Ray Lago (who completed an artwork piece for the ANS3 GPK set).
def'n: Little - Not great or big; of small size.
def'n: Barf - slang. Vomit.
def'n: Fanny - slang. butt; buttocks. Hind end.
def'n: Fan - Instrument that prduces a breeze for ventilation; cooling.
656bBESS MESS - Rhyme: The name Bess with the word mess.
def'n: Mess - A dirty or untidy mass or group of things. To make dirty.
657aCRAWLY RALEIGH - Rhyme: The name Raleigh with the word crawly.
def'n: Crawly - informal. Feeling as if things are crawling over one's skin.
657bBUGGED BOYD = Bugged boy.
def'n: Bug - To annoy; irritate. Any order of hemipterous insects. Swarming with bugs.
def'n: Boy - Man; fellow.
658aTRIM JIM - Rhyme: The name Jim with the word trim.
def'n: Trim - Make neat by cutting away parts. To remove (parts that are not needed or not neat).
658b GROOMIN' TRUMAN - Rhyme: The name Truman with the word groom(ing).
def'n: Groom - To take care of the appearance of; make neat and tidy.
659aIDOL IRA - Ira; I name to go with the word idol.
def'n: Idol - An image or other object worshipped as a god. Object of extreme devotion.
659bKEN TIKI = Kon-Tiki.
The raft (that was named aftr the Inca sun God Viracocha) used by the Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl to sail across the Pacific to the Polynesian Islands.
def'n: Tiki - A Polynesian deity, regarded as the creator of human beings. Made out of wood or stone.
660aTAD ILL = Tad ill.
def'n: Tad - informal. A tad; a little bit; slightly.
def'n: Ill - In poor health; having some disease; not well; sick. Sickness.
660b SPILLIN' GUS = Spilling guts.
def'n: Spill - Let (liquid or any loose matter) run or fall. Scatter; disperse. informal. Fall or flow out.
def'n: Guts - Intenstines or stomach.
661aSTOKED STU - Stu; ST name to go with the word stoke(d).
def'n: Stoked - slang. Excited
def'n: Stoke - To arrouse or intensify.
661b TOILET WAVE DAVE - Rhyme: the name Dave with the words "toilet wave".
def'n: Toilet - A bathroom. A porcelain bowl with a seat attached and a drain at the bottom connected to a water tank. Waste matter from the body is diposed of in a toilet.
def'n: Wave - A moving ridge or swell of water.
def'n: Surf - Waves or swell of the sea breaking in a foaming mass on the shore. Travel or ride on the crest of a wave, especially with a surfboard.

Definitions taken from: The American Heritage Dictionary.