METEOR MARK - Mark; M name to go with the word "meteor".
A parody of the "Big Bang Theory" that states that a large meteor slammed into the Earth, causing dust particles to block out the sun and in turn, causing the extinction of dinosuars.
def'n: Meteor - A mass of rock or metal that enters the Earth's atmosphere from outer space with enormous speed; falling star; shooting star. Friction with air molecules in the atmosphere cuases meteors to become so hot that they glow and usually burn up before reaching the surface.

ASTEROID ANTHONY - Anthony; A name to go with the word "asteroid".
def'n: Asteroid - Any of numerous minor planets which revolve about the sun, chiefly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter; planetoid. Asteroid belt.
SAM BIDEXTEROUS = Ambidextrous.
def'n: Ambidextrous - Able to use both hands equally well. Unusually skillful.
MULTI-TASKIN' ASHTON - Rhyme; The name Ashton with the word multi-task(ing).
def'n: Multitask - The ability to take on several tasks at one time (often a job requirement for clerical work).
def'n: Task - Work to be done; piece of work; duty; job.
INTERNAL MORGAN = Internal organ.
def'n: Internal - On the inside; inner; internal injuries. Coming from within.
def'n: Internally - Inside. Inside the body.
def'n: Organ - Any part of a living organism that is composed of various tissues organized to perform particular functions. The eyes, stomach, heart, lungs, etc.
DEMONIC DANIELLE - Danielle; D name to go with the word "demonic".
def'n: Demonic - Of evil spirits; caused by evil spirits.
def'n: Demoniac - Of or like demons. Devilish; fiendish. Raging; frantic. Possessed by an evil spirit.
def'n: Demon - And evil spirit; devil; fiend. A very wicked or cruel person.
MATT MOBILE = Batmobile.
A parody of Batman's Batmobile, the comic books hero's automobile.
def'n: Mobile - Easy to move; movable.
def'n: Automobile - A four-wheeled passenger vehicle, for use on roads and streets, that is self-propelled by an internal-combustion engine.
BATTY BRAD - Brad; B name to go with the word "batty".
A parody of the comic book hero Batman (aka Bruce Wayne) created in 1939 by Bob Kane for DC Comics.
def'n: Batty - slang. Crazy.
def'n: Crazy - Mentally ill; mad; insane.
def'n: Bat - Any of a large order of nocturnal flying mammals having a mouselike body and membranous wings.
MARTY MUCOUS - Marty; M name to go with the word "mucous".
def'n: Mucous - Of or like mucus. Containing or secreting mucus.
def'n: Mucus - A viscid, slimy substance, consisiting chiefly of mucin, that is secreted by and moistens and protects the mucous membranes.
RUNNY RYAN - Ryan; R name to go with the word "runny".
def'n: Runny - That runs: a runny nose.
def'n: Running - Act of a person, animal, or thing that runs. That which runs.
def'n: Run - To go by moving the legs quickly; go faster than walking.
MATRIX MIGUEL - Miguel; M name to go with the word "matrix".
a parody of the Wachowski brother's 1999 movie "The Matrix" with main character Neo (actor Keanu Reeves).
def'n: Matrix - The intercellular nonliving substance of a tissue. (In mathematics) a set of quantities in a rectangular array, subject to operations such as multiplication or inversion according to specified rules.
SKINNED JIM - Semi-rhyme; The name Jim with the word "skin"(ed).
def'n: Skin - The outer layer of tissue of the human or animal body, especially when soft and flexible.
ANN URISM = Aneurism or aneurysm.
def'n: Aneurism - A permanent swelling of an artery or vein, caused by the pressure of the blood on a part weakened by disease or injury.
ESTHER BASKET = Easter basket.
def'n: Easter - The annual Christian holiday on the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after March 21, celebrating Jesus' resurrection.
def'n: Basket - A container made of twigs, grasses, fibers, strips of wood, etc., woven together. The amount that a basket holds.
NORMAN NOTWELL = Norman Rockwell.
def'n: Rockwell, Norman - (1894 - 1978); Famous Americana artist whose art was showcased on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post for over forty years.
def'n: Not - A negative; Not true.
def'n: Well - In a satisfactory, favorable, or advantageous manner; all right; The job ws well done.
VINCENT VAN GROSS = Vincent Van Gogh.
def'n: Van Gogh, Vincent - (1853 - 1890); A famous Impressionist Dutch painter. As history goes, Vincent cut off his ear, boxed it, and sent it to his dying love. Considered one of the greatest artists in the history of European art.
def'n: Gross - Very easily seen; glaring; flagrant: Gross misconduct. Course; vulgar: Gross manners.
def'n: Gross out - slang. To disgust; offend: That movie grossed me out.
FURIOUS GEORGE = Curious George.
A name parody of the cartoon character "Curious George" created by H(ans) A(ugusto) Rey (1898 - 1977) in 1935 and published by Houghton Mifflin in 1941.
def'n: Fury - A wild, fierce anger; rage. Violence; fierceness: The fury of a battle. A raging or violent person.
def'n: Furor - A rage; fury. Craze; mania.
KING KYLE - Kyle; K name to go with the word "king".
A parody of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Lost World," an epic adventure film about an expedition to Skull Island filled with prehistoric animals. Most recently, the 2005 "King Kong" remake by writer/director Peter Jackson of "The Lord of the Rings" fame.
def'n: King - The male ruler of a nation; male sovereign.
HEADLESS HEATHER - Heather; H name to go with the word "head(less)".
def'n: Headless - Having no head. Without brians; foolish; stupid.
10bHEAD ALEXIS = Head of Lettuce.
def'n: Head - Anything rounded like a had: a head of cabbage.
def'n: Lettuce - Any of a genus of garden plants of the composite family, having large, crisp, green leaves.
SLAM-DUNK DYLAN - Dylan; D name to go with the words "slam-dunk".
def'n: Slam - To throw, push, hit, or move hard with force.
def'n: Dunk shot - (in basketball) a shot made by leaping so that the hands are above the rim of the basket, and throwing the ball down through the netting.
def'n: Dunk - (in basketball) thow (the ball) down through the basket from above the rim.
JUMPSHOT JOSH - Josh; J name to go with the word "jump shot".
def'n: Jump shot - (in basketball) shot made while jumping, especially at the highest point of the jump.
HEAVIN' HUNTER - Hunter; H name to go with the word "heave(+ing)".
A parody of the Looney Tunes cartoon character Elmer J. Fudd created over several years from 1937 - 1940 (Daffy Duck also parodied).
def'n: Heave - To vomit or try to vomit; retch.
def'n: Hunter - A person who hunts. A person who searches eagerly for something.
def'n: Hunt - To go after (wild animals, game birds, etc.) to catch or kill them for food or sport. To drive; chase; pursue.
12b RABBIT CHASE = Rabbit chase.
A parody of the Warner Brothers cartoon character Elmer J. Fudd, the rabbit chasing hunter after the character Bugs Bunny: "Be vewy vewy quwiet I'm hunting wabbits ehehehehehehe".
def'n: Rabbit - Any of various small, burrowing mammals with soft fur, long ears, long hind legs, and a short fluffy tail.
def'n: Chase - To run or follow after to catch or kill. To hunt. informal. The chase, hunting as a sport: The fox hunter was devoted to the chase. A hunted animal: The chase escaped the hunter. A stretch of open country used for hunting.
INMATE NATE - Rhyme: The name Nate with the word "inmate".
def'n: Inmate - A person confined in a prison, asylum, hospital, etc.
LAST-LEG LUKE - Luke; L name to go with the words "last-leg".
def'n: Last leg - Usually significant with the "last leg" of a race, the last stretch.
def'n: Last - A person or thing that is last. A block of wood or metal shaped like a person's foot, on which shoes and boots are formed or repaired.
def'n: Leg - One of the limbs on which people and animals support themselves and walk, especially the part of the limb between the knee and the ankle. One of the distinct portions or stages of any course: the last leg of a trip, the first leg of a relay race. "On one's last legs", about to fail, collapse, die, etc.; at the end of one's resources.
REGURGITA-TED = Regurgitate(d).
def'n: Regurgitate - (of liquids, gases, undigested foods, etc.) rush, surge, or flow back. To throw up; vomit; Regurgiate food from the stomach.
ZACK SNACK - Rhyme: The name Zack with the word "snack".
def'n: Snack - A light meal, especially one eaten between regular meals. To eat a snack.
ARMLESS AARON - Aaron; A name to go with the word "armless".
def'n: Arm - The part of the human body between the shoulder and hand, sometimes including the hand.
def'n: -Less - Without.
UNARMED ADRIAN - Adrian; A name to go with the word "unarmed".
def'n: Unarmed - To be without weapons.
def'n: Unarm - To disarm.
def'n: Disarm - To take weapons away from. Make friendly. Make harmless.
def'n: Un- - To do the opposite of; to do the reverse.
def'n: Arm (Arms) - Weapon(s), or anything used as a weapon.
AL POE = Alpo.
A parody of the Purina dog food "Alpo", a product of Switzerland.
def'n: Mail carrier - A person who carries or delivers mail; mailman; postman.
GNAWED CLAUDE - Rhyme: The name Claude with the word "gnaw(ed)".
def'n: Gnaw - To bite at and wear away. To make by biting. To trouble, harass; torment. To bite: To gnaw at a bone.
def'n: Claw (clawed) - To scratch, tear, seize, or pull with the claws or hands.
RED-EYE ROB - Rob; R name to go with the words "red-eye".
def'n: Red eye - A bacterial infection, called conjunctivitis, a redness or irritation of the conjunctivae, the membranes on the inner part of the eyelids and the membranes covering the whites of the eyes, resulting in a yellow or green discharge. Red eyes are characterized by dilated blood vessels causing the appearance of redness on the surface of the eye. Also a aviation term for the earliest flight in the morning.
def'n: Red eye effect - The red-eye effect in photography is the common appearance of red eyes on photographs taken with a photographic flash. The light of the flash occurs too fast for the iris of the eye to close the pupil. The flash light is focused by the lens of the eye onto the blood-rich retina at the back of the eye and the image of the illuminated retina is again focused by the lens of the eye back to the camera resulting in a red appearance of the eye on the photo.
PINK-EYE GUY - Rhyme: The name Guy with the words "pink-eye".
def'n: Pink eye - A viral infection, usually associated with more of a watery discharge, not green or yellow in color, and is frequently associated with viral cold-like symptoms. The eyelids may be swollen. An acute, very contagious form of conjunctivitus.
COREY COLA - Corey; C name to go with the word "cola" (cherry cola).
def'n: Cola - An African evergreen tree, of the same family as the cacao from whose bitter brownish seed, the cola nut, comes an extract that contains caffeine and is used in soft drinks and in medicines. A carbonated soft drink flavored with the cola nut exctract.
def'n: Pop - A nonalcoholic carbonated drink: Strawberry pop.
COCA-COLE = Coca-Cola.
A parody of the popular soft drink, Coca-Cola which was invented by a Dr. John Stith Pemberton in 1886, using coca leaves and the cola (kola) nut as a basis. Also referred to as "Coke".
def'n: Coca - A large tropical shrub growing in South America, Java, and Sri Lanka, whose dried leaves are used to make cocaine and other alkaloids. Used to deaden pain and as a stimulant.
SAMANTHA SWIRL - Samantha; S name to go with the word "swirl".
def'n: Swirl - To move along with a twisting motion; whirl. A twist or curl: The sundae had a swirl of whipped cream on top.
DECORATING DEB - Deb; D name to go with the word "decorate(+ing)".
def'n: Decorate - To improve by providing with something ornamental or becoming; adorn (to increase the beauty of).
PAUL PACKAGE - Paul; P name to go with the word "package".
def'n: Package - A bundle of things packed or wrapped together; box or relatively small receptacle with things packed in it; parcel. To make a package or packages out of .
20bTONGUE-TIED TOBY - Toby; T name to go with the words "tongue-tied".
def'n: Tongue-tied - Having the motion of the tongue hindered, because of the shortness of the membrane on the underside of the tongue. Unable to speak because of shyness, embarrassment, etc.
def'n: Tie - Fasten, join, or connect in any way. To fasten with string, cord, rope, etc.; bind: Tie a package. informal. To fasten; form a bow or knot.
ERIC THE WRECK = Eric the Red.
def'n: Eric the Red - A Viking chief who discovered Greenland about A.D. 982.
def'n: Wreck - Partial or total destruction of a motor vehicle, ship, etc. Any destruction or serious injury. What is left of anything that has been destroyed or much injured.
MOTO CARL = Motorcar.
def'n: Motorcar - Automobile.
def'n: Motorbike - informal. Bicycle with an auxiliary motor. Motorcycle, especially a small, light one.
def'n: Motocross - A motorcycle race run over cross-country trails rather than on a paved track.
COURTIN' CODY - Cody; C name to go with the word "court(ing)".
def'n: Court - To seek the favor of; try to please. Pay loving attention to; woo.
def'n: Woo - To make love to; seek to marry.
AL ENTINE = Valentine.
def'n: Valentine - A greeting card or small gift sent on Saint Valentine's Day, February 14th. The sweetheart chosen on this day.
CLAIRE SNARE - Rhyme: The name Claire with the word "snare".
def'n: Snare - A trap consisting of a noose or set of nooses for catching small animals and birds. Anything that entraps; pitfall; trap. To entangle; trap. To catch.
LUNCHTIME LINDSEY - Lindsey; L name to go with the word "lunchtime".
def'n: Lunchtime - The time at which lunch is eaten or served.
def'n: Lunch - A light meal between breakfast and dinner. Food for lunch.
STORMCLOUD SHAWN - Shawn; S name to go with the word "stormcloud".
def'n: Storm - A strong wind with rain, snow, hail, or thunder and lightning. A violent outbreak of thunder and lightning.
def'n: Cloud - To become gloomy; darken; dim. A visible mass of condensed water droplets or ice particles floating in the air.
BOLTIN' COLTON - Rhyme: The name Colton with the word "bolt(ing)".
def'n: Bolt - The discharge of lightning; thunderbolt
def'n: Ligtning - A flash of light in the sky caused by a discharge of electricity between clouds, or between one part of a cloud and another part, or between a cloud and the Earth's surface.
NICK PICK - Rhyme: The name Nick with the word "pick".
def'n: Pick - To pull away with the fingers. To pierce, dig into the surface of, or break up with something pointed.
PICKY DICKY - Rhyme: The name Dicky with the word "picky".
def'n: Picky - informal. Choosy; particular.
MILKIN' MILT - Semi-rhyme: The name Milt with the word "milk(ing)".
def'n: Milk - To draw milk, by hand or by means of a machine, from (a cow, goat, etc.). To drain the contents from.
DAIRY BARRY - Rhyme: The name Barry with the word "dairy".
def'n: Dairy - A farm where milk and cream are produced and sometimes butter and cheese are made. Business of producing milk and cream and making butter and cheese.
HAY BAILEY = Hay bale.
def'n: Hay - Grass, alfalfa, clover, etc., cut and dried for use as food for cattle, horses, etc.
def'n: Hayfork - A pitchfork. A mechanical device equipped with hooks for moving hay into or out of a hayloft.
def'n: Bale - A large bundle of material closely pressed, tightly corded or hooped, and sometimes bound for shipping or storage: a bale of hay.
27bPETEY WHEATEY - Rhyme: The name Petey with the word "wheat(ey)".
def'n: Wheat - The grain or seed of any of a genus of widely cultivated cereal grasses.

KARATE KYLE - Kyle; K name to go with the word "karate".
def'n: Karate - Japanese method of fighting without weapons by striking with the hands, elbows, knees, and feet at certain vulnerable parts of the opponent's body.

28bTY KWON DON'T = Taekwondo.
def'n: Taekwondo - A modern martial art that originated in Korea and is based on ancient methods of combat and self-defense. The name is derived from the Korean word “Tae” to kick or smash with feet, “Kwon” to punch or destroy with hand or fist and “Do” meaning the way or method. Literally translated means “the way of kicking and punching”.
def'n: Don't - Do not.
29aYO-YO JOE - Rhyme: The name Joe with the word "yoyo".
A parody of the Duncan yo-yo toy, the leading yo-yo company since 1929.
def'n: Yoyo - A small toy consisting of a deeply grooved disk which is spun out and reeled in by means of an attached string. slang. A stupid, inept, ineffective person.
29bTRICKY NICK - Rhyme: The name Nick with the word "trick(y)".
def'n: Trick - A clever act; feat or skill.
def'n: Tricky - Full of tricks. Dangerous or difficult to handle.
30aYOGA OLGA - Semi-rhyme: The name Olga with the word "yoga".
def'n: Yoga - System of Hindu religious philosophy that requires certain ascetic practices, abstract meditation, and intense mental concentration as a means of attaining a state of union with the universal spirit. A system of physical exercises and positions used in yoga.

MEL SMELL - Rhyme: The name Mel with the word "smell".
def'n: Smell - To perceive (an odor or scent) with the nose by means of the olfactory nerves. Inhale the odor or scent of (something); sniff at. To give out a bad smell; to stink.

31aTURNTABLE TIM - Tim; T name to go with the word "turntable".
def'n: Turntable - The round, revolving platform of a phonograph upon which records are placed. A machine in which rotating records cause a stylus to vibrate and the vibrations are amplified acoustically or electronically.
31bDEE-JAY JASON - Jason; J name to go with the word "deejay (dj)".
def'n: Deejay - informal. A disc jockey. A person who spins music in a nightclub; often in a deejay booth.
def'n: Disc Jockey - informal. A disk jockey.
def'n: Disk Jockey - informal. Announcer for a radio program that consists chiefly of recorded popular music.
32aGAMBLIN' GABE - Gabe; G name to go with the word "gamble(+ing)".
def'n: Gamble - To play games of chance for money. Take a risk; take great risks. Risk (money or other things of value). Gamble away, lose or squander by gambling: Gamble away a fortune.
32bLUIS VEGAS - Chris; C name to go with the words "cut up".
def'n: Las Vegas - A gambling city of southeast Nevada near the California and Arizona borders. It is a major tourist center known for its casinos.
33a TETHER BILL = Tetherball.
def'n: Tetherball - A game played by two persons with a ball fastened by a cord to the top of a tall post. The object of the game is to hit the ball so as to wind the cord around the post.
33bSPORTY SPENCER - Spencer; SP name to go with the word "sporty".
def'n: Sporty - Sportsmanlike; sporting.
def'n: Sporting - Of, interesting in, or engaging in sports. Playing fair.
def'n: Sport - A game, contest, or other pastime requiring some skill and usually involving a certain amount of physical exercise.
34aEYE-CANY MANDY - Rhyme: The name Mandy with the words "eye-candy".
def'n: Eye-candy - informal. eye-catching.
def'n: Eye-catching - informal. Something striking or appealing to the eyes.
def'n: Eye - The part of the body by which human beings and animals see; organ of sight.
def'n: Eyeball - The ball-shaped part of the eye without the surrounding lids and bony socket.
def'n: Candy - Sugar or syrup, cooked and flavoured, then cooled and made into small pieces for eating.
34bMOLLY POP = Lollypop or lollipop.
def'n: Lollypop - A piece of hard candy, usually on the end of a small stick.
35aQUICK-PICK RICK - Rhyme: The name Rick with the words "quick-pick".
A parody of the lottery term 'quick-pick'; picking numbers quickly at a chance of winning the lottery.
def'n: Quick - Coming soon; prompt; immediate: A quick answer.
def'n: Pick - To choose out of a number or quantity; select.
35bMEGA-MILLION MIKE - Mike; M name to go with the words "mega-million".
def'n: Mega- (combing form) - One million.
def'n: Million - One thousand thousand; 1,000,000. A very large number; very many.
def'n: Milionaire - A person whose wealth amounts to a million or more dollars, pounds, francs, etc. A very wealthy person.
36aCHRISTINA BARFARINA - Rhyme: The name Christina with the word "barfarina" = "ballerina".
def'n: Barf - slang. Vomit.
def'n: Vomit - To expel the contents of the stomach through the mouth; throw up what has been eaten.
def'n: Balarina - A woman who dances in a ballet.
36bSPEWIN' SHANNON - Shannon; S name to go with the word "spew(ing)".
def'n: Spew - To throw out; cast forth; vomit. Something that is spewed; vomit.
def'n: Vomit - To expel the contents of the stomach through the mouth; throw up what has been eaten.
37aFARRAH FAUCET = Farrah Fawcett.
def'n: Fawcett, Farrah - A famous actress of the hit T.V. series "Charlie's Angels" of the 1970's; A popular pin-up poster actress.
def'n: Faucet - A device containing a valve for controlling the flow of water or other liquid from a pipe or a container holding it, by opening or closing.
37bLEAKIN' LACEY - Lacey; L name to go with the word "leak(ing)".
def'n: Leak - To let something pass in or out: The pipe leaks gas.
38aRAILROADED RICHARD - Richard; R name to go with the word "railroad(ed)".
def'n: Railroading - Construction or operation of railroads.
def'n: Railroad - Tracks, station, trains, and other property of a system of transportation that uses rails, together with the people who manage them. To send by railroad; carry on a railroad. informal. To carry out or pass quickly. To send (a person) to prison without a fair trial: The prisoner claimed that she was railroaded.
def'n: Conductor - A person in charge of a railroad train, buss, etc., and its passengers.
38b CHOO-CHOO CHARLIE - Charlie; CH name to go with the words "choo-choo".
def'n: Choo-choo - informal. A locomotive train.
def'n: Train - A string of connected railroad cars.
39aDOOMED DWAYNE - Dwayne; D name to go with the word "doom(ed)".
def'n: Doom - One's fortune or lot; fate. An unhappy or terrible fate; ruin or death.
39bTOASTED TODD - Todd; T name to go with the word "toast(ed)".
def'n: Toast - slang. One that is doomed, in trouble, or unworthy of further consideration. To brown by heat; Toast bread. To heat thoroughly: I toasted my feet by the fire.
40aCHOPPER-CHOPPED CHRIS - Chris; C name to go with the words "chopper-chop(ped)".
def’n: Chop – Cut into small pieces. A cutting blow or stroke.
def’n: Chopper – slang. Helicopter."
def'n: Helicopter - A type of aircraft without wings, lifted from the ground and supported in the air by one or more horizontal propellers.
40b SLICED SAMMY - Sammy; S name to go with the word "slice(ed)".
def’n: Slice – A thin, flat, broad piece cut from something: a slice of meat. Cut through or across. A broad blade.
B10BRUCE BRUSH - Bruce; B name to go with the word "brush".
def'n: Brush - The art or skill of an artist. To paint with a brush. A tool for cleaning, sweeping, scrubbing, painting, etc., made of bristles, hair, or wire set in a stiff back or fastened to a handle.
def'n: Paintbrush - A brush for putting on paint.
def'n: Painter - A person who paints pictures; artis. A person who paints houses, woodwork, etc.
B11OPERA URSULA - Semi-rhyme: The name Ursula with the word "opera".
def'n: Opera - A play in which music is an essential and prominent part. A performance of an opera. Opera house. Often sung in Latin.
def'n: Opera house - A theatre where operas are performed.
B12PATRICK PIÑATA - Patrick; P name to go with the word "piñata".
def'n: Piñata - A pot (usually made out to look like a favorite character) filled with candy, fruit, etc., hung at holidays or birthdays above the heads of children who are blindfolded and given chances to break the character to obtain its contents.
B13BLAKE QUAKE - Rhyme: The name Blake with the word "quake".
def'n: Quake - To shake or tremble from cold, anger, etc. Move convulsively; rock violently: The earth quaked. A shaking or trembling. An earthquake.
B14PETE HEAT - Rhyme: The name Pete with the word "heat".
def'n: Heat - A condition of being hot; high temperature; hotness; warmth: The heat of a fire. slang. Pressure; coercion; torture.


Definitions taken from: The American Heritage Dictionary.