In the Fall of 1987, after the release of the 8th Series GPK set, CBS Inc. was ready to premier the Garbage Pail Kids Cartoon on Saturday Morning. Cartoon cells were created by Geof Darrow for the main cast of characters, although there were tons of extras; the cartoon cells were later auctioned off on eBay. The 13 episodes of the Paramount GPK cartoon were released on DVD for the first time in April of 2006. The episodes are broken down into two segments: a Loony Toons-type segment with various 'GPK' characters and a Scooby-Doo detective-type segment with the main GPK cartoon cast showcasing their normal and hidden-identity characters. The cartoon also contains various breaks such as a GPK Award segment and a 'Would We Lie To You?' segment.



The main GPK cartoon cast that have their own little 'Garbage Gang' within their neighborhood is comprised of the following GPK characters: 2nd Series 81a Split KIT (and 81b Mixed-Up MITCH), 2nd Series 42a PATTY Putty (and 42b Muggin' MEGAN), 6th Series (213a OTTO Whack and) 213b ELLIOT Mess, 5th Series (169a DEE Faced and) 169b TERRI Cloth — with the 6th Series (235a Ugly HANS and) 235b JAN Hand hand — and 2nd Series 59a Clogged DUANE (and 59b Bye Bye BOBBIE). The cartoon characters had their regular, normal-Kid look and their hidden GPK identity personas.

2nd Series 81a Split KIT

2nd Series 42a PATTY Putty

6th Series 213b ELLIOT Mess

5th Series 169b TERRI Cloth w/ 6th Series 235b JAN Hand

2nd Series 59a Clogged DUANE

There are quite a few additional characters portrayed in the opening sequence and during the othere various GPK skits and shorts of the GPK Cartoon.

4th Series 129b Trashed TRACY

2nd Series 79b MICHELLE Muck

6th Series 233b Trash-Can KEN

4th Series 138a Alien IAN

5th Series 172a NAT Nerd

Although labeled 2nd Series Fryin' RYAN and looking a bit different, this character is combination of 4th Series 146a Baked JAKE
and 146b Dry GUY and 5th Series 194a Nasty NANCY and 194b Razzin' Roslyn's tongue.

2nd Series Hairy GARY

The Cast of Faculty Characters: Preston Purgation, Sylvia Censor, Squeaky Clean and Simon Scour

There were also Garbage Pail Kids Cartoon Figurines modeled after the cartoon characters that Galoob Toys intended to release. The figurines contained the main GPK Cartoon cast plus various other charactes used during the opening, et cetera: 2nd Series 63a Spacey STACY and 63b Planet Janet, 4th Series 129a Second Hand ROSE and 129b Trashed TRACY, 5th Series 203a Toothie RUTHIE and 203b Dental FLOSSIE, 2nd Series 79a Sewer SUE and 79b MICHELLE Muck, 4th Series 138a Alien IAN and 138b Outerspace CHASE, 6th Series 233a WES Mess and 233b Trash-Can KEN and 3rd Series 113a ALICE Island and 113b Liberty LIBBY.

Figurine Group

However, after the Cartoon was shelved in part due to the American Family Association's (AFA) efforts against CBS to stop the GPK Cartoon by Topps from airing, the toy figures were also shelved and not released. The AFA Letter and the protest against CBS and its sponsers can be located below. Images graciously supplied by collector Travis Tierno.