Artists that were signed on to create comic artwork for IDW's at-the-time forthcoming GPK comic book, surrounding the 30th anniversary hype, were instructed to submit their stories. No clear instruction was given and IDW eventually went with a very thematic compilation format -- so, many initial submissions did not make it into the comic book releases. IDW's approach was also very heavy on underground artists and their interpretive ideas, thus leaving out the core group of actual GPK artists from most of the project. If one were to compile the published works from Simko, Engstrom and Zapata into one comic, with Pingitore's covers and Engstrom's bonus cards, it would be a very strong comic... unfortuantely, the guest spots outweighed the GPK heavy hitters.

Brent Engstrom had two such unreleased works from the IDW comic book days, in a black and white concept stage only; he has graciously allowed me to showcase his unpublished GPK comic artwork and story and have 'Mad MIKE' Boyajian process the coloring. The second of the two comics includes GPK all-stars Grilled GIL (OS7), Ghost TORY (ANS7), Dead TED (OS1), WAYNE N Moon (2014S1) and a human character that reminds me of Mel from Mel's Diner (on "Alice").
The first comic co-stars NAT Nerd (OS5), JANET Planet (OS2) and an anonymous human.