The UK Garbage Pail Kids were released shortly after the initial hype and craze of the U.S. GPK phenomenon. The cards were released in the UK (England, Ireland, Scotland) as well as distributed in Holland and parts of Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark). Unlike the U.S. cards that measure 2 1/2 X 3 1/2 inches and are die-cut, the UK cards are smaller, measuring 2 1/8 X 3 inches and are non die-cut (peeling from the edges) and are sometimes referred to as 'mini' because of there cigarette-card size. The sticker cards come 3 to a plastic or cellophane pack with a slab of gum, except for the 5th Series that comes 4 cards to a pack. The price is marked on the box rather than on the packs.

Fifteen original U.S. sets were released by Topps compared to only eight UK series released by Topps Ireland; Topps International Limited established in November 1975. All 'foreign' GPK are a direct reproduction of the U.S. version and are changed to accommodate each country that they are released in. This includes any name, number or header changes—as well as the covering up card numbers with overlaying boxed-numbers or old 'PEEL HERE' arrows with boxes or larger arrows pointing in the opposite direction. A 15-card Giant set was also released in the UK which is same as the U.S. version, but with different copyright date information and matte finished backs.

OS1—OS6 RELEASES + '91 & '92 SETS