Match Game GB

Gary on Match Game

This game is a variation on the classic Match Game show. In this variation the object is to match the answer given by Gary Burghoff to fill in the blank. For those people who are interested in the original rules, click here for a brief description. The questions include ones from each of the three rounds (whenever Gary gave an answer). For the round 2 questions, it doesn't matter what the original three answers on the board were, only what answer Gary gave. A few answers might be very difficult to match because they were incidental, having a lot to do with something which happened on the show (such as the occupation of a contestant). These incidental answers are rare. Questions are gathered from Match Game 7x and Match Game PM. Questions will be added and/or changed from time to time.

Click on each "Gary's Answer?" button to reveal his answer in the box next to the button. The number of spaces in the blanks and the size of the boxes have no relevance to the length of the answer.

Brett is going to star in a new soap opera and it's going to be called "The Old and the ______less."

The Indian said, "Me only wear Indian blanket when tourists around. When tourists leave me put on ______."

______ sing

A riddle: What's small and green and leaps tall buildings in a single bound? It's super ______.

The cave man said, "I just went to a very unusual wedding. A dinosaur ______ed the bride."

______ cub

Jonathan ______

Brenda said to her son, "It's not true that I wanted a daughter instead of you. Now shut up and put on your ______."

Phil said, "My wife will never forget she used to be a sergeant in the WACS. Every night before I come to bed, she makes me ______."

Judy and George were the strangest couple on the dance floor. Everyone else was dancing cheek to cheeck, but they were dancing ______ to ______."

Paul said, "I just saw the world's strangest wedding. Instead of a regular suit, the groom was wearing a ______ suit."

Phil said, "Judy wouldn't even go near my water bed until I gave her ______."

Milton said, "I will never again take another cruise on a banana boat. Two days out I discovered the entire crew was ______."

Diamond ______

Harry ______

Padded ______

I just came from New York. They've got a new type of men's room there. If you try to sneak in under the door without putting in a dime, it ______s you.

Carol Lawrence said, "Everybody thinks that my husband Robert Goulet is serious. But at home he's a riot! Even his ______ makes me laugh."

Nobody in Hollywood knows this, Tony Orlando and Dawn are ______.

Young ______

On the airplane, Stephanie said to Jessica, "I don't have much confidence in this airline. I just saw the pilot and he had a ______ sticking out of his pocket."

Nate the delicatessen owner is a fantastic violinist. But he doesn't use a bow, he strokes his violin with his ______.

Weird Sylvester was thrown out of the department store when they caught him ______ing the mannequins.


Match Game is the property of Mark Goodson/Bill Todman Productions.