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You're probably perusing this website and asking yourself one thing:

"Who the hell would put so much time and energy into something like this?!"

Well, dear reader, this is where that question is answered. This page serves as our way of introducing ourselves to you by way of our tastes, our likes and dislikes, and our wacky catchphrases.

Meet the monkeys behind the typewriters


  • Rob K
    Webmaster and Editor-In-Chief of this fine site. E-mail him here.

  • Becca L
    Fantasy Editor and writer extraordinaire, Becca L is my right-hand-woman and a keen advisor to the site. Reach her here.

  • Mr. V
    Anime Editor and all-around mysterious man, Mr V has brought his unique wit and wacky wordplay to Geek World. Direct all questions here.


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