Battle Beyond The Stars: A Movie Ripe For Rediscovery

BBTS pictures

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the good, the bad and the alien...

Caymen of the Lambdi Zone (Morgan Woodward)

Nanelia (Darlanne Fluegel) and Shad (Richard Thomas)

St. Exmin of the Valkyrie (Sybil Danning)

Space Cowboy (George Peppard)

One of the prettier aliens (on her planet, at least...)

Gelt (Robert Vaughn)

Sador the Conqueror (John Saxon)


(courtesy of Mark Penman <>)

Ain't that something? This is a mile-long derelict space station (Dr. Haephaestus') for the forthcoming Roger Corman film 'Battle Beyond the Stars'. They have an SFX-studio in Santa Monica and I visited them last week. I saw 10 minutes of finished FX, and they look INCREDIBLY GOOD, better than some of the 40 million $ - stuff in STAR TREK (The Motion Picture - which came out in 1979, one year prior to BBTS' release.). All their composite work is done in-camera, no blue screen! That makes for a wonderful first-generation look in the FX! - Albert Maly-Motta

Close-up of some of the space-station details. They used every imaginable stuff to glue it on the models for surface detail, but it looks REAL in the film, when it's properly lit and photographed. The 'moderated' painting job does a lot for that, too. - Albert Maly-Motta

The 'Gator' Ship, belonging to a lizard creature (Caymen). This ship swallows another one (Nanelia's) in the film. - Albert Maly-Motta

That's some of the smaller models for 'Battle Beyond the Stars'! - Albert Maly-Motta (Of the ships I can recognize right off in this grouping, #1 - Shad and Nanelias escape pod, #2 - Caymens ship, #3 - The Malmori Rear Guard Ship, #4 - the unlit Nestor ship, #5 - part of the Hephaestus ship.)

"While there is life, the possibilities are unlimited." - Nestor