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The Birth of ADIL - A Malaysian Reform Movement

It gives me great pleasure to announce the birth of a people’s movement dedicated to the reform of Malaysian society. The movement is a response to the people’s cry for “reformasi”.

The reform movement will be called Pergerakan Keadilan Social (Social Justice Movement) or ADIL for short. It is open to Malaysians from all walks of life, who are eighteen years of age and above. It is a multi-ethnic, non-sectarian, non-partisan movement. While the movement welcomes all Malaysians, it extends a special invitation to the young who have been at the forefront of reformasi.

As its name suggests, ADIL seeks to raise public awareness of the importance of reform in various spheres in order to achieve social justice. ADIL will operate within the framework of the Malaysian constitution and is dedicated to change through peaceful, democratic means.

A just economic and social order where the wealth of the nation is equitably distributed; a democratic political system which protects and enhances the rights of the people; a united, harmonious society founded upon mutual respect and shared moral values; and an independent, sovereign nation which upholds the honour and dignity of its citizens, are some of the principal goals of the reform movement.

At the same time, ADIL will be firm and unrelenting in its struggle against all forms of injustice. It will not hesitate to expose and oppose authoritarianism and oppression; the abuse of power and corruption; the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few; and communalism and chauvinism in Malaysian society.

One of the immediate objectives of our reform movement would be to check the present dangerous slide towards one-man rule where all institutions of governance are directed towards preserving the power of a certain individual. ADIL will also address fundamental issues related to the economic crisis and come up with concrete solutions to the nation’s problems.

In our quest for a just and democratic society, we shall cooperate with other groups and individuals who share our concerns and our aspirations. Our reform movement is convinced that our common commitment to human rights and human dignity will serve as a bond to unite all justice loving Malaysians against the arrogance and oppression of the powerful. Indeed, it is because ADIL values the dignity and rights of each and every human being that we have chosen to announce the launch of our movement for reformasi, this day, December 10, 1998 which is World Human Rights Day.
December 10, 1998
Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah bte Dato' Wan Ismail


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