Grup Gerak Khas : PULPAK / SWTC

Pusat Latihan Peperangan Khas (PULPAK) or Special Warfare Training Centre was formed on 1 August 1976. Before its inception, all GGK personnel training was conducted by 1st RGK (now 21th GGK). However, 21st, 22nd and 11st GGK are still supporting PULPAK by providing manpower and expertise.

The role of SWTC is to provide specialized courses and training for all army personnel in accordance with current situation:

  • To conduct basic commando training for the Malaysian Army and other services (Navy, Air Force).
  • To train personnel of Special Operations Forces as well as other soldiers in specialized training and special operations as required by higher authority.
  • To conduct advanced training for Special Operations Forces and army personnel as directed by higher authority.
  • To conduct training evaluation test on Special Operations Forces Units.
  • To provide observers and qualified instructors for specialized assignments in Special Operations Forces Units.
  • To revise and analyze all doctrines pertaining to specialized training and operations.
A new GGK recruit was thrown into a pool with his hand & feet thightenCourses conducted at PULPAK: (Some advanced courses are still classified)


  • Basic Commando Course
  • Basic Sniping Course
  • Basic Hill Climbing Course


  • Small Patrol Team Course
  • Special Forces Officer Course
  • Combat Intelligence Course
  • Abseiling & Air Rescue Course
  • Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Course

Self Defense

  • Special Forces Martial Arts (Seni Tempur Gerak Khas)


  • Basic Para Rigger & Maintenance Course
  • Rigger Inspection & Maintenance Course


  • Basic Paratrooper Course
  • Basic Free Fall Course
  • Advanced Free Fall Course (HALO / HAHO)
  • Parachute Instructor Course
  • Pathfinder (PANDURA - Pandu Arah Udara) Course

  • Medical Diving Course
  • Small Patrol Team Medical Course
  • Chamber Operator Course


  • Small Craft Driving Course
  • Basic Diving Course
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Class Combat Diving Course
  • Special Explosive Course

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