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There Are Many Things Under The Stars And Planets Worthy Of Our Attention.

---A great mind in the body of Albert Einstein made a good argument about what effects one mass has upon another body. Stars and planets are great examples of mass. We individuals certainly have "bodies" that can be affected. Have you ever noticed that when another person enters the room the whole atmosphere of the room changes? Ah yes, one body or mass does exert an influence upon another or for that matter on all others. Isn't that a marvelous thing to think about? You do make a difference in the world even by standing there and doing nothing.

---We are all "star crossed". There are many who believe that studying and understanding sun signs can only increase your perception of other people and help you in dealing with them. This may even change your life in significant ways.

I have finally published two new books that are now available on the net. They are being offered to several movie studios in an open auction for the screenplay rights. Hey, a fellow can dream can't he? Oh YES! And now they are available in hardcover. Maybe a library near you will order them (if you ask) and you can read them for free.

Gift From The Gods Additional Gifts From The Gods

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Hey, we sent out invitations to accept complimentary copies to 23 of the best movie directors in Hollywood. The only one who actually seemed to have read our letter was.......... That's right, Michael Douglas. Always liked that fellow, and he personally signed his picture. His "The Jewel Of The Nile" was my kind of adventure quest. We give Michael our best wishes also.


These are all various web-sites of Quester's Territories. Visit them briefly...use a bookmark... and go back later when time allows.
Go here for free key to self-discovery with ancient Chinese Astrology.
Quester's Quarters-- archive of Atlantis myth. This includes excepts from my book "Gift From The Gods" a novel approach to Atlantis and it's amazing.
Quester's Gift From The GodsThis is the rather novel approach to a cowboy and Muse love story with a lively time in Atlantis thrown in for spicy seasoning. (These are first looks at some chapters during publication). The book is offered above.
Quester's SouthSea TerritoriesA novel approach to a South Sea's love story. It is found in the second book offered above.
Quester's SouthSea Territories, A novel approach to the raising of young children. Our society might learn something from them.
Quester's 40' sailboat experience (He lived on it with Siang Ying for 9+ years!)
Quester's New Art Gallery Addition with several rooms of his own art work. These canvas paintings are rather unique.
Quester's joke gallery with robust humor. See where Penthouse and Playboy get their jokes.
Click here to go forward to a Quester's search for the missing Marilyn Monroe diary. Was there one? Is it true she collected dumb blonde jokes? Find out for yourself.
Click here to go forward to a young person's story that again is great reading. This is another book length story by Siang Ying and Quester describing a young Chinese girl growing up so shy in school she doesn't talk. How does a young girl solve her problems? Don't miss how this all takes place.
Click here to go forward to page 2 . This is the beginning of a book by Siang Ying of her childhood growing up on the island of Borneo. Sarawak used to be independent but now is a part of Malaysia.
Quester's Free Offers Galore + 1/2 off overseaseas Airfare plan.
Go here here for details on renting our Mustang Island Texas beach house on the Gulf of Mexico (pets welcome).
Quester's Territories: Personal Picture Gallery. The inside story: Life and times of a Quester.


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Don't miss the opportunity of appreciating an Oriental attitude found within these manuscripts.

Click herefor a very short Chinese myth concerning young maidens and lusty dragons.

Click herefor the second classical Chinese short story with a kicker ending.

---We have been looking forward to offering our viewers a Western astrology site to go along with the Eastern or Oriental Chinese horoscope site within Quester's Territories. If you haven't visited those territories, please do, (click here) for you will find your animal signs there. Below please find your birthdate and sun sign to go to your specific page within this site and locate information about your character traits. How accurate are they? Well only you will be able to gage that. Click on your sign and find out.

---When you finish reading your particular page, come back here to page one and progress down through our "getting to know you" phase of this web-site. We do want to know our visitors and we do care what you think. Also, in case you missed visiting our book store, take the opportunity of going there after finishing your Sun sign page.

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PiscesFebruary 20-March 20

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Also here are the country's best selling books (first five ranked)

---We like to think of ourselves as knowledgeable about ourselves. What is hidden from our sight may be more substantial than what we know.

Ah! The thrill of having a new book in to the publisher and almost ready for mass distribution. This one is a novel about the KGB actually going out into Siberia and building a secret city for training spies to import into the United States during the 80's, and 90's. The KGB colonel falls in love with a Mongolian Chinese Buryat Shamaness Princess who brings to him one of the most appealing of philosophies that would take him into the 21st Century. She also gives him an unusual daughter who happens to be an indigo child. Seems like more and more of those are being born all around us. Here is the book cover. Can't wait for you to read it and tell us what you think.
Click Here for bigger picture of cover.

CLICK Here to read a synopsis of the book called Russia's Little America.
CLICK Here to read a synopsis of the book called Russia's Little America.

Or... you could click HERE and type in Beimers for author and/or Russia's Little America for title and order yourself a copy. That would be good.

Russia's Little America is also being carried by and they now have order houses in Canada, Britian, Germany, France, Mexico, Austria, and Japan so the book may be ordered in those countries quite easily. It is also being carried by and I'm working on Wal-mart as well.

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to review our new book. It is called Gift From The Gods and is quite exciting. If you like quester type heroes in an action adventure mode, you may like this story about saving the world from global warming, disappearing ozone layers, and more.
The book is avaliable at 1st Books Library for a very nominal fee of $5.95. Go for it! I bought enough copies to send to every major movie studio and also enough for some great book reviewers in the media. Writing a book or two can be very expensive!

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We have written a book containing many classical Chinese stories.

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