"They had returned to Earth... but it was not for peace... it was for WAR"

The story of Gundam Wing begins in the years of AC (after the colonization of space colonies by humans). Perpetual war occurs on Earth, while the inhabitants living in space colonies live in peace. After the war on Earth was finally over in about 175 AC or so, the Earth government established an "Earth Sphere Unified Alliance" which was to promote peace on Earth and the space colonies. However, the Alliance was only a puppet for the industrialist group, The Romefeller Foundation. In the name of peace, the Alliance's Army, known as "OZ" seized control of all space colonies and crushed all oppositions with mech-like fighting machines known as Mobile Suits (MS). After two decades of oppression, a group of rebels amongst the space colonies decided to show that they will not tolerate the iron grip of the Earth Alliance any further . With the help of the 5 scientists who first developed the MS, the rebels created five super fighting MS machines, known as Gundams. However, no ordinary pilot can control these machines due to their advance technology. Therefore, 5 children were adopted and trained from a very young age with each having very distinct personalities;their mission, to destroy the Earth Alliance.

"...War ended,peace regained...then they came back again...this time they fight in WAR FOR PEACE"

Endless Waltz is both the sequel and the prequel for Gundam Wing. It is set after the events on AC 195, where Earth has finally achieved peace, with World Nation leader Treize Khushrenada slained and White Fang leader Zechs Merquise disappeared. In a time of peace, Gundams were no longer needed, and Quatre proposed the idea of the destruction of the Gundams. All the pilots agrees, except for Wufei, who has disappeared with his Mobile Suit after the battler against White Fang. When the Gundams were collected and sent to a one-way trip to the sun, a crisis breaks out! Relena Peacecraft, now deputy foreign minister of the Earth Sphere Unified Nation, is abducted during a diplomatic visit to the colony X-18999 at Lagrange point 3. Her captor is the sinister child Mariemaia Khushrenada, heir to the Barton Foundation's business empire and daughter of the late World Nation leader. Mariemaia plans to follow in her father's conquering footsteps, and hopes that the former Queen Relena will serve her as a propaganda tool.. Without the Gundams, the 4 Gundam boys face an extremely difficult situation.But with least expectation,Wufei appeared to be one of the rivals,working for the Barton Foundation and Zechs returning as a Preventer agent "Wind",fighting along side the heroes.