The story of Macross Plus focuses on three main characters. Isamu A. Dyson, a hot headed but brilliant young pilot; Guld Goa Bowman, a half Zentraedi who is also a test pilot; and Myung, the woman they are both in love with. In the past all three of them apparently grew up on Eden as the best of friends, but in the present,several conflicts have torn their friendships.

In the year 2039,a competition called Project Super Nova was held.It's motive;to allow entries of new and more advanced fighters to replace the VF-11 Thunderbolt standard tactical variable fighter,which has been in service for almost a decade.Isamu was assigned by UN Spacy to pilot the YF-19, which uses standard controls with a few modifications.Meanwhile Guld became the test pilot for the YF-21,designed by General Galaxy,which is controlled by thoughts from the pilot's mind.The conflict between Isamu and Guld deepens not only as rivals in love,but as well as competitors in the Project Super Nova.

At the same time,Myung became the manager for a virtual singer known as Sharon Apple. Sharon Apple's emotional programming was incomplete, so unknown to the world, Myung interact with the program to feed Sharon the emotion,making her more human than just a virtual idol. Sharon Apple seems to be developing emotions all by herself as time goes by.Eventually,it was a big mistake as Sharon began to have feelings for both Guld and Isamu."Her" love soon turned into obsession and things became even more complicated.

YF-19 vs YF-21
Rivalry between Isamu & Guld