Celtic Creation Myth

A Celtic Creation Myth
Giants were regarded as the ancient, original gods. The tale is 
related that in the first winter, an enormous powerful giant was
created from "hoarfrost."
Fire came and then melted the giant. The remnants of his body formed
the various parts of our universe. The giant's body formed the world.
His blood flowed freely creating the seas and oceans.
The mountains were created from his bones. The forests and trees
sprung from his hair and his skull became the sky.
At the core or heart of the Earth within, the gods were thought
to live on mountainous hills, and below in the valleys the Underworld
boiled with secrets and was the home of the dead.
The ancient Celtics were a superstitious and mysterious people.

My wanderer

Another Celtic Creation Myth

In this version, heaven and earth were great giants. Their children
lived in the darkness between them.
One son led his brothers to cut Heaven into pieces. Heaven's skull
made the firmament. As his blood spilt forth a great flood killed
all humans except a single pair who were saved in a ship of some sort.
The waters settled in hollows to become the oceans.