Even as day turns to night~again the sun rises 
with all possibilities in the new horizon.  

The bright light inspires an evaluation~~and revaluations
throughout a creative day.  Choosing carefully with the Sun's 
illumination, I search the wilderness~~see the potential in 
the withered, petrified wood...the matrix repeats; pattern
still exists, and though it appears to be a different lifeform,
the moss that begins to grow heralds an invitation to lush 
foliage to join the circle of new Creation...

And so the sun sets, the moon rises, the new is born into the 
new day and the old fades, never gone~~only transforming, 
transcending its old form into new vistas.

Keeping this in mind, I choose carefully what I will make of 
my day, my space, my life~~seeing the value in all things,
choosing the most pure potential of it whenever my 
Consciousness is awake enough.
Sunset at the end of each day~~Sunrise in the offing~~
and so,no matter closes without the possibility of
renewal and regeneration.


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