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Whitsun Festival .
May 23-24th 1970.
Plumpton Race Track. Streat. East Sussex.

Last update Aug 2003 .

Ginger Baker's Air Force , Richie Havens, Julie Driscoll, Hard Meat, King Crimson, Christine Perfect, Judas Jump, Keith Tippet Group, Fairfield Parlour, May Blitz, Black Widow , Chicken Shack, Black Sabbath, Gracious , Audience, Jan Dukes De Grey , Maple Oak, Poppa Ben Hook ,Roy Harper, Savoy Brown , Warm Dust

(nb: some artists featured on the poster may not have appeared )


kindly provided by CHRIS BRYANT

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Chicken Shack
Roy Harper
Richie Havens
Black Widow
Judas Jump
Jan Dukes De Grey
Poppa Ben Hook
Keith Tippett
Maple Oak
Black Sabbath
Van Der Graff Generator
Warm Dust

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