-following our trails

                  Virtually all of our trails have been plotted on GoogleMaps so you can follow our footsteps (and  see how far it is!)

  If you like maps and don't mind the slight inaccuracy of GoogleMaps, then we thought this might be a good idea. Don't rely on these as your only source of direction... we can't guarantee the exact trail, and indeed, GoogleMaps of some countries are lacking in detail. Use the satellite view with labels in the countryside, many major walking trails are shown overlaid.  Streetview may help with recognising the whereabouts of some of the trails. Surprisingly in the west of Ireland, the Streetview camera car seemed to go down every lane! 


Our Cinque Terre route from the web showing trails, boats and trains ~ Our coastal trail is in blue

Our Venice trails plotted on GoogleMaps

Our Hallstatt trails plotted on GoogleMaps

Our Salzburg Trail plotted on GoogleMaps
  Our Lauterbrunnen trails plotted on GoogleMaps 

  Our Lucerne walking trail plotted on GoogleMaps

Our trail through Barcelona plotted on GoogleMaps sorry no Alpujarras, as yet the terrain is not distinct enough.

Our Footloose trail through Budapest GoogleMaps

Our Footloose trail through Prague GoogleMaps

Our Footloose trail through Krakow GoogleMaps  
Our 3 trails in Zakopane plotted on GoogleMaps

Dingle Way route plotted on GoogleMaps  not super-accurate, but interestingly, the Streetview vehicle went down 
                                                                     many of the tiny boreens! (narrow lanes)
Our Trail in Dublin plotted on GoogleMaps
Our trail into Dubrovnik plotted on GoogleMaps

Our Tallinn trail plotted on GoogleMaps

Our Rocamadour trail plotted on GoogleMaps

  Our Bavarian Castle Trail plotted on GoogleMaps  includes Regensburg

Our  London Trail plotted on GoogleMaps   (marked out in four parts)

  Our Dutch Coastal Trail plotted on GoogleMaps

  Map of our Amsterdam city trail GoogleMaps

Map of our Madeira trails GoogleMaps  Some are indistinct due to forest

Map of our Italian Lakes trails GoogleMaps  Some quite steep descents, and indistinct due to forest at times.

 FIND INFORMATION ON OUR SIX WALKS IN THE COTSWOLDS  Feature page with some printable sheets.


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