About the GSP

The German Shorthaired Pointer has been in existence since the 1600's. The first breeders wanted a fast, energetic, dog with a tremendous scenting ability that was able to point, retrieve, hunt and track during both day and night. Because of this, the breeders took the characteristics of the Spanish Pointer, Bloodhound, Italian Pointer and English Pointer to obtain a breed that possesses all of these features. The end result being what we all know and love as the German Shorthaired Pointer. Known in Germany, the Kurzaar (short-hair), proves its hunting ability through its energy and stamina. Because it has been bred for these reasons, it must maintain a high degree of exercise throughout any given day. Otherwise, the dog will use its energy in a negative way. Although it is known for the most part to be a hunter, the breed can be an excellent addition to any family, providing it is given ample attention and exercise. He or she may also be an excellent guard dog with or without training.


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