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Adoption Application

Great Lakes Club and Rescue Adoption Application

 Personal Name:
Home Phone:
 Work Phone:
      Best time to call:
Spouses Name:
Your Occupation:
Spouses Occupation:
Reason for Wanting Dog:
Does anyone in the household object to having a dog?
Have you or anyone in your family ever been convicted of an animal cruelty crime:
Housing: Type of Housing
If renting, will your landlord /association allow you to have a dog? What Size
Landlord or Association Name Phone
Does fencing completely enclose your yard?
If not, explain how and where you will allow the dog to exercise and relieve itself
How much time do you have to exercise your dog?
How much time will the dog normally be left alone during the day?
Where will the dog spend the day? ie.. loose indoors, basement, crate, kennel run, tied up outside, fenced yard, etc..
How frequently do you travel?
Where will the dog stay while you are away.?
How much time do you plan on grooming your dog? 
(bathing, nail trim, ear cleaning etc..)
Are you willing to provide yearly health checkups and immunizations?  Checkups and immunizations at $50 to $100
Emergency Care:
Will you care for problems that develop when the dog is older? (diabetes, arthritis, etc.). At what cost?

Pet History
Do you currently own one or more dogs? if Yes - how many?
If you currently own dogs or have had them in the past, please list them and explain what happened to them. If they have died, please explain why. 
Current or Past Veterinarian Phone
If you have never owned a dog, have you ever lived in a household with a dog?
If YES did you provide any care for the dog?
Do you own any other pets?  If Yes list type and how many

Please Describe the ideal dog for you and/or your family
What is your preference for a dog male/female,puppy/adult
Are you willing to adopt a dog with 'special needs' Medical
Behavioral Problems

By filling out this application I/we hereby give permission for my veterinarian listed to release all information concerning my my veterinary care of my current and past pets.

I/we hereby give permission to to contact my landlord/association to ascertain that I/we will be allowed to keep the adopted pet on the stated property

Thank you for your interest in Great Lakes GSP Rescue. Because all of our workers are volunteers and because of the tremendous time it takes to care for these animals, we may not be able to personally contact for whom we do not have an appropriate animal at this time. We will, however, keep all applications for at least 30 days and we will notify you if we obtain a dog that would be appropriate.




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