Q: Since GSP's are a sporting breed, I can get a fully trained hunting dog through GSP Rescue, right?

A: This is generally not true. Most hunting dogs are highly valued by their owners, who have spent a great deal of time, money, and effort to achieve that level of training in their dogs. While some rescued GSP's may have had some level of training in the past, most have not. Our primary focus is to find qualified, appropriate, and loving PET homes for these great dogs--not in providing a low-cost hunting companion for you. These new homes should be permanent, and the dog is expected to become a true member of the family and indoor house pet.

Q: My GSP has bitten/growled/snapped at me/my kids/someone else. I can give him/her to GSP Rescue and you can find it another home, Right?

A: WRONG! We do not place aggressive animals, period, especially known biters! If you don't want to be liable for the damage that such an animal can cause, then surely you can understand why GSP Rescue of South Florida doesn't want to undertake that same liability. In cases such as these, the kindest thing for all involved is usually prompt and appropriately administered euthanasia. We evaluate each dog prior to placing it on our available for adoption list. If inappropriate aggression is found or suspected, this is how GSP Rescue of South Florida will likely deal with the situation. Please don't use GSP Rescue as a substitute for your own conscience and responsibilities as a pet owner.

Q: Why does the application ask about fencing, yard size, etc.?

A: Many GSP's wind up in rescue because they are escape artists to rival Houdini! In such cases, a tall fenced yard are essential to prevent the same type of escape. Most GSP's can scale a standard 4 foot chain link fence in nothing flat, and some can dig under 6-foot stockade wooden fences, etc. Knowing what type you have can help us avoid mistakes in placement of these certain animals. If you have no fence, chaining up a rescued GSP is not an option, nor is allowing them to run free, regardless of how many acres you have. Electronic fencing may be a good option.


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