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The Julie Andrews Hour 1972-1973


Since this blog was begun more than three years ago, we have lost many of the great talents who helped to make The Julie Andrews Hour what it was.
Meanwhile, some of our blogs have been taken down in part, due to the fact that a book on this great television variety show is in the works. Any and all contributions on the subject are most welcome. It has been a great pleasure and honor to live this experience and to write about it.
   The Author

     Forty years ago some of Hollywood's most
talented men and women came together to create
new television variety show --
During the 1960s, Julie Andrews won the heart of America and the world. Critics and fans alike agreed that she was one of Hollywood's greatest new  stars. Her portrayal of Maria von Trapp in "The Sound of Music" and "Mary Poppins" certainly had facilitated this.
Along with her films, Miss Andrews had created unforgettable roles on Broadway. In the early 1960s, she played Queen Guenevere in the legendary production of  "Camelot," which also starred Richard Burton and Robert Goulet. Prior to that role, she starred on Broadway in "My Fair Lady" as the first musical Eliza Doolittle.
Julie Andrews not only touched people through her  film and theater performances, her numerous musical recordings and television appearances were dazzling works of beauty, earning her  many accolades and  fans. Julie's uniquely  brilliant voice and lovely demeanor brought joy and inspriation to millions around the world.

If you would like to see The Julie Andrews Hour released on DVD, along with possible music CDs, including a duets CD with Julie Andrews and her guests, please send a respectful e-mail to:  Dan Gopal, Global Products of ITV, which owns The Julie Andrews Hour.

Request ITV release The Julie Andrews Hour!

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Direct Links to Blog Subjects (Part 1):

1. The Julie Andrews Hour - Beginnings

2. Sir Lew Grade - Some History

3. The Producers - Nick Vanoff and Bill Harbach

4. Premiere!

5. Director Bill Davis

6. Episode 2 - Guest Carl Reiner and Cass Elliot

7. Choreographer Tony Charmoli and The Tony Charmoli Dancers

8. Episode 3 - A Tribute to the 1930s with Guests Ken Berry and Jack Cassidy

9. Happy Birthday, Julie!

10. Episode 4 - Guest Don Rickles

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Author Michelle Russell is  working on a book about Julie's wonderful television show, "The Julie Andrews Hour," which ran from 1972 - 1973. As of 2012, The Julie Andrews Hour has yet to be officially released on DVD. The series won 7 Emmy Awards. 
During the time the show was being taped, it was Ms. Russell's great good fortune to be allowed to attend many tapings of the show, including some of the closed set tapings. (For more information, please read About the Author.) 
Recently, author Russell has conducted interviews with some of the persons who worked on the show. This information will be included in a much larger book about the show. Meanwhile, the immediate goal is to report these stories on the exact dates (or as near as possible) on which they occurred forty years ago. We hope you enjoy!

11. My Life Before The Julie Andrews Hour

12. Episode 5 - The Grandest Show with Robert Goulet

13. October 13th - My First Visit to The Julie Andrews Hour

14. Episode 6 - Guest Star Steve Lawrence

15. The Writers

16. Episode 7 - Guests Diahann Carroll and Phyllis Diller

17. Costume Designer Jack Bear

18. In-Between - A Letter

19. Episode 8 - Guests Dan Dailey and Cass Elliot

20. In-Between continued... A Reply!

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Julie's co-stars on the show were the brilliant impressionist Rich Little and actress-comedienne, Alice Ghostly.  This great variety show also would include some of the top entertainers at that time, including: Carl Reiner, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme and Sammy Davis, Jr, among others. 

The creators' of The Julie Andrews Hour set about to produce the finest of musical variety show; a show that would be nothing less than this great star deserved.
Executive Producer Sir Lew Grade had first seen Julie onstage as a young girl, and in for years had desired to produce a television show staring this great talent. He gave the show an unlimited budget, and as a result, producer Nicky Vanoff and director Bill Davis spared no expense. If something could make the show better, they did it. Cast and crew worked long hours to make sure that every detail was as near to perfect as possible.
THIS SITE IS DEDICATED TO the history of The Julie Andrews Hour and the people who created it.
In the following weeks, I will be creating a blog detailing that history and, in time, I telling my own story about the show. 
If you attended the show and would like to contribute a memory, please contact me. 
See you soon!

Seeking photos and memories.

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