Dent Instruments ELITEpro XC
Carrying Case is Included
NEW! Includes USB & Ethernet as Standard!
NEW! Optional Bluetooth or WiFi
NEW! Includes 4 Analog Inputs as Standard!
NEW! Includes ELOG14 Software as Standard!
NEW! Includes 2X the Memory as Standard!
STANDARD! Backwards Compatible with the SP


This is the Dent Instruments ELITEpro XC, The Next Generation Electric Power Data Logger you have been waiting for. It is in stock at Hanover Technical Sales ... NOW!

Note: Photos shown may still reflect the ELITEpro SP as our editors have not yet caught up with our web work.

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NEW! ELITEpro XC Power Recording Overview Video. More features, more powerful logging, same great price!
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The NEW Dent Instruments ELITEpro XC includes 4 recordable analog inputs, user configurable for either 0-10 volts or 0/4-20 ma signal formats. Correlate Consumption with Environmental Conditions, Process Conditions, and more! (transducers not included)

The all new Dent Instruments ELITEpro XC will pleasantly remind you of the ELITEpro, Dents legacy Electric Power Data Logger. But it offers so much more. Heres why you will absolutely love the new ELITEpro XC!

16 MB of memory Thats 32 times the memory of the ELITEpro Extended Memory version, over 100 times the standard memory! Twice the memory of the earlier ELITEpro SP! Same great price!

USB Communications You no longer have to software-install a USB to Serial adapter. Its plug-and-play time

Ethernet Communications Fixed-mount your ESP and connect it to your local area network for access anywhere on campus or around the world via the internet

WiFiCommunications OPTIONAL - Remotely and wirelessly access scads of data from your ELITEpro SP. Internal or longer-range external antennas available. Great for use where Cat-5 is not easily available.

Bluetooth Communications OPTIONAL - Use Bluetooth devices to monitor locally while adjusting and tuning your system. Meanwhile, the ELITEpro XC can be downloading routine data to your office over the standard Ethernet port.

ELITEpro XC's can be optionally upgraded to WiFi or Bluetooth. Required ELOG 13 ... also included as part of the upgrade.

A to B USB Cable Comes standard with the ELITEpro XC

ELOG 14 Software and Quick Start Guide A copy of the software comes with every ELITEpro XC at no extra charge.

Line Powered No more worries about where nearby outlets might be. No more worries about extension cords. No more worries about the power adapter getting unplugged in the middle of a recording session. No costly internal backup battery to replace (only a coin-cell battery for the clock)

One Second Integration (logging) Period The legacy ELITEpro sampled, and on AC power could log and/or integrate every three seconds. The new XC samples channels every 0.125 seconds so you get even better resolution and narrower (1 second) integration periods if you want them.

Faster A/D Sampling Frequency At 12 kHz, the XC produces 200 A/D samples per waveform cycle at 60 Hz (240 times at 50 Hz) (versus 7.68 kHz & 128 A/D samples per waveform in ELITEpro)

Use "Bare" RoCoils Just like Dent's PowerScout Meters: No need for battery pack or external power in order to use Rogowski coil CTs with the ELITEpro SP as the amplifier/integrator circuitry needed for signal processing the output of Rogowski Coil CTs is imbedded right in the ELITEpro XC. Save a bundle on current sensors.

Can't decide which CT's to select. Call us at (800) 304-9043 or email at

Twice the range The useful CT voltage input range of the logger has doubled from 333mV to 666mV, in some cases expanding the useful range of CT choices. (Check with Hanover for individual CT style useful range.)

Quick-Start Manual Handy small profile Quick-Start Manual fits in the XC carrying case and is especially great for the seasoned ELITEpro user. The full manual is on the ELOG14 CD

Carrying Case Each ELITEpro XC comes with a soft-sided carrying case, again at no extra charge. Hanover will still provide an optional hard-sided case for your system if you want one.

A CT for every project You can select from numerous Clamp-on or split-core CTs not to mention a host of high current Flex or flexible Rogowski Coil CTs, too. Why not include a set of 50 amp hinged mini-pop-top CTs and a set of 16 inch Rogowski Coil CTs, and the aggregate recording range of your ELITEpro XC will be 0.25 thru 5,000 amps! 24 inch coils are available, too

IMPROVED Dent ELOG 14 software comes standard with every ELITEpro XC sold. One-page setup table - The previous two-page setup table has been combined into one, easy-to-follow page. ELOG 14 Corrects for CT phase shift when values known. Update logger firmware in many instances without having to send the logger back to Hanover. New, improved graphic options - Create professional graphs with a few clicks.

TRADE IN AND SAVE! For a limited period, we will accept old ELITEpro loggers - in any condition and any vintage - as a trade discount of $300 toward the price of a new ELITEpro XC! Please contact Hanover for details. (800) 304-9043


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Side View of the ELITEpro XC showing aux. power port for current-only measurements. The dedicated USB comm. port downloads setup tables in several seconds, and a full recorder memory in about the same time it took to download an extended memory version of the legacy ELITEpro

The ELITEpro XC supports up to 4 channels of measured current. The extra pin allows grounding of the Rogowski Coil CT shields. Measure the load, not the noise!


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