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Back in 1987 a couple of us computer nerds and beer nuts decided to apply our horrid BASIC computer skills to our love of suds. We heard tell of wine databases and figured the the Beer world deserved the same and more. Some were cool and some were simple and dreadful. Once we got our 900-some reviews in a file form and bought a BASIC COMPILER, the Brewbase.exe (BrewBase I) program was available to search by any word, rating, country of origin, and beer style. We sold a few, very few, marketing fora beer database being considered insane in 1987. Then we went to the shareware market to drum up some business. We got some nice letters, some contributed reviews, but not enough orders to quit our days jobs. There was a small flow of decent beer money. Not enough. Just more than we had before.

Bottles were bought at the crazy rate as micros proliferated in the 90's and reviews added. When DOS and .exe files died on the shareware front Brewbase 3.1 went another way about then and turned into a text-based HTML website that was short-lived for we'd all moved on to demanding professions . By then we were just one of 39,342 beer review websites with most not worth a bucket of week-old Bud Light vomit with bacon bits and corn. Two of the original three BrewBasers reunited a few years ago to compile our new reviews with those of old in a effort to write a beer review book or not. Larry B. Hatch and Mark Summers in 2010 adjusted with a new web model with PDF and HMTL files and many more bottles under OVER our belts -and hopefully more humor and intelligence to please you.