FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE offers free beer reviews for portable devices

Raleigh, North Carolina - February 6, 2012 - TCR Press is pleased to announce that the 2011-2012 BrewBase™ Encyclopedia is now online at, providing free reviews of more than 1300 different bottled beer variations sold in the United States.

Site viewers may download both HTML and PDF formats for use on any of their desktop, laptop, netbook, iPad®, iPhone®, Droid®, Blackberry®, nook®, Kindle®, Sony® Book Reader, most cell phones, and more than 330 devices. This lets beer reviews to go everyone the beer lover goes, with or without a live internet connnection.

Based on a pioneering beer selection software database (first sold in 1987 as BrewBase™) and a later series of ebooks (2009-present), BrewBase™ online is updated several times a month with new beers. BrewBase™ reviews are very detailed in nature, vivid and frank at times, humorous at others, and written by a selected panel of experts. A 5-bottle rating system is used along with Legend and annual Award of Merit awards.

Chief Editor Larry Hatch says "unlike popular beer review websites and blogs...BrewBase™ Reviews is written by experts with 10-35 years of beer judging and brewing experience. That means our ratings are not skewed by thousands of novice, newbie reviewers which dilute the quality and accuracy of those databases. And unlike some beer and wine stores, which almost always display cards with best review/rating they can find, we are not out to sell medicre and some truly hideous, expensive beers. With so many breweries and pricey premium labels on the market, one could spend hundreds of dollars and not find the very finest products in each style. BrewBase™ helps fix these problems."

BrewBase™ Reviews is an ad-supported website and free to the public.

Mark Summers
TCR Press

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