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   My great grandfather Danial Cryan was born in Ireland in 1804.
He married Margaret McDonagh,they had three children who where born in Ireland,..

Martin born 4-8-1823(Baptized 1-7-1824)

Margaret baptized 12-26-1826

John Baptized 9-7-1829.

torn letter

   Danial Cryan died march 28, 1885 at Grantley, located in Osnabruck township,Stormont county Ontario Canada. Not far from Chesterville)

John Died in Glasgow Scotland in 1877......

   John married Mary Christie in Scotland (1859)? in the district of Abbey the Bura`h of Paisley, It gives the date as 24th day of october 1859,
The 1859 is hard to make out,and it doesn`t add up with some of my other info..

John is listed as 26 yrs old and mary 22.There address is the same-at 26 Castle street,Paisley.
The address where they were married by a Catholic clergy is 3 east street,Paisley.

John is said to be a Iron miner and Mary a Mill worker.

John`s parents are Danial Cryan (farmer)and Margaret Cryan Maiden name McDonagh.

Mary`s parents were Henry Christie (Harness Weaver) and Janet Christie maiden name Bigger-OR Biggor Biggar..

John Conlon was witness for John, and Mary Breedley For Mary.The priests name was Hugh Gallaghor.
This is all in Renfrew Scotland.....

Their children were

Mary born-6-15-1860..

Margaret born 3-5-1862..

Danial born 12-12-1863.. Place of birth or baptism- High church,paisley..

Patrick born 3-17-1866 at New Kilpatrick,Dunbarton,Scotland.

Henry born 3-25-1868..

John born 4-25-1870..both at high Church Paisley..

Catherine Born 8-27-1872 at high-low-middle churches-Paisley..

   In a 1921 probate will of one of John and Martin`s half brothers (danial`s sons) in North Dakota Sargent county..it mention an older son of John`s named Martin,born in 1854??

Also it lists Margaret "Cryan" Chapman--living in Glasgow--

Mary "Cryan Quin at Cordonal Glasgow Scotland..

Danial Cryan at Paisley..

Henry Cryan living in Southport England

Patrick at Paisley....

  Martin Cryan (Danial`s other son born in Ire 1823) I am not sure who he married,There was a Martin Cryan who married Maria Conlon (1839) in Sligo, Aghanach Ire, R.C. and also a Martin Cryan (1849) in Old Monkland, Lanark Scotland married Mary Lennochan or Leonard...

Most of the information I got about the Cryan`s was at the family history center LDS (mormon church) but also other sources...

The information I got about Martin`s children was mainly from that 1921 probate will, which I mention earlier,,,

John Cryan Born about 1853-- in Maryhill,Glasgow. Scot.
In 1900 I believe he was in Nort Dakota, Sargent Co. Kingston Twshp---

Michael born about1857 in Scotland... I believe- In 1921 he was in San Francisco California.---

Martin Cryan Jr. born abt.1861 in Scotland? In 1921 he was also in San Francisco------

Mary Cryan born 1864 in Scotland? She married a McGovern and lived in Joliet Illinois in 1921

Martin (Danial`s son) Landed In New York in May 1874

The next record I have of him is when he filed a letter of intent to become a citizen, 11- 13-1882 in Richland Co. North Dakota... He signed with an X and his half brother "Austin Cryan" was Wittness,,.


Martin died in North Dakota 7-7-1889-- And is buried in Geneseo N.Dak. Catholic cemetery..
Two half brothers and his stepmother are also buried there....

Martin Farmed in Marbo twshp-- Sargent county N.Dak.


Back to Danial Cryan and wife Margaret, For what ever reason, Danial Left Ireland in 1830,or there about`s. I would imagine Margaret went with him, unless some thing had happen to her,and he remarried.But I assume she joined him on the ocean voyage,but the two son`s stayed behind (John and Martin also a daughter I later discovered.. "Margaret")

Martin would have been 7 yrs old at that time. christened 1-7-1824

Margaret christened 12-26-1826 John christened 9-7-1829

This information from the Boyle "Roscommon" R.C. parish records..

Maybe the chance came for them to leave for Canada, and they figured the trip to be to dangerous to for these young boy`s.. and daughter..
What ever the reason it most have been a very sad parting for them,as it was for so many other`s leaving their home and loved one`s..

The next record I have of Danial is when he was in a land dispute (yr.1840) in Ontario Canada,Dundas county,Matilda twshp ,enumeration district 1, concession or range 2,lot or part of lot 3,.

He was to live at that site for twenty year`s or more with his family, He built a log cabin there in 1850..., on that site..

The dispute was with a John P Chrysler on one side and John Young, Michael McLaughlan, and Danial Cryan on the other,.

A Fredrick Kintner was also in on it,he and Danial divided a parcel of land,.
They were dealing with the Crown land department... This was all near Morrisburg Canada, near the St. Lawrence river...Other Cryan`s were dealing on land in that part of Canada also.. Toronto York Innisfil in the early 1830-31 etc.

Crown Land Records

In the census records of Canada I have seen the Cryan name spelled differrent ways--Cryne and also Croyne, but I`m sure there all the same because of the children`s names and dates of birth.

In The 1851 census of Matilda twnshp. Dundas Co. Ontario Canada Enumeration district 1, this is the way there listed.

Danial CryanfarmerIrelandR.C.48
Mary "Moran" CryanWifeIrelandR.C.27
Danial Jr.LaborerCanadaR.C.16
Danial CryanfarmerIrelandR.C.48
Not christenedSonCanadaR.C.1

Danial`s first wife (Margaret) must have died in about 1846, Her last child (Honorah--later to be know as Annie) was born in 1845.and Mary Cryan`s first child(Ellen) was born in March of 1850.The unchristen child could have been Austin,although other records show him being born in Dec. of 1852.

Mary`s maiden name was Moran, she was born in Ireland and she died in North Dakota (7-14-1901)
Shes buried in Geneseo North Dakota- Catholic Cemetery

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Also in the 1851 census in a neighboring twshp, (Williamsburg) another daughter of Danial and Margaret is listed,

Bridget Cryan 18 yrs..R.C.

Maria is also mentioned again in that twshp age 20 yrs.

Danial is also listed in the agricultural census of 1851,, giving crop info and land location..

In the 1861 cenus they were still living at the same place,, ad this is how it reads,,

Nametradebornreligion age
Danial CroynefarmerIrelandR.C.57

In the 1871 Census,they remain at the same place.
Danial`s name looks more like,David than Danial and I`ve seen it one other place as David...

In this census the surname is spelled Cryan........

Nameagebornreligion Occupation
Danial Cryan68IrelandR.C.Farmer
Mary Cryan45IrelandR.C.Wife
Ellen Cryan21CanadaR.C.Daughter
Austin Cryan19CanadaR.C.Farmer
James Cryan17CanadaR.C.Farmer
Lucy Cryan15CanadaR.C.Daughter
Thomas Cryan13CanadaR.C.Son
Michael Cryan10CanadaR.C.Son
Joseph Cryan7CanadaR.C.Son

Also in the same census as above another Cryan-was listed..or Croyne was the way it was spelled....

John Croyne age 21 born in Ireland -- Religion -- Church of Scotland Occupation teacher...


In the 1900 census-of North Dakota,Sargent Co. Kingston Township..These are the Cryan`s listed..

NameRelation.bornPlaceFatherMotheryrs.in USA
Danial Jr.SonOct.1892CanadaCanadaCanada------
Margaret F.DaughterMar.1896CanadaCanadaCanada------
John A.SonOct.1899CanadaIrelandIreland---

The following is a different household........

NameRelation.bornPlaceFatherMotheryrs.in USA

The family listed above is two of James Cryans brothers and his Mother.. Austin was his oldest full brother, and Ellen the Sister and oldest of the siblings.

NameRelation.bornPlaceFatherMotheryrs.in USA
James CryanHeadJan.1854CanadaIrelandIreland20
Sarah "Keating" cryanWifeApr.1864WisconsinIrelandIreland------
Danial Jr. "Lorne"SonJuly 1898North DakotaCanadaWisconsin

Below is Ellen Cryan, She Married Wm.Devaull

NameRelation.bornPlaceFatherMotheryrs.in USA
William DevaullHeadAug.1856CanadaHollandIreland16
Ellen DevaullWifeMar.1852CanadaIrelandIreland16
Charles Devaull Adopted SonAug.1883New YorkCanadaCanada-----


The fllowing information I got from the great Grand Daughter of Charles Devaull, Tammy Tjaden..

Charles Devaull married Mary Maczkowicz Cebulski around 1909. (Mary's first husband Stephan Cebulski died around 1907. They all seemed to have had farms in Sargent County ND).

They then moved around a bit and eventually ended up in Malta Montana. My grandmother Alice Eleanor Devaull married Arthur LaVern Tjaden in Malta. She remembers trips to Texas and Washington State as a small girl,.

Charles was born in Ogdensburg New York,- August 1881...

Seated are Charles and Mary, Marys brother and wife are standing behind..

This is in Weber Twnshp,, (Havana)

Thomas Cryan Boarder born Mar.1859 in Canada his father born in Ireland and mother in Ireland.. He was another brother of James Cryan.. He was a Barber by trade. Owned A section of land around Havana, also land in Canada..

All those listed above in the 1900 census are Danial and Mary`s children and grandchildren,Mary is listed in this census (the mother) but she died the following year....

Also listed in this census,are the following Cryan`s,and I believe the two men listed are Martin Cryan`s son`s(That is one of Danial`s oldest son`s who was born in Ireland)

Kingston township

John Cryan head of household Born Jun.1854 in Scotland- father born in Ireland- mother born in Ireland - Lived in USA 21 years

John Cryan was elected to the North Dakota legislature as an independent in 1894 and again in 1896.. He was a member of the fouth legislative assembly..

He also ran for sargent county sheriff at one time..


Margaret Sister inlaw of Johns, born Mar.1857 in Scotland - father born in Ireland and mother in Scotland -19 years in the USA

Mary niece of Johns, born - Jun.1882 in Illinois father born in Scotland and mother in Scotland

Mary is listed as a school teacher-----


Martin head of household, born - Mar.1861 in Scotland - father in Ireland and mother in Ireland - 20 years in the USA..