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Name:  Belinda B. & George
Location:  Noo Joisey
Birthday:  4 July, 1991
Bio:  I amma NINE yeer-old Inkwish Spot RABBIT. Hokay? I amma HouseRabbit, rescued frum a shelter by Nice Hoomins, an I lib INDOORS, wif nine udder bunnies inna Bun Room. In Our Warren, we lib wiffa Maman, Dadda, an two catz. I fink in Lagomorphin bud I type in Inkwish, spellin da best dat I can frum da way dat I heer it an frum da way werds sound to me when I say dem. Do not make an issue ob dis; I hab a spell-checker. I made it myself. It werks for me. I belieb in a whole bunch ob fings wike da sanctity ob life, stewardship obba planet, respect for ebberybun an udder stuff dat might annoy sum hoomins. Guess whut? I don care. I hab my own 'pinions an attytudes. Ebberybunny wikes to habba voice, an dis wun is mine. Fank you for wistening to me =:x) Hullo. I am GEORGE-da-Bun. Belinda Bunny went toda Rainbow Bridge and left dis Blog to me to carry on typin' for HouzBunnies Ebberywheres. I amma Small Noo Zealand Bunny. My Goal In Life is to Grow 'Tellygint.I rilly dunno whut else to say heer, 'cept dat I am hoping to do My Bestest wif dis Blogging Fing, lemme tell you.
Interests:  I am int'rested inna wotta fings, most ob dem at floor lebbel. I wike toys an I wike bisitors as wong as dey don try to pick me up. I wike to wook at fings. I wike it when noo people come to da house an see bunnies as companion animals forda furst time. I wike goin to Church an meetin udder hoomins. I rilly wike tweats. I gen'rally wike udder bunnies. I wike passin comments an I wike finkin. I wike quotes an I wike bein Top Bun inna Warren. I wike bein Right, so mostly, I am always Right. Aboud mostly ebberyfing. Whut I don wike is bein ignored. Hullo, George heer again. Preddy much mostly ebberyfing dat Belinda Bunny sed, 'specially da part aboudda Treats. Yeah!
Blog Created:  Thursday, 1 January 2004
Last Updated:  Friday, 18 December 2015 - 10:27 AM EST
Blog Entries:  438

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