Ikuko-mommy is rather pretty for a backup character. She has long wavy, waistlength purple hair, maroonish eyes [sometimes more purple, sometimes more red], verrrrrrry pale skin, and is taller than Usagi. She's usually seen sporting a rather unusual dress. It's got pale yellow sleeves and a turtle neck, and then it looks like she has a white apron on over this. The apron appears to be trimmed in green, and below the apron an orange skirt billows out. The skirt falls to mid calf, and around the house she has pink fuzzy slippers. So kawaii! The slippers.. not the dress. erk. If you're still confused, please scroll down a wee bit and you will see the oh so talented Ikuko in diagram form, from the anime. ^^
Why did I spend a fraction of a page on this? Cuz she's Ikuko-mommy!


ikuko mama!