ikuko is no fool. she knows when Usagi is hiding something. sneaky smile, mama DiC

   Ah, another vewwie small page. DiC did a horrible injustice to Ikuko in a way. They never gave her a name! But you could always assume that it was the same as in the Japanese. Voice wise (seeing as that's ALWAYS brought up against the dub) Ikuko gets a pretty normal VA. In fact I rather like her voice. She sounds normal, no funky accents, no childish sounding voices, and none of the gawd awful MoTD kinda voices. *shudder* She does a lot of yelling, and hey, I keep expecting to suddenly hear a full name call. You all know what I'm talking about. When you are REALLY in trouble and your mother calls you by your full and legal name... ^^;;

 If you watch Sailor Moon S: the dubbed years, you might recognize Sailor Neptune's voice. Yup, that's right. From Serena's mother to Sailor Neptune.. Weirdness. and yes, I know.. it's not a DiC move..