Ikuko-mommy is a very kindhearted woman who is the mother of two [three if you count chibi-chibi], a lovely wife, and a not so talented seamstress. ^^;;

Ikuko, Kenji, and the cats- Artemis, Diana, and Luna! Kenji-   Ikuko-mommy's husband who dotes on his daughter Usagi and seems to be slightly clueless about things, although he doesn't like to think of his baby girl having a boyfriend [boy, what would he think if he knew who Chibiusa really is?] He and Ikuko also met at a lake [that we later see in episode #40]and is quite down to earth.
Shingo-   Shingo is Ikuko-mommy's only son. He's your typical little brother; bratty and doesn't understand why his parents like his big sister so much, but only HE [and Chibiusa] are allowed to insult Usagi. It's a right they've earned because they have to live with her.
Chibichibi-   Okay, I admit I know next to nothing about their relationship other than the fact that Ikuko considers chibichibi her daughter. Sowwie!
ikuko huggling chibiusa.. is this not CUTE? Chibi-usa-   Chibiusa and Ikuko have probably one of the strongest relationships in the anime, not counting romantic ones. Ikuko believes that Chibiusa is her niece but treats Chibiusa like she is her very own daughter. Her dream is to see Usagi and Chibiusa grow up and get happily married. Ikuko takes the time out of her day to look after Chibiusa and dotes on her quite willingly. She also explains many things about a mother's love for her children and how no matter how badly Usagi acts, she will always love her. Some of these moments, no matter the language are so sweet that they make me sniffle. I love you too, Ikuko-mommy! And so does Chibiusa. ^^
like mother, like daughter Usagi-   Ahh... the often mentioned eldest child. Usagi adores her mommy but takes her for granted quite easily. It isn't until she sees how close Ikuko and Chibiusa have become that she truly appreciates her mother. Oh yeah, and gets even more jealous of her future daughter. hehehe
Senshi-   Ikuko seems fond of the senshi [well, in their human forms] because they are friends of Usagi's and some of them are a very good influence on her daughter, not to mention seem to like her niece as well. It doesn't hurt that they make both Usagis very happy.
Luna- At least in the manga, Ikuko is quite amused by Luna and still refers to her as the bald spotted kitty at times. She can sense the bond Luna and Usagi share however, and treats Luna well.
Sailor V-   Ikuko seems quite impressed with Sailor V [she's reading an article on her the first time we meet Ikuko!]