don't you think she needs her own shrine?

    You dare to ask WHY I would spend any amount of webspace on this back-up character who at best appears to be around to make sure that Chibi-usa and Usagi have more than enough to eat?
   Well, right there is your answer. Anyone who puts up with Chibi-usa and Usagi day in and day out, together, not to mention Shingo, is deserving of some recognition. This woman has given birth to the future Queen of Crystal Tokyo yet she's rarely even given a quick glimpse on webpages. Even Shingo and Queen Serenity are given full length pages to their greatness and poor Ikuko-mommy just bustles about, screaming at Usagi for her grades and making lemon pies for Chibi-usa and Shingo to devour. *sniff* Is she not at least worth a few well done pages to proclaim her beautifulness? I should think so.