Newfoundland and Labrador presents

Le Poteau de totem d'héritage
de Terre-Neuve et de Labrador

Ideas or contributions large or small most welcomed
at any CIBC branch:
Heritage Tree Committee
Transit # 00163,account#115-4230;

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The Heritage Tree,
P.O.Box 202,Steady Brook,NF,
A2H 2N2

Your HERITAGE TREE IS NOW FINISHED! As it stands, this CARVED Tree, now 100% completed, and now under official copyright by Ottawa, is a PRICELESS work of art! Erected in February 1999 and commemorated during the Jeux du CANADA GAMES in March, this 17 meter high (52 ft) 360 year old magnificent CEDAR TREE represents OVER a 1000 YEARS of Newfoundland and Labrador history! Your Heritage Tree also represents Canadian Unity as it was nourished and donated from British Columbia soil and brought right across Canada by Newfoundlanders!(Thanks Dan Preshyon and Tracey Bruce of Western Forest Products of British Columbia!)

Carved images on the Tree commemorate our own 50 years as a Province of Canada(1949), John Cabot's 500 years of discovery(1497), the official 1000 year anniversary of the VIKINGS' ENCAMPMENT in L'Anse aux Meadows, and even the earliest Maritime Archaic Indians of thousands of years ago! The Heritage Tree still NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT and financial donations to complete the GROUNDS. We are also creating a RELAXING PARK around the Tree as well as an INTERPRETATION Center with panels and explanations of each series of carvings!! Help us complete this by the new millennium or SOONER!! A biblical-like CEDAR BOOK will house all those who supported this Tree -their names and not amounts so PLEASE support YOUR Tree in any way possible!


HELP! We need YOU! Have you hugged a tree lately? The Heritage Tree, located just off the TCH outside of Corner Brook (Steady Brook) Nfld., needs your written help!

Images on the Tree, all 50 of them, need to be WRITTEN ABOUT on the interpretation panels next to the professional photographs that will be placed around the Tree.

Know something special about John Cabot? Joey Smallwood? Sir Wilfred Grenfell? Captain James Cook? Maybe you know something unique about our Newfoundland dog,our whales, lighthouses, puffins, icebergs, moose? Or maybe during your school days you once wrote an essay about the Vikings, the Colonial Building, Cabot Tower, the Badger Drive, the mummers, the famous duo of Alcock and Brown, the Beothuck Indians, or the Maritime Archaic Indians.

Care to update those essays? All these ideas are now beautifully CARVED on the Heritage Tree. The Heritage Tree Committee is looking for written words, approx 150-200 words in length, that can be used on the interpretation panels. Now is YOUR opportunity to have YOUR NAME written beneath the picture and panel describing the carving on the Tree. It would be an honour to have you BE AN AUTHOR for the TREE!

Other great carvings on this totem Heritage Tree include Le Gaboteur, the french shore, a mamateek, Shanadithit, Nurse Myra Bennett, The Dorset Eskimo Quarry Site, The Moravian Church, Churchill Falls, Sir Humphry Gilbert, the fighting Nflder, the button accordion, Emile Benoit, the pitcher plant, the RCMP/RNC/Nfld Rangers, Captain Bob Bartlett, Baden Powell and the Scouting movement, the KYLE, outport fishing days, a waterwheel, a viking knarr,mining in Nfld, Hibernia, the days of the schooners, the telegraph, our Nfld Coat of Arms, Memorial University Crest, Nfld 20 cent piece, Nfld stamps (one cent cod-fish),the Nfld Railway, squidjigging, the codfish, a cod-jigger, trawlers in Nfld, and forestry.

The carvers HAVE DONE their exquisite artistic work! Now the committee wants YOUR artistic WRITTEN endeavours! Have your name placed where it will be seen for GENERATIONS TO FOLLOW and be part of our history!

Such a momentous undertaking is an expensive one, but already many groups and individuals have shown their tremendous support for the project. Your Heritage Tree. It's our past, our future, our PRESENT to YOU!

You are the wonderful vistor to the TREE!!! (Since April 23, 1999)

Please feel free to make comments,suggestions to Mike Madigan, Heritage Tree Member, at

Click here for Picture Book,Story and origin of Tree, committee members, already published stories about the Heritage Tree, bio on woodcarving artists, and Heritage Tree song by the Sharecroppers of Newfoundland.

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