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The following are excerpts from the Hidden Lake Association Bylaws. You can download the complete bylaws by clicking on the link at the end of this page.

Please remember that these are your bylaws. By observing the bylaws, you help to preserve the lake and the quality of your neighborhoods.

Bylaws concerning the lake and beaches

Motors. A friendly reminder that use of motors on boats, canoes, or other recreational vehicles such as skimobiles in the winter, except for electric trolling motors not to exceed 55 ft-lbs of thrust used with a sealed-cell battery, is prohibited:  
Section 41-A. The propelling of boats or other recreational vehicles (year-round) on Hidden Lake by a gasoline engine, Diesel engine, a steam engine, an alcohol engine, a kerosene engine, whether of portable type or built in, is prohibited. The use of electric trolling motors is permitted, with a maximum of 55 lb. thrust and the battery accompanying the electric motor must be a sealed cell system. This shall not prohibit the use by the Association of any power engine in a utility boat or a police boat.

Campfires. Campfires help keep you warm, but please . . . not on the ice or on our beaches:
Section 41-B.  Fires will not be allowed on the frozen surface of the lake.
Section 42
(concerning Hidden Lake Beaches) There will not be any picnicking or fires built on these beaches.

Pets on Beaches. Help keep our beaches clean and healthy for our children and adults who swim there. Please keep dogs and other pets home when you visit the beach:
Section 42-B. Pets of any kind are not to be brought to any of the beach areas under any circumstances.

Bylaws concerning our neighborhood

Unregistered Vehicles. You may have only one unregistered vehicle on your property:
Section 50-A. It shall be unlawful for any owner, lessee or tenant of any premises within the Hidden Lake Corporate limits to park or store more than one unregistered motor vehicle on said premises.

Campers/Camping. Residents are not prohibited from having camping vehicles on their property, however:
Section 51. Mobile homes and camping vehicles shall not be set up and used as living quarters within the confines of the Hidden Lake Association.
Section 51-A. At no time shall camping of any sort be permitted within the confines of the Hidden Lake Association.

Building/Alterations. If you are planning to build or make alterations, please provide the Board of Governors with a copy of your plans.
Section 52. It shall be the duty of the Board of Governors to receive
applications for and two (2) sets of plans from property owners of proposed buildings or alterations and to review same to be sure that they comply with the by-laws of this association. Upon approval of the plans the Board of Governors shall sign one (1) set of plans and return the same to the owner before construction is started. All buildings shall comply with Town and State regulations with the following exceptions:
Section 52-A. No building other than one family dwelling with or without
suitable private garage may be erected.

Walls or Piers on Lake Front Property. 
Section 52-B. Anyone wanting to erect a wall or pier on Lake front property must submit a written request to the Board of Governors. Such request must define the style and location of either. The Board may approve said request provided the wall or pier does not create a safety hazard and is aesthetically acceptable.

Section 52-C. Anyone wanting to erect a fence on property must submit a written request to the Board of Governors. Such request must define the style and location of the fence. The Board may approve said request provided the fence does not create a safety hazard and is aesthetically acceptable.

Garbage and Litter.
Section 49. It shall be unlawful for any owner, lessee, or tenant of any premises to dispose of garbage, refuse, litter, discarded utensils or furniture by depositing such on either private of public property or on any highway or street within the boundary of the Hidden Lake corporate limits, or by casting such materials into the lake or on its shores or beaches.

Penalties.We hope that all residents of the Hidden Lake Association will abide by our bylaws voluntarily so that we do not have to assess penalties.
Section 43. In accordance with Section 7 of the Corporate Charter, this association has the power to impose penalties for violation of any duly enacted ordinance, regulation or by-laws enacted for the public good, health and welfare. It has the right of Police surveillance and the power of arrest and trial in a court of law.

Section 43-A. Any violation of any Association ordinance is subject to a fine of $25.00. If any violation is not rectified to the satisfaction of the Board of Governors, they may impose additional fines until such violation is corrected. An action may be brought before a court of law.

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