Here's a list of my favorite whisk(e)y links.  I won't even attempt to match the excellent job that Ulf Buxrud has done on his site (see link below).  However, here's a few that you can jump to right from the house (and there's no tortuous bagpipe MIDI file to endure). New sites to be added frequently so check back soon.  Use the Guest book to tell me of your site and I'll consider adding it to the list.  These links will be checked frequently to ensure that the deadwood is taken to the hearth to be used for kindling.

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Internet retailers and commercial sites:


Franz Bachl Malt Whisky Liefer - und Versandservice

        German language-only whisky retailer with very competitive prices.

La Maison du Whisky

        Excellent selection and a very classy Parisian shop run by friendly and knowledgeable folks. Check out both the French and English language versions of the site.  Home of the best made tasting glasses for single malt whisky, small batch bourbons and other fine whisk(e)ys.

The Wee Dram

        A small but well-stocked shop in the English countryside.

Whiskymania SCOMA

        One of two premier whisky retailers located at the excellent "Whiskymania" German website.  SCOMA is run by Dr. Juergen Setter and offers excellent selection, unequalled packaging and very prompt delivery times.

Whiskymania WhiskyShop - CELTIC

        The other premier German whisky retailer to be found on "Whiskymania".  CELTIC is run by Otto Stuedel and offers a selection which specializes in hard-to-find, special market, independent bottler and rare whiskies.  Excellent customer service and a very friendly atmosphere backed up by an extensive knowledge of whisky.

WHISKYMANIA - International

        A German-run website for information, fun, reference material, shopping, etc. A very well organized and informative site offered in English and Deutsche versions.

Scotch - Whisky Facts & Whisky Figures

        Excellent web site run by James Thomson.  Features online tastings, promotions, online shopping, tasting notes, discussion forum, "ask Charlie", etc.

Mitchell and Son Wine Merchants

        Dublin, Ireland home of Green Spot 100% Pot-still Irish Whiskey.  Online shopping and whiskey profiles, Redbreast 100% Pot-still Irish Whiskey can also be ordered from here.


        Good resource for all of the Islay distilleries.  Features discussion forum and tourist information.

The Master of Malt - Whisky Shop

        U.K. retailer and independent bottler of scotch malt whisky.  Run by one of the authors of "The Malt Whisky File".

Berry Bros. & Rudd -  

        U.K. retailer and independent bottler of scotch malt whiskies.  Sole authorized bottler for Glenrothes by distillery, also produce some excellent blends like Blue Hanger and CUtty Sark.

Loch Fyne Whiskies

Blackadder International - Scotch Malt Whisky Sales online.

Covent Garden Whisky Shop

Hart Brothers - Scotch Whisky Blenders and Ex.

Liquor Control Board of Ontario



Wine and Liquor depot

        Based in the Los Angeles suburb of Van Nuys, Howard and his son, Mark, run the premier single malt scotch retail outlet  in the United States.  In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find any store with a better selection of all types of distilled spirits.

D&M Single Malt Scotch Selection

Sam's Wines & Spirits

atlas home page


Corporate Web Sites:

Ardbeg whisky, the ultimate single Islay malt scotch whisky

        Good resource for all things Ardbeg, including online shopping for branded promotional items and occasional special bottlings of Ardbeg.

Aberlour Scotch Whisky


Isle Of Arran Whisky Distillery


Black Bottle - Finest Scotch Whisky sourced from the seven distilleries of Islay

        An excellent blended scotch whisky which, in it's ten-year-old version, uses only the 7 currently working distilleries of Islay as its malt base.  Not yet available in the US, but promised to soon be imported here.  Features a monthly competition to win whisky and an online store for promotional products and whiskies.



Defenders of the Malt (Hiram Walker)


Highland Park Single Malt Scotch Whisky 



        Good resource for Islay images and other goodies related to Laphroaig.  Excellent design and themes, features discussion forum, competition for a case of Laphroaig whisky, electronic newsletter.

Murray McDavidá Single Malt Whisky

        Excellent resource for information on not only the Murray McDavid line of independently bottled single malt whiskies, but also on the industry, history and process of making whisky.  Features online shopping and discussion forum.

The Glenturret Distillery - producers of single malt scotch whiskies and liqueurs

        good resource for the line of Glenturret products.  Monthly promotion for a chance to win Glenturret whisky. Online shop for whisky and other promotional items.

Bladnoch Distillery -

    This currently mothballed distillery will be resuming production in the near future.  Watch this web site for further details (currently under construction).


Societies and Clubs:

PLOWED Society Discussion Forum

        Good group discussion forum and resources from the PLOWED group. Formed originally in Indiana, but now spread throughout the US and rest of the World.

Yahoo! Clubs singlemaltscotchwhisky

        Group discussion forum and weekly group internet "tastings" (chat).  You must register with Yahoo to participate.

Scotch Malt Whisky SocietyŚWelcome

        International home page of the Society with links to individual chapters around the world.  Good library of material to browse.

Scotch Whisky Association

        Industry trade organization offers a wealth of information about all things scotch whisky. Excellent Q&A section.


Vanity sites and personal Home pages:

Edinburgh malt whisky tour

        The brainchild of Univ. of Edinburgh senior lecturer John H. Butler.  The first and still the best overall reference on the subject of scotch malt whisky.  Features pronunciation sound files (some of which are found in this house), historical and industry insights, archive of the MALTS-L listserver.

Welcome to The Scotch Doc


Whisky, The Buxrud Single Malt Whisky Collection

        Still the best one-stop shopping place for all the links to all the places you would ever want to go in the whisky world.


Islay Information:

 The Ileach newspaper home page

A web-based version of Islay's only newspaper.  A great source of information about island life and events.  Good links page too.

Islay Whisky Weekend - An organized weekend package by a travel agancy.


General Islay information - a good webpage for an introduction to Islay and Jura.


Islay and Jura Marketing Group- Islay businesses information and good description of distillery tour information. Download a dram, too!!



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