Wall o' Malts



Welcome to the Amazin.' Wall o' Malts.  This was one of the most popular rooms at the old house and I've resurrected it here in its original (and now much outdated form).  For those of you with a slower connection, you'll just have to bear with it while it loads.  I find a nice healthy dram just about fits the bill for this activity.  So have yourself off and pour a wee gill and come on back, we'll be waiting for you here.

One improvement on the "new" wall is the use of thumbnails.  Just click on a mini row to load the full sized version.  That row will then appear on a blank white background.  The full-blown trip to the wall in all it's glory will load all rows and the stone background all at once.

In the near future, the full wall experience will include the option to load a multimedia version with links to pronunciation sound files and tasting notes, label images, etc.  I've set up a demo of how this might look to tease you a little.





Click on "the Wall" for all the options for viewing the wall

Click on "demo" for a multimedia wall preview

Click on "mini row" for a row-by-row display



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