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Are conservative Christian theology and liberal politics compatible?
Tuesday, 28 October 2008
Either a complete undeserved demonization or a chilling warning!

The following is an e-mail forwarded to me by a friend today.  It is either a complete, undeserved demonization of an honest man, or a bloodchilling warning of what's to come.  My impression has always been that Barack Obama is an honest man.  I sure hope I'm right!


 I received the following email an hour or so ago.  I checked Snopes and there is no report for it.  I emailed the writer to verify and he has verified it to me.  For that reason, I am forwarding it.


It is now 2:55 pm on Monday afternoon.  15 minutes ago, I left Cracker Barrel after eating a late lunch.  While enjoying a southern cooked meal, I noticed the John McCain tour bus pull in the parking lot.  In  a few minutes a very clean cut man in his early 60's (??) got off the bus and came into the restaurant, only to be seated a few tables from where I was. He is the personal bus driver for John McCain, who is arriving into Fayetteville, NC on Tuesday.  As I was leaving I stopped at his table to engage on some small political talk.  What he told me was a shocker.

First, I politely waited until he had prayed over his meal.  As we began to talk, he said, "Sir, the only thing that is going to turn this election is PRAYER.  I found that interesting .  His name was recently in the news regarding the front windshield of the tour bus being shot out.  While it was not his bus, the news had only assumed he was the driver.   He went on to say, "If our opponent wins this election, count it over for America.  It will be the Bolshevic Revolution all over again.   You will need to get ready for riots, uprisings, and attacks like you have never seen".   He further said, "at the Republican Convention, the secret service stopped cars that had Moltov cocktails, grenade lauchers, rocket propelled launchers and other weapons."  I ask, "why has this not then been in the news".  His response was, "the liberal press is controlling this election and they don't want this kind of information in the news".

As I was leaving again he offered this plea for help, "only prayer will change this election.  If McCain is not elected, then perhaps America is at the beginning of reaping the judgements of God and what she deserves".

Lunch hour is now over, I am back at the office and I think I will head to the sanctuary to PRAY about this.

Quite an interesting lunch hour.


R. Barnhill


Can you verify that you are the sender of the enclosed email, and what city/state this Cracker Barrell/lunch/dialogue with bus driver occurred in?  What date did this conversation occur?  I can’t forward it if I can’t confirm it.  Thank you for your time.


From: RevRBarnhill@aol.com [mailto:RevRBarnhill@aol.com]
Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2008 4:00 PM
To: worshipGod@cox.net
Subject: Re: verify

I am receiving emails from all over the country.  This did happen to me yesterday at the Cracker Barrel in Lumberton, NC.  McCain is in Fayetteville, NC as I write.




Posted by ian_j_site2 at 9:34 PM EDT

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