Some Biographical Material About Ian B. Johnson

Here is some miscellaneous biographical information supporting my claim that I've had the strangest life of anyone I know. Ian Johnson.

Our Oneness in Christ Facebook page

Short Résumé of Ian B. Johnson on Note that this Résumé is located on, a separate site which is slowly being rewritten by a committee of which I am only one of the members.

My academic transcripts.

The Clear Creek, Iowa, School District Bible as a Textbook Referendum, 1981 one of my past involvements.

Suspect Angel, the story of a person who was important to my restoration many years ago.

Celebrate Recovery, some people who are important to my recovery today.

Common Divisive Fallacies, a site I wrote exploring intellectual excuses for division in the Church.

The Highway from Egypt to Assyria in Isaiah 19:23-25, a sample academic paper (December 2011).

Reviews of My Book

Review by Dr. Bruce Cook at Reserve describes Our Oneness in Christ as a volume that "breaks new ground in the increasingly important struggle for unity among Christian believers" and that could be a part of "the most significant movement in the Christian church since the Reformation."

"This book should be read by all Christians who are looking for a true revival in this age," according to a review of Our Oneness in Christ by Pastor Dwight Coffman posted on

Review of Our Oneness in Christ at GhostWriter Literary Reviews.

Review of Our Oneness in Christ by Richard Blake at

Book summary for Our Oneness in Christ at the Authors Den.

My new blog, Place of Repentance.

My old political blog..