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Nick Winter.JPG (21291 bytes) Nick the winter of '98-'99. Nick is Dottie's pet.
Here's a picture of Dottie giving Mom a sobriety test by seeing if she can touch her nose. i'm hiding behind Nick. Mom & Dottie.JPG (27383 bytes)


Visitor & us.jpg (28804 bytes) We fooled a visitor into thinking this was all right.
The fabled Loch Spots Monster: a 10" diameter snapping turtle that wandered in. We lovingly said goodbye and took him (or her?) off to the local nature center for "catch and release". He ravaged the water lilies and frogs and terrorized the fish.

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Chaos has since passed on

Tobi the tail-less cat is the new house terror. Just look at that innocent little face. Don't let it fool you.

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