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Jerry Rigged

Deciding we needed to line the upper ponds in concrete, we thought we better have a way to drain the pond. This necessitated the Jerry-rigging of a bulkhead fitting. The local hardware store threaded a 6" piece of 3/4" pipe twice as far and with about a 2/1000th smaller thread. This allowed a pipe flange to be threaded on and have the excess pipe threads protrude beyond it. As shown in the picture, the assembly threaded into the other pipe/pipe flange combination. A angled lateral drain pipe exited out the bottom of the fall's wall.  Two 45's let you adjust the angle precisely from 0-90 degrees and make it easy to get a perpendicular drain pipe.

And Then We're Screwed Up

Both flanges were thoroughly coated with Marine Goop and the rubber liner was installed in-between the two flanges. The upper flange was threaded into the other half. It could then be tightened down to compress against the liner. A cap was put on the exit pipe to plug the drain. It would be possible to pipe in water from the bottom to create a fountain in the middle of the pond with an extension and a fountain head..

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Fall into the Gap

There are large voids and sharp edges when using irregular broken concrete. Spray foam sealant was applied between the first plastic liner and the wall.

A Little Mustard and We'd have a Sandwich

Plastic sheeting was put down, then carpeting and then another layer of plastic sheeting.

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Reinforcements Arrive

The EPDM rubber liner was installed and then pieces of expanded metal mesh were lined into the pool. The mesh is used to stucco and i thought it would make great reinforcement and would help to build up the nearly vertical walls.

This Is Almost Like Work

We mixed the 37 bags of cement with a cement mixer (thanks Curly!) and troweled it up the sides. It's about 3" thick.  Some places to put plants have to be installed, the top edges have to have their final finish, and the waterfall weir feathered out with patching cement. The far end is the "head" of the river and is going to be landscaped with rocks..

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