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I know, I know, most people think I am totally crazy for saying David Boreanaz and Sarah Michelle Gellar are secretly involved.  However, upon hearing my reasons and seeing the mountain of evidence in my favor, they change their minds.  I will admit right now that neither Sarah nor David have admitted to being involved, no official person has ever come out and said it, so this is entirely possibly not true at all, so please don't sue me.  I am just using the internet as a forum to express my thoughts.

A lot of you have heard of Ingrid, supposedly David's wife.  However, I have never seen a picture of her.  She never goes anywhere with her husband.  Allegedly, Ingrid and David got married in the spring of 1998, but David is being sued by a former landlord; the suit says David lived in that home until this past summer.  Why would David live in a home with his roommate instead of living with his wife?  Also, for several months after David allegedly got married, he would often say he was single, but then once in a while he'd say he was married.  My theory is that the whole wife thing was fabricated so that people wouldn't wonder why David wasn't dating.  I think that they are keeping their relationship a secret because they like their privacy (I know Sarah is big on privacy, not sure about David; but if his girlfriend wants to keep it secret, I'm sure he'll do it as well); or the WB doesn't want co-stars to date.  I am hoping that when David leaves for his own show, they'll admit it.

These are some things that I believe help prove my case.

1.  Chemistry.  David and Sarah have the greatest chemistry I have ever seen.  Someone once said that casting directors were great dating services.  They can tell if two people have that connection that will make them believable as a couple onscreen.


2.  In an interview after Becoming aired, Sarah told the reporter that after they filmed the final scene, she started crying and David stood there and held her.  Most guys wouldn't do that unless it was their girlfriend.


3.  From what I understand, more often than not, actors don't use tongues when they are kissing onscreen, however, I know for a fact that Sarah and David do, at least sometimes (I've seen spit trails).


4.  A friend of mine went to an appearance of Nicholas Brendan's in Michigan.  One of the questions he was asked was if any of the actors dated offscreen.  His reply was something like "Do any of the actors have onscreen chemistry?  There's your answer."



This was taken at a party for YM.  They aren't filming a scene.  Does this seem like they way "friends" kiss?



As you can see, this is a behind the scenes shot from the episode "Anne."  However, as you recall, Buffy never pointed at anything during the scene, so this is just David and Sarah being themselves.



I love this picture too.  If there is nothing going on, why is she sitting on his lap?  There is room for her to sit elsewhere, but she isn't.  Also, his hand is on her butt!


8.  Big huge thanks to Bridget, for showing me this exerpt from an article:
Although he's not one to brag, having to kiss Sarah Michelle Gellar and get paid for it isn't anything to complain about, either. During one of their lip-locking scenes, "I just wanted to keep on kissing her," he explained. "The director said, 'Cut!' And I said, "I didn't quite get that one - can we keep going?"


9.  Natasha rules for sending this pic to me! Look, no ring:


10.  Susan- who is like my new best friend after sending me this email- made some very good points!
A) David does not answer anything directly about his personal life and even in one interview where someone asked if he was married he told them to read TV Guide. He also doesn't wear a wedding ring.
B) He ALWAYS avoids questions about his off-screen relationship with SMG and always describes her the same way: professional. (Note from Pamela: You'll find that when stars make comments like that, it's a comment that was prepared by a PR person. Why can't David say how he really feels? We know it's not because he and Sarah don't get along, it's obvious that they do!)
C) SMG and DB avoid all questions on their love life.
D) If you were Ingrid, wouldn't you WANT everyone to know that DB was YOUR husband and YOU TWO were in Love..Come on, he doesn't even bring her anywhere..The whole thing of being married to a celebrity is being able to deal with the pressures of stardom..


11.  Thanks to Juniper for this quote from David about kissing Sarah:
"She's a great kisser, full blown perfect" (A *married* man is saying that? I think not!)


12.  And Juniper sent me this other quote from David about Sarah as well:
"I don't see her offscreen. She's so damn beautiful I have to walk away" (aww!)


13. Thanks to Brittney for the quote!
On VIBE, Sarah said (when asked the question 'Does she go out with all of her cast mates off-screen? As in non-dating just for fun, she replied,)"Yeah we all do. Maybe a little too much with my main co-star. He's just great. Nice and sweet but I could go on forever on that."


14. Brittney also showed me this:
David has said that "She is perfect, she's so small and so easy tohold. And yes..she is a great kisser."


15. Big thanks to both Kerry and Ashaq for showing me this from SFX magazine.:
(Question: What are your feelings about the departure of Angel and howis this going to change the series?)

Answer: I'm nervous. Part of the success of Buffy is David and my relationship with him, both on camera and off. He's incredible. He's grown so much and I trust him more than any guy I've ever worked with. I'll miss him.


16. Serena was so sweet to send me this quote from Sarah:
"It will be heartbreaking for me -- not just for Buffy --when he leaves," 


17. Big huge thanks to Pheonix at for being so great and sending me these quotes!:
(This is from an AOL chat in May of 98, AFTER Entertainment Weekly reported he had married Ingrid!)

DCNYAbby: Kiwisurfe: "Even though I'm completely heartbroken that you are taken, I wanted to tell you congratulations"

David B.: I don't know what that means but thanks I am officially not taken there is someone special in my love life, but I am not taken yet.  I don't really have time for a relationship, but no I am not married, that was a misprint.

(This supports my Ingrid theory! She started out as just a misprint, but then they saw that it might help keep David and Sarah's relationship secret, so they pretended it was real!)


18. Again from Pheonix (from a chat at The Globe):
LoreleiVamp says, "Is there a chance you and Buffy will have one last romance or sex scene before you start your own show?"

David Boreanaz says, "Laurelivamp: Ohhh....jez...I hope so I hope we have more sex scenes in the future...she should come over to my show and we could shack up together from now on....put her on my show like that permanently."

(I'm sure David's uberjealous wife wouldn't care.... AS IF!!!)


19. And another from the wonderful Phoenix! (Also from The Globe chat):
buffy_luver says, "I've heard rumours, but did you really get married??"

David Boreanaz says, "burry_luver: Did I ...well read the tv guide....I don't like to answer questions about my personal life...I like to keep it personallll....that is the way that I am...I don't mean to offend people when I say that that is just how it is."


20. Did you all see Saturday Night Live on May 15th? If not, Sarah was hosting and David and Seth both did cameos!!! Okay, Seth is promoting Austin Powers, so he has a reason to be in New York, but what is David's? He didn't do any talk shows, and Sunday was his birthday! Wouldn't he want to be with his wife?

And as a side note.... if you watch the end you'll see the girls jumping on the guys... of course Sarah jumps on David... and pushes other girls out of the way!


21. Someone who chooses to remain anonymous sent me this, and I love them eternally for it:
They happened to be at the dress rehearsal of SNL and they witnessed something very interesting. David showed up and Sarah kissed him (on the cheek) and hugged him. Before they went to rehearse the scene, she sat on his lap in a corner. He wrapped his arms around her and they just sat there for a while. After they finished the scene, he jumped on top of her and they sat on the couch (very close together) for several minutes. The person also told me that their flirting was more than just friendly. This is possibly one of the most convincing pieces of evidence I have ever received. Thanks again to the person who sent it to me. (They know who they are!)

22.Sarah (Not SMG; if SMG were emailing me that would save us a lot of trouble, no?) was kind enough to send me this article from Xpose # 35:
DB states ( when talking about innocence ) " it changed and it took Sarah a while to undestand...after the scenes I always made it a point to give her a hug...I really reinforced I was there for her  ".

Now, Sarah Michelle Gellar is an emmy winning actress. She is known to be extremely professional. Do you REALLY think that after all her experience she is going to get so upset about filming a scene? We have 2 theories:

Either Sarah was actually upset because her boyfriend was acting way mean to her (as silly as it sounds, Ryan Phillippe said he felt really bad when his character was mean to his real life love Reese Witherspoon's character in Cruel Intentions, so this is always possible).

Or, David was trying to explain why he and Sarah were all huggy.... perhaps they were caight by the reporter?


23. This also comes from Sarah from and interview SMG gave to "Empire" magazine on her recent trip to London:

" I know people want to know stuff about me, but when I go home at night I want to have a normal life....but you can keep it separate....No one knows about my boyfriend, or where I live...."  

This supports the theory that Sarah likes to keep her love life secret, and that she has a boyfriend! The most she has every admitted is that she is "seeing someone" when she was on Howard Stern. I really doubt a boyfriend wouldn't mind they way she and David hang all over each other!


24. Thanks so much to Lex for telling me about this interview she saw on TV with Sarah and David talking about the new season on the WB! I am so jealous they didn't show it here!

Interviewer (to DB):  What's going to be the main thrust of your show?
SMG:  Me.
DB:  Yes--
SMG:  It's all about me.
DB:  ---Driving force, always will be.

DB (to SMG):  You can get a new boyfriend but I can't get a new girlfriend?
SMG:  Yes.
DB:  That doesn't make any sense.
SMG:  That makes complete sense.
DB:  <mouth open, confused look>  It doesn't!
SMG (to interviewer):  We never argue.

What a cute couple! Don't you think?


25. This is thanks to me for scanning it, hehe! It's an article about Sarah & David from the National Enquirer. Not the most reliable news source, but it's nice to see we aren't the only ones who think something is up!


26. This is from Jessica. It's a quote from an interview David did while filming "Helpless":

David: (nostalgic) Sarah is…she's…one of the things I will miss the most about shooting the show is working with Sarah. We've created a special bond between the two of us that, um, is unique and different. She has the ability to transform herself very quickly, very professionally, and very openly, which makes it easier for another actor to kind of…ride along with her. She comforts you, and gives you a sense of who you are as a person, and not as an actor. Which is, I feel, the best thing to have. She's just a wonderful presence, and she's very strong in what she does. She exudes a lot of confidence and…and it shows. I'll miss that a lot.


27. This is from an interview James Marsters did at a convention on the weekend of 7-24-99. I have recieved this info from several people. I am planning on updating this piece of evidence when I can get a more accurate quote and then I will specifically name the sources that want to be named. For now... you know who you are....

Q: So, Drusilla was with a chaos demon last we saw.

James:(playfully) Shut up! I'm jealous you know! No, really. It's odd but I'm quite protective of Dru. David's the same way. One time, there was someone on the set (I can't tell you who) who wasn't treating Sarah very nicely. David wanted to kill him."


28. Thanks to for showing me this bit of info from the Vampyre Journals:

Sarah was seen at the set of Angel. When asked her reason for being there, she commented she came to see David and how the show was going. They were later noticed at a night club together and were very friendly.


29. Okay, I have gotten a ton of mail about this (I think I have a Sarah/David rep.... it's very cool), so I hope you all don't mind if I don't thank everyone who emailed me, but I do very much appreciate it and you know who you are (and yes, when I saw it I squealed.) On August 12, 1999 the Seventeen Magazine Teen Choice Awards aired, and Sarah won for Best TV Actress. This is an excerpt from her acceptance speech:

"And this is for MY Angel, I miss you already David"


30. Okay, a friend of mine has a boss whose friend is in the business. I am trying to keep it anonymous to keep everyone out of trouble, but I hope you trust me when I say this info comes from a reliable source. I trust the person who sent this to me completely and I know she wouldn't lie, so her source is good. This is what her boss' friend (with all the connections) said:

My sources say that David B. is VERY straight, and the very was emphasized. He's apparently VERY friendly with SMG and the two attend events and travel together and still do. They're both going to NY near Labor Day for appearances and have more joint event planned. The source also said that the two spend a lot of social time together including attending movies. Interestingly enough, not one mention of Ingrid by the source.


31. Okay I got a bazillion emails about this. I hope everyone who sent it to me doesn't mind if I just say thanks to all of you! But if you do mind, let me know and I will put your name up here. This is from an interview with Sarah:

"We had the most amazing working relationship I've ever had," she says. "I've been very blessed with the guys that I've worked opposite, but David and I had a very, very special relationship. In three years of working together, we never had so much as a disagreement, and that's just unbelievable, considering the hours we spent together." His departure is a blow to her program, she adds. "For me, it is very, very daunting," Gellar admits. "You have this concern -- part of the reason Buffy worked was because of Angel, and what if I can't do it on my own? But it's an exciting time for him, as well."


32. This is thanks to another of my listbabies, An excerpt from an interview with Sarah:

Q: You've gotten to kiss some pretty hot guys onscreen.  Who was your favorite?

A: I don't know! How can I decide? Although, David and I have a special relationship, and we are wonderful friends, both on and off screen. When we act as Angel and Buffy, we become the very essence our roles, helping us to convey the passion of our characters. Of all of the guys I've worked with, I have to say that David is defintely the best person I've ever had to work with romantically, and is definitely a better kisser than many of the other leading males I've had to work with.


33. Lots of people sent this to me... I've been meaning to put it up for a while. Sarah quote!

"I can't say enough amazing things about David Boreanaz," Gellar said. "We had the most amazing working relationship I've ever had, and I've been very blessed with the guys I've worked opposite -- Ryan Philippe, Jerry O'Connell, Jamie Kennedy. I've adored them all. But David and I had a very, very special relationship. In three yearsof working together, we never had so much as a disagreement.''

Gellar knows well how special that is, acknowledging her clashes with Susan Lucci on All My Children earlier in her career. "Sometimes two people just shouldn't work together, and that's an instance where we probably should not work together again,'' she said. Of Boreanaz she said, "We could gauge each other's moods. We could help each other. . . . Part of the reason Buffy worked was Angel, and you get these, `What if I can't do it on my own? What if I need David?' . . . I think it will be a good challenge for me.''


34. Sarah sent me this info about David:

David says he will miss working so closely with his offscreen friends, but that since the sets are on the same lots they'll still get together for lunch and coffee. He also said that leaving "Buffy" will " be whole working experience is with Sarah, basically, and it'll be hard to leave that. But I think in the long run,  I think it will be stronger for her and myself. The fact that these two characters will leave and somehow their love will never end."




Well, that's my evidence so far.  Do you know of anything I missed?  Email me at  Once again, this is all my own opinion, I have no proof, so please, don't sue me!

1998 Pamela Thompson