My 1993 Honda Civic Lx project

Here is some pix of my civic! check back soon because i just got the car on Aug. 9,2001 and i am going to start working on it in the next week or so with alot of updated pictures as the the project goes... including tips on the motor swap and tranny swap i plan on doing. and maybe forced induction and a zex nitro kit! i have noticed that no site tells how to change a automatic over to a 5 speed.... so im going to try to do that also.... so wish me luck! :)

p.s. look at the motor and the motor parts in the trunk!

UPDATE 8/22/01
on 8/22/01 me and some friends started pulling the motor in my civic to find out what the problem was with the motor that was being pulled. we found out that the #3 cylinder had a chipped piston and a bent valve with a huge chip out of the valve. one good thing is i had planned on doing a motor swap from day 1.... so it really didnt matter the condition of the motor...... im also coverting it from a automatic to a manual.

update 8/23/01
the motor is now out.... we ran into some problems and didnt have the tools to finish taking the motor out yesterday. but it is out now and sitting in my back yard ;) here is some pix of it on its way out!


the gsr motor is in the car now, i have to snug everything up and check all the wiring again to make sure everything is right. i pulled the air bag and put a grant gt steering wheel. i used a 1990 honda crx mounting kit that grant makes. i also intalled a autometer phantom tach. put in a 1994 honda civic dx speedo cluster in it so i wouldnt have 2 tachs. got the auto to a manual swap done and the hydro clutch bled. next i will be taking it to the body shop to get the quater str8 again and put my clear taillights in it. well until next time! here is some pictures to hold you over :) also all the parts listed for the car below is either ordered are already on the car or sitting in my house.

Update 10/16/01
i got the body kit on today and drove it a little bit.... the gas in the car has been in it since 2/07/00 so it was pretty stale! im going to finsih the exhaust tomarrow after work. but the 2 months of work is starting to pay off... everything seems to be working on the car but the powder door locks. i will have to look and see what the problem is. the car should be hitting the paint booth here in the next month or so...... here is some pics!

16x7 icw white rims, black widow body kit, black widow hood, vis gt II spoiler, clear taillights, projector headlights.
autometer phantom tach, grant gt steering wheel ( i removed my air bag and stock steering wheel) kenwood p907, 2 kicker L7 woofers, punch 800.2, punch 200.4, rockford safard cap
motor & exhaust
1995 acura integra gsr b18c1 stock exhaust.
future mods
2 many to list
coming soon

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