And because some of you dont come to my house nor do I go to yours, these are some of my mums photos from the recent summer 2004 trip to Japan. Why my mums and not mine? Uh, simply because mine are printed shots i.e. I used old fashion film AND my scanner is still broken and un-replaced:







The golden pavilion



Stone lantern in the retirement palace



Tea at Uji (the place is stuffed with it)



Uji and the Tales of Genji



More of Kyoto the Kyoto Tower to be specific



Now were at Hakodate



Have you ever taken a night stroll there?



This is a garden from a deserted house no kidding.
Can you imagine the flowers in a tended one?




next page more flowers in Furano etc.



(Apologies for the bad resolution but Im leeching off a free server so unless anyone wants to sponsor me)